Posted on July 3, 2013

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Jeremy Scahill Goes Off On MSNBC Pundits For Defending Obama Drone Strikes 23:16:23
#restorethe4th - Rally to Restore Your Rights on July 4th 23:03:01
U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement 19:51:11
Obama on Egypt: Return Authority Back to Muslim Brotherhood 19:16:39
Vince Vaughn spotted hanging out with Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano at barbecue at Paul's home in Texas 18:16:49
Students challenge NSA recruiters , You will enjoy this! 18:04:23
Why has O not yet been impeached? 17:35:28
15 Anti-Obama Photos From Tahrir Square Protests That You Probably Haven’t Seen 17:22:03
CIA Whistleblower to Snowden: ‘Do not cooperate with the FBI’ 17:18:43
*Updated* Egypt President Morsi overthrown by military 15:38:31
-State Demands $700,000 from Small Farming Family; Destruction of 70 Prized Heritage Pigs 15:33:16
Bill Watch! HR 2507: Blocking “Presidential” Military Aid to Syrian Rebels 15:22:18
Texas Teen Jailed For Facebook Comment Beaten Up Behind Bars 14:54:43
Bolivian President Finally ALLOWED To Leave Austria After Being Treated Like A Wanted Criminal 14:25:37
Detroit Free Press: U.S. Rep. Justin Amash Wants Secret Court Surveillance Opinions Made Public 12:58:34
Military Coup underway in Egypt * Constitution suspended* 12:33:53
Standing Army Of Cops: Ohio City Bans, Fireworks, Drinks, Grills, and Enacts Mandatory Bag Searches For July 4th 12:14:40
Liberty Movement *LEGITIMIZES* Obama and the Establishment 12:11:14
Unbelievable! UN Secretary General speaks against Snowden 12:08:06
Voices in the Wilderness 11:54:10
New Video: It Starts Now - Alan Watts 10:15:49
Greenwald on Bolivian President being denied Airspace 09:34:47
Senator Lamar Alexander – Neo-Con Trotskyite Extrordinaire 09:32:40
Clare Daly REBUKES Bootlicking Irish PM on Snowden 09:31:38
Open letter to Edward Snowden from his father, via lawyer, Bruce Fein 08:08:05
The Truthseeker Obama's arrest, Bush's trial E18 (Video) 07:23:19
NYT: How can we debate secret law? 02:31:11
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Ron Paul + Jim Rogers on the Government: "They'll use Force and They'll use Intimidation" (Video-Santiago, Chile 2013) 23:58:47
The Definition of Terrorism 23:54:11
Latin America fumes over Bolivia incident in Snowden saga 23:49:20
Human Liver Grown Inside A Mouse 23:44:08
'this Independence Day feels different' 23:34:21
Video: Glenn Greenwald speaks via Skype to the Socialism Conference 2013 about Snowden 23:16:59
This is hilarious Donald Trump comments on Obama Care 23:07:18
. 23:04:03
Video - 29 NFL dudes arrested since Superbowl 22:57:24
Pennsylvania man fined $500 a day for pet ducks 22:48:09
Senator Mark Udall's Brother Found Dead 22:32:41
Bob Tuskin Shakes up NPR with Call Mentioning Building 7 and Other Truths 22:25:36
Obama calls Tea Party members "terrorists," which subjects them to "kill lists" and the NDAA - UPDATE 22:19:45
Anything happening in Boise or vicinity on the 4th? 22:14:54
July 4th Spirit: When Kokesh and Co. Were Arrested for Defying Dance Ban at Jefferson Memorial 22:06:04
Where is Moses? 22:05:03
3D Printed Gun Smuggled Into Israeli Parliament 22:00:29
Wasted Taxpayer Dollars: Obama's 2013 Air Force One Bill $24 Million 6.5 Million For Africa Alone 21:48:54
The Rise Of Fascism: Concentration Camps In Greece - VIDEO 21:37:49
FACEBOOK Bans Fox News' Todd Starnes Over Post Supporting Paula Deen, NRA and Jesus 21:28:05
POLITICO: Fox's Starnes Fears Facebook Censorship - VIDEO 21:16:59
Paul Rosenberg, AnCap/CryptoAnarchist: Top FIVE Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics! 21:06:48
Egyptian Army Ousts Muslim Brotherhood President As Crowd Cheers - VIDEO 21:00:42
Should majority rule on everything Rep. Eliot Engel (D) NY 20:21:34
Rand Paul On The Issues: Foreign Aid 20:20:11
Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Prepare Your Food Stores if You Haven't 20:12:04
Obama Deeply Concerned about Egypt military (video) 19:51:47
Bug found in Ecuadorian Embassy in London 19:49:36
Declaration of Independence! 19:42:01
Recruiting for the NSA, Hilarious and Scary! 19:02:40
Jesse Benton Shows His True Colors In McConnell Campaign Video 18:19:58
Republicans, Tired of 'Lesser of Two Evils' Argument, Are Leaving Party 18:08:46
The George Zimmerman Trial Analysis And Prediction 17:55:53
The War on Consciousness (another banned TED talk) 17:18:48
Amazing - Egyptian army ousts President Morsi and suspends constitution 17:12:55
What is the Liberty Movement? 16:51:11
Egyptian Civil Insurrection Goes Off Without a Hitch 16:13:58
From Illegal Alien to Harvard Neurosurgeon 16:18:08
Video: Max McLean recites the Declaration. Include it in your celebration. 15:54:20
Taunting Cops at Smoke Down Prohibition 6 and non volience non aggression principle. 15:33:30
Guess who said this about marriage: 15:23:21
So What ever happened to the July 4th March into D.C.? 15:13:18
Fiat Dollar? Try Fiat Math. 15:05:00
. My view on Boston bombing 14:56:47
Don't Watch 14:05:48
America Is Not a Free Country: 2013 Edition 14:05:03
Giving back 14:00:40
On this day in 1988 the US Murdered 290 Human Beings Including 66 Children on Iran Air Flight 655 13:55:49
Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly 13:37:28
"Have a Happy Holiday" or is it "Independence Day"? 13:35:33
ALERT: Boeing E4B "9/11 DoomsDay Plane" spotted Flying Low & BETWEEN SkyScrapers in Austin, TX? 13:20:17
Tanks Move On Cairo: Supporters of Egyptian President Morsi Say Military Coup Underway, Fears Bloodshed - VIDEO 13:11:25
Greatest Liberty Speech Ever Made 12:25:06
BUSTED: National Intelligence Director, James Clapper Apologizes For Lying To Congress - VIDEO 12:24:56
Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is 12:16:08
James Clapper, EU play-acting, and political priorities 12:08:00
US Drone Kills 16 Suspected Militants In Pakistan 12:04:43
Gun Control For Dummies 11:56:55
Police Forcing Blood Draws on U.S. Citizens? 11:23:53
LIVE Egyptian Protests 10:14:59
Live Feed: Egypt in Tahrir Sq as military deadline closes 10:00:46
Obama The "Non-Interventionist"?! 09:57:24
Relying on Consumer Sentiment for Economic Recovery is Futile 09:50:26
Ignore 09:47:25
Egypt Protests - Live Coverage 09:37:23
India Is Buying So Much Silver 09:37:08
Venezuela to Snowden: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper 09:37:04
Attack Of The Killer Robots 09:21:25
Lon Snowden writes open letter to his son with Bruce Fein 08:57:02
. 08:25:31
Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey Criminally Indicted By Citizens' Grand Jury For Allegedly Falsifying Arrest Warrant / Complain 06:37:38
Humor 05:40:09
Delmont Man Fined $500 A Day For Keeping Four Pet Ducks - VIDEO 05:19:58
A Must-See "2nd Amendment Speech!" (Edit: After posting this, I now see that someone else beat me to it. My bad!) 04:05:33
This Is Big! Israelis Send Strong Message To Iran. 03:33:31
NSA Spying NOT Illegal 02:15:19
Executive Power And Same Sex Marriage At SCOTUS 02:12:48
Russians to deploy 15,000+ troops in USA under Obama direction, violates Posse Comitatus Act. 00:51:45
Can DAily Paul Advertise for Ben Swann? 00:37:23
Why is Everyone Outraged Over NSA Spying on Americans? 00:24:58
UPDATE: Pro-Abortionist Chants "Hail Satan" While Pro-Lifers Sing Amazing Grace at Austin, TX Protest 00:21:11