Posted on July 5, 2013

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Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program 22:54:17
A Woman has Risen Up to Primary Lindsey Graham - Yes She's an Ally of the Liberty Movement! 21:01:44
Venezuela's Maduro Offers Asylum Snowden 20:32:21
Ben Swann w/ Curt Schultz, Ron Paul Super Brochure, Endorses "Truth in Media" Project 20:18:37
Corbett Report: Crashes of Convenience and the Death of Michael Hastings 7-5-13 19:14:40
He Has No Drugs And Knows His Constitutional Rights via Ben Swann 18:35:22
Turn The Tables On NSA Spying Supporters! 17:59:43
I received this email from Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, Pirate Party, Iceland: RE: Edward Snowden 16:50:50
Police found not guilty , Judge refused to view video . Video should only be viewed to support Police 16:07:27
Chicago: Fireworks For The Fourth - 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded, 3 Days To Go In The Gun Free Paradise 15:40:35
How did America's police become a military force on the streets? 15:25:04
Adam Kokesh being investigated for his video of him loading a shotgun in Washington D.C 15:12:59
Fear grows over militarization of US local police. 14:37:23
CNN Nakedly Spins Zimmerman Trial Testimony In Direct Conflict of Actual Testimony 13:35:40
Bolivia President Morales Responds: 'The Intimidation of the EMPIRE' 13:23:14
Where is Col. George Bristol? 13:19:24
Increasing Facebook 'likes' cost State Department $630,000; Hillary's watch 11:57:58
Stunning Early Images of Revolutionary War Heros 11:55:55
July 4th Rights Violation at DUI Checkpoint (VIDEO) 11:31:58
Breastfeeding Viewed as Potential Terrorist Activity by New York Country Club 10:57:55
200 East Texans participate in open carry march on Independence Day 10:19:12
The NSA Trained Edward Snowden To Be An Elite Hacker 10:03:11
"Restore the Fourth" protests explode across U.S. - VIDEO 09:58:24
Former Russian Spy Wants to Marry Snowden 09:49:15
Euro Union MEP: Goal of EU is to erase nations and create Euro Citizens 08:13:28
The Edward Snowden Movie Already Exists 01:06:46
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4th of July Nazi DUI Checkpoint: Searched Without Consent 23:55:48
Jeremy Scahill: John Kerry: the Warchurian Candidate 23:52:21
Warrants issued for Kelly Marlow, adviser Robert Trim and Cherokee GOP Secretary Barbara Knowles 23:33:25
Tulsa man found bound, decapitated; Police suspect suicide 23:15:03
Model gay adoptive ‘fathers’ sexually abused 6-year-old for years: offered him to pedophile ring 22:49:45
Snowden's asylum now a pretext for war against Venezuela? 22:49:08
Iceland Says No To Snowden 21:44:09
Obama celebrates 30 million US war-kills since WW2; past Hitler to #3 on all-time list! (Satire) 21:41:59
Did The Catholic Church Ordain Gay Weddings A Long Time Ago? 20:53:03
(Now) Nicaragua: willing to grant asylum to Snowden 20:46:45
Ron Paul with Lew Rockwell ~ Against Neocon Slavery 19:37:12
The Secrets and Lies of the Bank Bail-outs: Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) 19:19:15
Mozart, Requiem 19:15:25
State Dept: Oops, We Lied, Kerry Was Yachting During Egypt Coup 18:56:03
Nsa Sultan, Gen. Keith Alexander. A Diverse Career 18:36:23
For All Those Who Think Gay Marriage is About Human Rights-It's A Lie! 18:23:26
the hospital police 17:48:13
The Perils of Democracy on Display in Egypt 17:21:37
AT&T Will Start Anonymously Selling Your Location Data To Marketers: 17:15:31
Edward Snowden's Nightmare Is Not Coming True 17:10:47
Ron Paul with Lew Rockwell: Against Neocon Slavery 16:16:50
Crazy or Conspiracy? 16:14:53
July 4th , A lesson from history, 15:24:42
Student Spends Night In Jail For The Crime Of Buying Water 14:53:40
Here's what you need ... a Laser Gatling Gun 14:16:59
Can "We the People" Try To Add An Amendment To The U.S. Constitution ? 14:10:11
ObamaCare Strikes: Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000 13:53:19
Bulgaria Anti-government Protests 20 Consecutive Days - VIDEO 13:49:19
Dennis Kneale and the Fox News Liberal Round Table 13:38:33
Constitutional Rights Abused At 4th of July Checkpoint - VIDEO 13:34:40
Gallup Poll: 71% Say Founding Fathers Would Be 'Disappointed' in Today's America 13:27:48
The American Dream by The Provocateur Network 13:21:11
A self educated man 13:20:08
Iran? You guessed it. Sanctions across the board 13:16:00
Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill that Nullified Fed Gun Laws 12:39:42
10 years yield blowing up. 12:35:14
Israel seeks $5B in U.S. loans to buy arms 11:33:44
Christians Should Not Pledge Allegiance to the Flag 11:30:47
Name that Country 11:18:10
Who represents the Liberty message the best? 11:00:40
US Postal Service has been tracking all mail sent within the country for more than a DECADE 10:14:24
This is what happens when a big rig driver falls asleep: Demolished Vehicles, Avocados Everywhere July 4th 09:54:21
How the IRS Made All Kinds of Groups' Lives Miserable 09:53:19
Close to Half of Bulgarians ready to leave 08:36:45
Do the benefits of the frequently down-voted outweigh the costs? 08:24:41
Obama Administration: Screw the Homeland 08:20:25
I Find A More Positive Outlook and Potential in the Book of Revelation Than Any Political Option 07:21:18
Jefferson...A memorial service 07:13:28
Chris Hayes On The War On Terror 02:51:31
Edward Snowden Did The Right Thing 02:28:50
Conan Cracks Unfunny Rand Paul Joke 02:17:14
This Will Be Viewed and Pondered About Again 00:52:11
Orgin of the Muslim Brotherhood (Video) 00:12:19
FLASHBACK: George Washington - This Is How One Avoids European Conflict - VIDEO 00:10:14
Anderson Cooper goes to Egypt to try and spin the overthrow... 00:01:37