Posted on July 4, 2013

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The Little-Known United States Peacetime Flag 23:37:03
Pray for Edward Snowden - He has told us the truth 21:52:12
US Egypt Policies Don't Pass the Laugh Test ~ Ron Paul 21:35:47
Oliver Stone: ."to Me, Snowden Is A Hero." "We need countries to say no to the United States." 20:53:11
Is PRISM an argument for Protectionism? 20:31:19
I Met A Syrian Working at Home Depot. 17:32:06
Ben Swann - Remembering The 'Sons Of Liberty' 16:48:32
Iceland Congress puts forward bill to grant Snowden citizenship 16:33:17
EGYPT: 'This is not a duck' said the man with a duck 16:27:13
Freshman TX State Rep Passes First-in-Nation Email Privacy Bill with Help from a Ron Paul Supporter 15:45:15
Attempted Set Up Of Luke Rudkowski 15:09:48
"Henderson police arrested a family for refusing to let officers use their homes as lookouts for a dom. violence investigation" 14:33:06
Anti-Government Hackers Hit Jay-Z's Android App 14:02:50
July 4th is About the Right to Secede from a Corrupt Federal Government Unfit to Govern a Free People. 12:22:10
Humbug ... July 4th 11:37:54
Students Destroy NSA Recruiters - Amazing *Updated again* 10:14:03
MoneyNews: Economists Faber, Schiff Caution: Prepare For 'Massive Wealth Destruction' 08:22:17
You Think You're Free ? Think Again! 08:21:13
Former Marine Ken O'Keefe Truthbomb! 05:32:53
Found this on reddit and it made me sick 04:05:24
12 Of The Best Ed Snowden Jokes I've Heard So Far 03:54:44
Nigel Farage: There is a gathering electoral storm, 7-2-13 02:06:27
Jefferson Weeping by Judge Napolitano 00:21:21
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Soft Coup - 23:23:52
WikiLeaks Re-opens For Business 22:37:37
Was Washington Behind Egypt's Coup d'Etat 22:11:42
Jeremy Scahill: Democrat Leaders Are Also to Blame for the Iraq War 21:04:50
War Is A Racket (Posted In Honor of July 4th) 20:47:04
DP Community Lawyers - Please Help 20:40:48
a little diddy before you light your firekracker tonite 20:38:52
Afghanistan 20:37:05
Egypt army says right to protest protected, urges restraint 20:35:28
Wall Street Banks Extract Enormous Fees From Paychecks Of Millions of Workers 19:53:48
American Flags Ripped Down Day Before Turlock Fourth Of July Parade - VIDEO 19:17:05
Smudge Of Oyate sends congrats to Adam Kokesh! 19:16:38
The Reading of The Declaration of Independence By Max McLean 19:10:31
Ben Swann: July 4th, Remember the "Sons of Liberty" 18:50:02
Smudge Pot Insider Shocking News On Arizona Wildfire 18:44:53
Public vs. Private 18:04:34
New York City: Hot Dog Eating Champion, Joey Chestnut of San Jose Breaks WORLD Record Eating 69 Hotdogs and Buns - VIDEO 17:57:25
Sick Joke - Tax Problem 17:52:05
Libertarians Need To Get A Kluwe 17:41:40
Obama Snubs The Marine Corps & Navy, "No Fireworks For You!" 17:21:23
Liberty TV, Now! 17:16:58
My thoughts on Independence Day and freedom. 17:11:49
4,000 year old pyramid in Peru torn down by developers 17:10:14
US Government Fails To Stop The Advance Of 3D-Printed Gun 17:09:19
For anyone buying right now.. killer deal at Provident Metals: 1 oz .999 gold UNDER Spot+$13 17:07:05
European firms 'could quit US internet providers over NSA scandal' 17:05:29
Happy 4Th of July To Ron Paul & Family and To All My Good Freedom Loving Friends At The DP 17:02:28
US and Germany to hold talks over European NSA surveillance concerns 17:00:46
France 'runs vast electronic spying operation using NSA-style methods' 16:56:04
The Window Of Opportunity Is Closing 16:51:50
Mayor Bloomberg Offers No Apology After 20 Year-old Student Sues NYPD For Being Frisked By Cops and Looking Into Her Underwear 16:32:04
Prison guards 'forced inmates to have gladiator-style fights with other prisoners for entertainment' 16:15:04
Holiday Lesson: Warren Buffett Paradigm Puppet 16:09:12
Woman Exposes Police Dept. Sex Scandal - VIDEO 16:06:04
Remember, Remember, the 4th! 15:59:28
Watchdog Group Find High Levels of CARCINOGEN In Pepsi 15:56:59
JULY 4th 2013: Adam Kokesh Has Done It! Iraq War Vet Open Carried In DC - VIDEO 15:41:16
World War Z Review 15:25:02
"Justified Shooting": Incoming Winston Salem Police Chief, Barry Rountree Aims At Dog, Hits Woman By Accident - VIDEO 15:23:02
Last Time I Checked This Was Still America, But If I’m Being Honest, That Was A While Ago 15:19:10
The 4th of July: Super Heros, Messiahs, and 1776 15:19:01
The 10 Days That Changed The World 15:16:33
237 Years Ago - Would You Stand? 15:08:59
On Independence Day: Have We Forgotten Our Duty as Americans? 15:08:24
Don't know what the question was...but Daily Paul was one of the answers at Porkfest X 15:08:20
Happy 4th? 14:47:16
Gerald Celente Unleashed: His Most Powerful Video Yet 14:34:12
Independence? No, the planners have an "action plan." (VIDEO) 14:33:30
Is there still any live coverage from Tahrir Square? 14:12:50
George Washington's Ghost 14:10:18
A Remarkable Anti-Crony Capitalist Video Manifesto. 14:01:48
Live Blog: Restore the Fourth photos and updates 13:54:48
Study: EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain 13:40:39
Great Moments in Elvis History - The Declaration of Independence 13:37:27
Interesting Comment Regarding What They're Really Capable Of 13:16:41
Come work at the Death Star! 13:11:29
Without us, they have nothing but words. 12:46:31
Botched Police Raids - Interactive Map 12:38:41
Whoops! Obama-ordered gun report reveals guns actually save lives 12:25:21
Sequester Forces Military Swimming Pools To Close On July 4th 12:07:57
Paging Edward Snowden - Ben Swann would like to speak with you. 11:33:16
Happy 4th of July Y'all 11:31:52
4th of July Weekend Watching 11:31:40
The World Map is 100% Wrong. (Has EVERYTHING been manipulated?) 11:06:54
Homeland Security Running Nationwide Terrorism Drill Today: 'Operation Independence' 10:45:55
Eleven revolutionary ways to celebrate your independence from the system on this July 4th 10:19:32
Missouri halts copying of driver's license documents 10:08:49
Senator Mark Udall's brother found dead. 09:59:00
"We Need to Limit the Government and Get It Out of Our Lives!" (unless it's drugs, gay marriage, abortion, religion, etc...) 08:03:09
How would you write Egypt's new constitution? 07:34:42
Ron Paul Money Lecture Series: What About Money Causes Economic Crises?" with Peter Schiff 06:00:58
Morsi Ousted! Breaking news, chief justice Adly Mansour just sworn in as interim president 05:32:49
Groups, prominent Web sites to protest NSA programs on July 4th 05:22:16
Green Bay Bans Coolers At Annual Fireworks Display. City Inmates Become Restless (UPDATED) 05:03:47
The Moral Basis for Capitalism 04:52:40
Is Ted Cruz running in 2016? 03:44:31
Jeremy Scahill Destroys Biased MSNBC Panel On Obama's Foreign Policy 01:28:48
Snowden Doing His Duty 01:28:10
Happy Dependence Day 01:25:44
Coursera Class: Constitutional Law 01:11:37
Joel Skousen to be @ Bluffdale, Utah NSA Data Center for the July 4th Protest vs. The NSA! 01:03:40
How to make blintzes 00:43:17
Independence Day 1776 vs 2013. 00:36:33
Quotes from Reading Mises' Socialism 00:18:34
The Government Is Snooping Through Your Snail Mail 00:08:25
Great quotes. 00:07:11