Posted on July 7, 2013

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Why I Like John Kerry, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton 23:16:30
Smudge Pot Needs Our Help 22:50:02
The R3volUTION continues: 21:25:07
Have you ever had a Nystrom's BBQ Bacon Melt Burger? 21:21:28
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk, July 8, 2013 - New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, AGAIN! 20:08:35
The Ron Paul Channel: Ron Paul launching new media network! 18:51:34
O-SPAN Classic: CIA Accidentally Overthrows Costa Rica 18:14:50
Big tobacco is coming for e-cigs! 17:58:02
Fallen Angel Cover Wearing Ron Paul Shirt on YouTube (Music Video) 16:55:03
Great New Video - Predator Empire 14:22:48
When Keeping us Safe becomes a Sick Twisted Neurotic Obsession 13:35:56
Whoa...Snowden says Western states 'in bed with NSA' 12:32:22
New Glenn Greenwald: The NSA's mass and indiscriminate spying on Brazilians 12:24:30
The similarities are uncanny 11:40:18
Rand on Egypt 11:35:43
Iran Announces Buy 1:Get 1 to Combat Sanctions 10:39:17
Interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids (CATO) 10:34:15
The Media Gets it wrong AGAIN! The Real Paterno Story - Watch This Interview 09:23:28
What's The Motive? 09:18:27
America Needs To Arrest The Banksters, And Toss Our Criminal Gov Iceland Style 05:54:04
Matthew Mcconaughey Told Us About the Best Way To Resist Tyranny in 1993 01:58:13
Outrage Over Highway Body Cavity Search 01:40:28
I Am Sorry It Has Come To This (VIDEO) Published July 4th 2013 01:05:31
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Snowden Apology Letter Deemed A Hoax 23:57:14
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee 90%+ on Freedom Index 23:52:16
Govt Terrorists beget Foreign Terrorists: Obama's Muslim Brotherhood goes Sparta: Throw Egyptians Off Building Then Machete! 23:22:38
Edward Snowden Safely Lands In Venezuela Where He Was Granted Asylum To Avoid U.S. Extradition 23:09:46
The Seven Words That Will Keep You Out of Jail! 23:01:17
Mt Gox & Winklevoss twins come to rescue of bitcoin - Video 22:37:49
An Argument for Anarchism 22:24:04
Michael Hastings Had Charged General with "Illegal" Psy-ops Against US Senators 22:17:10
Ron Paul: New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again 22:00:22
Sen. Ted Cruz sings Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island theme 21:59:24
JP Morgan Recommends Fascism, Theft of Savings to Cure Europe's Ills 21:46:29
2 back up extortion claims against Swallow, Shurtleff as impeachment looms w/ video 20:59:34
Hemp Threatens the Corporatist Parasites 20:43:42
Dempsey: Snowden has hurt US ties with others 20:38:57
Got Proof? Lack of evidence for milk's benefits 20:29:37
Temporary jobs becoming a permanent fixture in US 20:27:05
"I need a hero": Welcome to "the Snowden Movie" 20:22:04
My July 4 Photo Album (or) How I Can Tell My Mayor Never Built A Bomb 20:07:03
"The Warriors Creed" (aka "The Defenders Crred") 20:05:11
PaulFest Revisited 19:57:34
Thomas Paine The most valuable Englishman ever 19:20:18
Social Credit - A DP Open Discussion 19:17:18
Analysis: George Zimmerman Probably Won't Be Convicted Of Murder or Manslaughter - Here's Why 19:05:20
University of Denver Draws Heat For Plan To Present George W. Bush With 'Improving Human Condition' Award 18:24:27
Banks Pushing For Repeal Of Credit Unions' Federal Tax Exemption 18:15:42
Roy Masters - Hypnosis Demonstration - Hypnotic States of America - VIDEO 17:31:33
Karl Rove mentions the entire population of Earth as potential GOP presidential candidates…except Rand Paul 17:02:34
The End of American Freedom 16:54:54
The Good Cop Calendar - Kickstarter Project Idea 16:54:48
Re-Thinking 911-Why Barry Jennings Was Mistaken 16:39:12
Translating Mainstream News - Ecological Attack on Indigenous Peoples of Wyoming 15:29:24
Egypt's message to the West, "Leave us alone!" 15:21:44
To Begin Anew – Part I 15:08:48
Rick Perry 'LIKELY' To Run For Fourth Term, Will Announce Monday In San Antonio - VIDEO 14:30:58
Fox News Sunday - Another Lie!: US Says It's Not Taking Sides In Egypt - VIDEO 14:24:59
5 Minute News - Spaceweather causes plane malfunctions on opposite sides of Planet Earth? 14:09:34
The Fallacies of Globalization and the Future of Liberty 14:01:21
Landmark Case - Precedent-setting Victory for Property Rights - Supreme Court, in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management 13:46:50
Researchers Build All-Optical Transistor; Device Could lead To New Quantum Computer Design 13:37:26
AT&T Joins Verizon, Facebook in Selling Customer Data 13:26:18
Jim Marrs and NASA Insider Talk About The Hidden Technology of Anti-Gravity - VIDEO 13:19:25
Part-Time U.S.A.: The Numbers Behind Friday's Non Farm Jobs Report 12:58:00
Movie: The War You Don't See 12:24:50
Obama launches video game contest: 100 child winners to drone-kill real terrorists. (Satire, Mostly) 12:08:10
For All Those Who Think The Golden Rule is Good-It's a LIE! (Satire) 11:36:41
Apprentice parody - Trump fires Obama 10:35:23
Kokesh, Ron Paul, his Supporters, and 2nd Amendment Hit Piece on Daily Mail 10:15:03
Congresswoman Diane Black on moral principles 09:03:17
Egypt sends a message to Obama & Americans 03:19:15
D.C. Police Seek Adam Kokesh After "Successful" Independence Day OC Stunt 03:16:43
Caption This Picture VI 03:02:08
James Bamford on RT panel with (Thom Hartmann) 02:17:01
Key Words to Help the NSA With Its Searches 01:56:06
Money Bomb for Germany's Party of Reason 01:51:05
Anyone seen the new Superman Movie? Just felt good to see that Drone destroyed! lol! 01:43:27
Thank you to all GMO volunteers in Washington State - 300 parody. 01:42:10
Bolivia forces McDonald's out of the country; locals don't like "fast food". 01:39:46
Huge waves hit Chile and Peru. "I have never seen anything like this before." 01:37:18
Bolivian President threatens to close US Embassy, says Bolivia does not need the United States 01:33:55
New Whistleblower(ex)CIA director David Petraeus We will spy on you though your dishwasher 00:49:46
The Mother Of All Rants 00:32:08
Local Sheriff Doesn't Like Rights On Independence Day 00:30:24
The failure to prosecute corporate crime undermines U.S. justice 00:10:34
Georgia Bureau of Investigation begins investigation into Douglas County DA. 00:07:49