Posted on July 1, 2013

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The Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776 (also original National Anthem - video) 22:56:30
Rush (the band!) Fans for Ron Paul 22:54:41
What America Does Not Know 21:16:52
RARE: Justice Prevails! CA Jury finds Bankster Chalk Protester NOT 'Guilty' on ALL Charges! 20:26:06
Ben Swann - Why I Left Fox19 18:57:04
Edward Snowden's Statement Released Through WikiLeaks – Full Text 18:43:56
Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow - July 1, 2013 18:23:15
Letter to my Congressman...&...His Answer 17:23:46
Fraud Confirmed: 100-Day Delay To Take Bullion Delivery In London 17:18:13
George W. Bush Defends PRISM: 'I Put That Program In Place To Protect The Country' 17:16:17
“Bleeding Heart Libertarians” on Syria: Right Headline, Bad Reasoning 15:06:20
Violence is part of the solution 15:06:04
Controversial TED Talk: The Science Delusion 14:22:12
NSA's most important function? (John Rappoport) 14:09:52
French Politicians Demanding Paris Grant Edward Snowden Asylum 13:41:31
Ron Paul's Annual BBQ in Lake Jackon, TX Pics 13:31:44
Update: Snowden Applies for Political Asylum in Russia, Issues Statement 12:58:43
Obama Admin Plans To 'Force' Americans To Move Into Cities - "Redistributing" the Wealth 12:41:20
VICTORY! Jared Marcum, Student Who Wore NRA T-Shirt, Cleared of Criminal Charge - VIDEO 12:40:11
Walgreens Called the Cops Because Someone was Buying Gift Cards 11:32:42
'We're Being Cooked by Government!' Liberal and Proud Columnist Ellen Ratner Calls for 60's Type Protests (For Weeks?) 10:31:58
Glenn Greenwald: "Dianne Feinstein is Outright Lying" about NSA Surveillance Abuses" 10:08:26
Rand v. McCain: "If you don't know who you're getting your PICTURE taken with... How do you know who you're giving WEAPONS to?" 08:17:58
Obama's Arrest, Bush's Trial "We're going to get them." 07:21:40
'Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers' - New Video 03:19:50
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Study: Green cars among the most environmentally dirty 23:38:43
George Zimmerman’s A Better Man Than I Thought 23:25:01
Obama toasts failed African socialist 22:46:26
"The Peoples Voice" Luke Interviews David Icke on his new TV Station 22:38:21
KRAUTHAMMER: Obama 'Bystander' Policy Of Egypt's 'A Shocking Position' - VIDEO 22:34:22
Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events 22:33:25
Project "LIFELOG": Pentagon Wanted Searchable Database of People's Lives in 2003 22:22:07
Hawthorn Police Make Questionable Arrest, then Kill the Man’s Dog 21:50:16
Barack Obama seeks to limit EU fallout over US spying claims 21:42:55
Taxes 20:47:34
Against Neocon Domination - Ron Paul talks to LewRockwell about these enemies of freedom. (AUDIO) 20:46:09
New B-Sticker Idea: 'Your' Govt favors Gun Rights of Syrian Al Qaeda more than Yours! 19:36:56
NEA Vice President: NRA, Second Amendment supporters “Are going to hell” 19:32:47
A work in progress inspired by Mr. Snowden 19:20:18
Is Pathological Altruism the Biggest Hurdle for Liberty? 19:13:29
EFF: Restore the 4th campaigns organizing nationwide 19:11:25
How Senate Amnesty Bill is like Obamacare 18:51:49
Politico: Senator Udall's brother missing after hike 18:36:44
I Saw Something Strange In The Sky Today... 18:18:35
Obomya to give away 7bln to Africa 18:04:55
MSM wants Zimmerman conviction 17:38:13
Park Service OKs 'Braveheart-Style' Water Gun Battle on National Mall 17:26:18
30 Things The Federal Government Does We Never Consented Government to Do. 17:03:06
Pfizer Announces Drug Cure For Hypochondria 17:00:16
A little laugh ... 17:00:01
Naive Hollywood Celebrities sell Obamacare to Gullible Americans 16:58:54
Scientists create lithium-ion batteries the size of a grain of sand 16:46:42
Canadian schoolgirl creates Hollow Flashlight powered by body heat 16:42:36
For audio fanatics: Flexible speaker that bends around furniture 16:32:38
Rand Paul leading in this poll for moment But Sarah Palin skyrocketing 16:27:58
THIS from a notorious neocon website (Apparently, even THEY can make sense sometimes) 16:25:34
Smoke Down Prohibition 6: The Police State Escalates (video and pictures) 16:12:50
Lysander Spooner on Bankers and Wars 16:10:07
Circumventing Invasive Internet Surveillance with “Carrier Pigeons” 15:56:33
Washington's Addiction to Student Loans. . . 15:43:44
Make Your Own 30 Round Magazine! Screw Colorado! 15:15:24
Glenn Greenwald: "Secrecy Is The Linchpin Of Abuse Of Government Power" 14:58:12
Write In Edward Snowden for President, Senator, or Representative 14:05:38
Update: Live Webcast: Morsi is out, the People win one 14:00:26
Check the Priorities - letter-to-the-editor published; no. 5 13:49:57
Putin: Snowden must stop "damaging our American partners" - CBS News 13:44:01
Mondays with Murray: Why Be Libertarian? 13:34:16
California Gas Tax Hike Goes Into Effect; Now Highest In Nation 13:16:17
Masked Cancer Patient Walks Into Bank, Mistaken For Wanted Robber - VIDEO 13:06:04
Egypt To Implode? 12:56:05
Consumer Reports: As MPG rises cars using more motor oil between oil changes 12:52:46
My Sheriffs' letter to Obama/Biden. A Big Fat NO! 12:47:50
Sarah Palin Floats Idea of Leaving Republican Party 12:38:53
Chuck Schumer Accuses Putin Of Helping Snowden: Seems 'Eager To Put Finger' In Eye - VIDEO 12:30:26
Lindsey Williams: You Positively Must Get Out Of Paper 12:28:06
Major Changes Coming To The Security Lines At Denver International Airport 12:15:00
Russian Forces To Provide Security At Events In US 12:06:31
Bernard Goldberg: Re-Defining Racial Discrimination In America 11:49:31
Trayvon Martin Is 11:38:42
"PLEASE drink the tap water!" PSA on radio 10:23:44
THRIVE:What On Earth Will It Take? 10:06:00
Outsourcing Police? 09:56:37
Weekend watching , The men that killed Kennedy 09:56:09
CIA Director John Brennan: Chief Suspect In Murder Of Captain Philip Marshall? 09:45:22
Mark Dice - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate The 4th Of July Or What Country We Declared Independence From! 09:10:34
Largest demonstration in world history? 20 million people take to the streets in Egypt, 08:25:47
Scottsdale President: Physical Silver Demand Unprecedented 08:17:32
TrackMeNot - Firefox Plugin... Creates a 'Cloud' of False Leads 08:08:36
2016: Al Gore vs Rand Paul 06:55:55
Video Feed From Russia: Putin On The Risks (For Snowden) 06:46:12
Restore the 4th on the 4th of July - find a protest in your area 04:11:57
The shocking story of how Aspartame became legal 03:48:55
SCOTUS: The 5th Amendment is a "Privilege" 02:47:49
Heirloom Seeds for Northeast US 02:26:46
19 Hotshots dead in Prescott AZ and let's see if we can hold this line. 01:51:05
ANOTHER Logo Contest - paying $3.50 face value in Pre-1965 Silver Coins! 00:44:49
Obama Depicted as National Socialist Party Leader Adolph Hitler by South African Protesters 00:29:18
Does anyone remember when China said the dollar "will remain the world's reserve currency"? 00:27:33
Thomas Sowell On Jay Carney 00:09:15
Smudge Pot on "violence is the only solution" 09:15:01
Der Spiegel: NSA Spied on European Union Offices 19:51:54