Posted on June 30, 2013

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12 Angry Men. Required Viewing 22:48:54
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - "If You Like The Surveillance State, You'll Love E-Verify" - 7/01/13 18:50:26
Jay Z: The Internet is like the wild west. We need new rules. 18:47:30
U.S. threatened with investigations and sanctions over secret surveillance 18:40:30
Say it ain't so Sergey: Why Big Tech Lied to You About the NSA Scandal 18:06:18
Greenwald on 'Coming' Leak: NSA Can Obtain 1 Billion Cell Phone Calls A Day, Store Them and Listen - Video 16:54:18
Message To The Traitors Dwelling in Washington D.C. & To Their Domestic Accomplices : You Have NO Idea Of What's Coming To You. 16:43:40
ABC's This Week - Julian Assange: 'No Stopping' Release of Additional NSA Secrets - VIDEO 16:04:29
Meet The Press: Nancy Pelosi Rebuts Her Snowden Hecklers - 6/30/13 15:29:59
4 more PRISM slides released - making liars out of Google, Microsoft, Skype, etc. 14:48:59
Political Earth - A cartoon that shows us as animals - Infowars Paul Revere Contest Entry 14:03:50
Justin Amash on FOX Business W / Stossel: NSA Spy Gate Damages Our Culture - VIDEO 13:33:40
Putin Says "World War" b/c of Monsanto ? 12:28:39
Largest Straw Purchase of Guns in History; Uninvestigated, Phoenix Mayor, Council & Police All Complicit 11:05:45
German protester's sign: "Yes We Scan!" - Obama/NSA 10:47:36
Jeff Foxworthy fun - A Nation of Idiots 10:42:29
Astonishing Video by Ted Cruz to Show Pro-Amnesty Bill Supporters and to Use for Recall Support! 10:27:23
Fox News Reporting on Chem-Trails 10:01:03
Gold Manipulation For Dummies 09:16:45
U.S. taps half-billion German phone, internet links a month - Reuters 07:41:44
Cheap Do-It-Yourself Air Conditioner! 02:38:33
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So, What Are We Going to Do on Thursday, July 4th? 23:53:48
Some 'Journalists' Got Screwed Trying to Follow Snowden 23:39:26
FBI document: Unknown organisation planned to assassinate Houston Occupy Movement leaders "if necessary" 23:21:49
Wonder what would finally be the "tipping point"? This may be it. 23:16:20
GMO Labeling Works! 22:54:38
Political Cartoon - Currency Wars 22:23:56
Guardian: Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping 22:20:29
Wanda Sykes On NSA and Snowden - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 22:19:20
"VERAX": Hong Kong Makes First Snowden Movie - VIDEO 22:17:00
Conservative audits 22:09:07
Awesome Moon Photo - "Road to the Moon" - Mississippi 21:57:46
Pow Wow in Moscow on Monday regarding Snowden situation... 21:57:14
Startling Video From Egypt Protests (not for the faint of heart) 21:57:09
Attacks from America: NSA Spied on European Union Offices 21:53:18
Conspiracy Fashion T-Shirts: Show-Off Your Conspiratorial Side 21:51:38
German Op-Ed "Given our history, we Germans are not willing to trade in our liberty for potentially better security." 21:51:03
. 21:35:10
Idea for poster (NSA-related) 21:27:27
Are We better off?! 21:23:32
No need to pretend anymore: JP Morgan calls for authoritarian regimes in Europe 19:47:28
Biophotons: The human body emits, communicates with, and is it made from light 19:43:15
100% Of 'Tea Party' Groups Were Flagged By IRS - VIDEO 18:59:20
Obama announces new $7 billion power initiative for Africa 18:53:45
Pepper spray/mace neutralizer? 18:37:02
SALON: NSA Reportedly Has Secret Data Collection Agreement With Several European Countries 18:18:50
REPORT: NSA Joint Wiretapping With Foreign Nations 18:03:00
They need us more than we need them 18:02:49
Holy Smokes!: "Monsignor 500" And Suitcases Full Of Cash In Vatican Bank Scandal 17:18:26
KassemG: California on NSA 16:46:00
DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico 16:40:14
Video Exclusive - Edward Snowden's Father: 'I Love Him' - Thinks Son Would Give Up If No Gag Order Or Jail Before Trial 16:35:07
Keeping Government Secrets: A Pocket Guide for Judges on the State-Secrets Privilege, the CIP Act, and Court Security Officers 16:27:27
GAP Statement on the Espionage Charge Filed Against Edward Snowden (6/22/2013) 16:05:19
New Blimp Proposal 15:57:43
Fox News Sunday - Rep. Trey Gowdy On Immigration: "What We Have Is Defacto Amnesty" - VIDEO 15:44:25
Face The Nation Host Bob Schieffer: "Don't Hold Your Breath" For House To Pass Immigration Bill - VIDEO 15:24:49
Obama Takes Questions On NSA Surveillance Program 15:15:00
High Cost of VIP Travel: Biden's $665,545 Hotel Bill in Moscow, Obama's $450, 000 Warsaw Tab 14:55:28
Remember Sam Liberty? 14:05:31
500 Babson College Freshmen Will Endure Sensitivity Training Due To 1978 Anti-Semitic Incident, ADL Will Formulate Training 14:00:15
BI: The Guardian Reveals Major NSA 'Scoop', Then Deleted It From Their Website 13:49:25
Foster Gamble: Did You Know a 3rd Tower Fell on 9/11? 13:41:13
Narrow escape for British family after red-hot sulphuric meteorites rain down on their Shrewsbury garden 13:22:38
Boy 19, Commits Suicide After Sheriff's Office Posts 'Bullying' Message About Him On FACEBOOK 13:21:42
Guardian Reports that Washington Post releases four new PRISM slides... 13:00:36
Can an Economy Thrive on Part Time Fuel? 12:49:14
"Restore The 4th" ~ To Hold Protests On July 4th ~ For 4th Amendment Rights ~ State by State Map 12:17:21
Making Abortion Illegal Will Create Another Unwinnable Drug War 12:05:59
Potential witness to (Todashev) FBI Shooting Ordered to Remain in Jail until she Leaves US 12:00:41
A Libertarian Replies to Tibor Machan's 'Why Animal Rights Don't Exist' 11:53:29
"EU parliament" discussing NSA prism 10:49:35
What? MLB Gives a Shout Out To The Powers That Be 10:40:32
How to regard Rand Paul 10:37:26
Foreign Boots on American Soil: Russia To Share Military “Security Experts” With US 10:36:22
Cashless Society Leap Forward with Biometrics 10:08:15
Come on People! Ben Swann - Why Take the Risk? 09:57:21
Texas Teen Jailed + Charged w/ Terrorist Threat after League of Legends (video game) Facebook joke 09:37:56
The plunder of Delphi - more GM bailout garbage 08:45:10
Anonymous sends final warning to Washington, D.C. "Remember, Remember, the 5th of November" 05:31:49
Watermelon Magic: Seeds Of Wisdom, Slices Of Life by Wally Amos 05:27:08
Known EU-corruption finally caught on tape, reporter harrassed. 05:17:38
Dept. of Defense Law Enforcement Assistance and Posse Comitatus 04:43:08
self deleted 04:35:16
"When You Get To The Endzone, Act Like You've Been There Before" 04:17:40
Free To Choose by Milton and Rose Friedman 04:03:36
Why Ecuador will likely turn down Snowden asylum: Roses 03:57:07
Caption This Picture V 02:49:38
Network - "We'll tell you any sh:t you want to hear." 01:44:29
(VIDEO) The Day Milton Friedman Took Phil Donahue To School On Capitalism! 01:30:54
Rand Paul: I'm Not My Dad 22:09:39