Posted on July 8, 2013

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IRELAND denies US arrest warrant for Snowden! 23:30:51
Video: Ron Paul Explains His Forthcoming Ron Paul Channel 7/8/2013 21:06:38
Fed Whistleblower Aurelia Fedenisn: Now Her Lawyer's Computers were Stolen 20:49:30
Karl Rove: Justin Amash (and Libertarians) Are Too Liberal 20:21:58
New leak: NSA can tap into global internet traffic 20:07:09
Detroit Reporter Mocks Absurd Police Response Time in Dramatic Fashion 19:43:18
US Banks are now long Gold 19:40:54
We Need to Re-Purpose the NSA Utah Data Center: We're not Asking, We're Telling the Feds 19:23:05
In honor of Hillary ... 19:12:34
Do Ron Paul Supporters Juice? 17:03:22
Rick Perry is running for President 15:23:08
Overlord of Texas won't seek another term 15:13:52
Mos Def force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure - Video 14:54:35
Obama Supporters Sign Petition To Repeal The Bill Of Rights To Support The President 14:42:23
Edward Snowden - The Unseen Interview (COMEDY) 14:20:50
The Guardian Video: Mos Def force-fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure 13:53:08
Using the Free Market to tell my cell carrier that I no longer will be paying to be tracked, recorded, etc... 13:51:52
Video: Guardian Releases Snowden Interview, Part II 13:39:11
Female Inmates Sterilized In California Prisons Without Approval 13:02:26
Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) defends Edward Snowden's decision to leave the U.S. 12:15:11
Tom Woods hosting on Peter Schiff Radio: Guest is Ron Paul 11:26:36
The Hill: Rand Paul blasts 'neocons' for backing 'military junta' in Egypt 11:17:36
The Israeli/ NSA connection 10:16:00
Norway to Investigate the U.S. Monitoring Program PRISM 10:10:58
Ron Paul Lit The Fire! 10:10:44
You will never eat a Golden Corral again 09:51:00
Der Spiegel: Snowden confirms Stuxnet coded by NSA and Israel 08:20:34
Senator Menendez Threatens Asylum Sanctions On Any Country 07:32:54
Michael Hastings: Police and Fire TOLD not to comment; Engine BEHIND crash 200' 07:05:58
Fox News: Bin Laden Raid Files Purged From Pentagon Computers, Sent To CIA 05:39:08
So, I read Michael Hastings' "The Runaway General" for the first time... 18:53:07
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Are we civilized? 23:47:00
Debunking another contemporary myth: New exposé of Mother Teresa shows that she and the Vatican were even worse than we thought 23:43:22
Chilean Students fiercely reject mainstream presidential nominees 23:39:25
Eat your GMO's, buy Obamacare then shut up and die before you collect S.S. 23:27:01
Wonders of the Ketogenic diet: The Andersen and Stefansson 'Eskimo Experiment' 23:26:25
Maximizing food scraps 23:05:33
Dave Champion TV Show – 7/5/13 How many Americans would the fed govt kill to maintain power? How US govt forced Japan to attack 22:58:41
22.4% of Vancouver's budget goes to police 22:51:00
NSA:P New Free Anti-Spyware Killer App Hides Your Doc Text. 22:45:06
My IRS Story please post far and wide 22:43:14
Let's Get Something Done 22:37:40
v e r a x : Edward Snowden - 斯諾登 - Hong Kong Short Film 22:09:26
National Security ActivistBrigitte Gabriel calls on President Obama to step down 21:20:51
Wood nanobattery could be green option for large-scale energy storage 21:08:57
New technique would allow a petabyte of data on a single disc 21:07:01
11 21:03:16
Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now Today 20:42:43
I'm Having Second Thoughts About Mr. Snowden 20:38:21
Average Cost Per 'Official' Wiretap In The US: $50,452 20:37:52
NSA, Israel created Stuxnet worm together to attack Iran, says Snowden 20:31:14
Here Comes Lindsey Graham. Ready for Another War? 20:29:37
101 Million Get Food Aid From Federal Gov't; Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers 20:09:43
I live in Tuscaloosa, AL.. today two Black Hawk helicopters flew very low over the University of Alabama 20:00:52
Jon Corzine will not face criminal charges over MF Global 19:50:08
Gold is the Gut Reaction, Silver is the Smart Decision 19:34:33
A Statement by RGIII 19:25:59
How These Rising Interest Rates Are Going To Bring Massive Inflation. By Gregory Mannarino 19:14:49
College Students Respond to Independence Day Questions... Really! 18:48:55
: Strange Planes Landing At US Air Force Bases 18:34:37
Rethink 911 18:20:40
New Ed Snowden Video Posted 18:06:29 - Average Cost Per 'Official' Wiretap In The US: $50,452 18:00:46
Republican Liberty Caucus Partners with Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project (June 27th) 17:54:40
Patriotic Shlock: The Endless Summer 17:31:13
Average cost per ‘official’ wiretap in the United States: $50,452 16:47:11
Living on Cash to Avoid Debt 16:34:49
RadioWHY – Russ Baker on NSA, Snowden, more, on KSFR Santa Fe 16:14:40
My Cousin Died From Brainwashing and Ignorance. 16:07:04
The Act of Defiance and Civil Disobedience to Obamacare or the Law Will Kill the Economy 16:04:44
EPA set to unveil host of new regulations 15:15:51
This One Time At Anarchy Camp. . . 15:11:05
Soccer referee beheaded after stabbing player to death in Brazil 15:05:40
Mondays With Murray: Rothbard On U.S. Foreign Aggression & Interventionism 13:55:50
Recovery woes: America's second-largest employer is a temp agency 13:49:49
Lawsuit: Police seize homes, arrest owners to investigate neighbor. 3rd amendment violation 13:39:23
Oops: IRS Publishes Tens Of Thousands Of SSN's To Online Database 12:54:25
So Much For Mideast Democracy By Eric Margolis (Regarding Egypt) 12:52:36
Court Secretly Loosens Surveillance Rules and Expands NSA Power 12:48:00
WHere Did Go? 12:41:39
Think Your Money Is Safe In An Insured Bank Account? Think Again 12:39:24
The 5 Cartel-fueled NeoMerchantilist's Debtocracy Policies 12:13:27
Ron Paul Channel: Turn off the TV, Turn on the Truth 11:59:43
July 4th DUI roadblock - Video 11:42:08
Disneyland "cops" writing citations to kids in subtle subservience conditioning program 11:33:32
Privacy Lawsuit: NSA ,GCHQ Spy Programs Force 'trial' into Secret Tribunal 'Court' 11:33:02
Is Obama about to Wage an Ag War on Europe? 10:52:43
NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge - Guardian 10:50:10
Who here is excited about the Ron Paul Channel! 10:33:20
Michel Chossudovsky: US controlling both sides of Egypt coup 10:28:57
The Mitch McConnell-Rand Paul Alliance 10:24:29
After PRISM reports, Swiss data bank sees boost 10:17:37
SF 777 crash: rescuers ran over crash victims 09:50:28
Leave Michael Nystrom alone and stop talking about your 1st amendment rights here 08:50:39
Official investigate if rescuers ran over San Francisco plane crash victim 08:41:28
12-Year Old Explains Egyptian Revolution in Under 3 Minutes 08:17:15
Cop kills man for holding water hose nozzle (reheadlined) 08:15:48
AP : Secret Move Keeps Bin Laden Records in the Shadows 08:08:31
Cops Kill Iraq War Vet Adam Arroyo’s Dog After Going to Wrong Location 08:07:22
Interesting movie on Netflix regarding civil jury trials: "Hot Coffee" 03:37:13
Requesting Accountability for NSA Surveillance Program 03:32:55
When Leftists Rule: State of California Sterilizing Female Prison Inmates Against Their Will 02:25:48
Kiobel v. Shell Oil Corporation: Supreme Court Gives Corporations Free Pass to murder 02:21:25
Nothing Is Going To Change! 01:56:34
The Robinson Crusoe Version of Anarchy, or, Advice to the Anarchists 01:41:12
Paul Craig Roberts 01:30:43
Why Michael Doesn't Like Boston Conspiracy Posts 01:25:16
A movie clip that best shows how tyrants recruit for local control 00:58:48