Posted on July 9, 2013

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Adam Kokesh Raided By Federal Police *Updated Again* 23:25:37
What Happens When You Cut Someone's Brain In Half (video) 22:38:30
The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones 22:13:26
Honor Student Inexplicably Beaten By Police: "I Awoke Spitting My Teeth Out Onto The Ground" 20:16:11
The Gold is Gone—Hedge fund manager says 19:02:42
Rand Paul Threatens to Filibuster James Comey's FBI Nomination 18:22:42
Experts Agree Giant, Bioengineered Crabs Pose No Threat 18:07:54
Obama gets Zinged on Twitter 18:02:37
Visa And Mastercard Ban Anonymizing VPNs 16:53:08
Obama does another executive order, 16:40:51
Bradley Manning Trial Report, Day 16 15:07:32
U.S. Trying to Push Back a Dollar Blowup 15:01:18
Sen. Rand Paul on Hannity with Eric Bolling - 7/8/13 14:02:55
Adam Kokesh debates Alex Jones 13:17:09
Next Asylum: Brazil! 12:54:25
Moscow Has Some Fighting Words For John Kerry 12:36:17
Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed 12:20:38
Video: Sen. Rand Paul On "America's Newsroom" w/ Martha MacCallum - Fox News, 7/09/13 12:13:33
Rand Paul: 'Democratic Uprising' vs. Coup = Obama Ignoring Rule of Law 11:53:24
Ron Paul Group speaks against Dearborn garage rules 11:30:40
Tatiana Moroz is in Chile? And Giving Ben Swann a Shoutout! 11:25:35
World Wide Arrest Warrants for Obama and bush! 11:20:00
Michael Hastings Crash Investigation Heats Up 10:55:01
The Fact That Mass Surveillance Doesn't Keep Us Safe Goes Mainstream 09:50:25
If history is any indicator, here comes the next attack... 09:34:41
Congressmen Submit Emergency 3 AM Bill Demanding IHOP Stay Open All Night 03:56:51
Oops, Rand Paul can’t remember 3rd reason Rick Perry could be president 00:36:09
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#StandWithJack 23:44:27
Red Ice Radio - Richard Grove - Hour 1 - 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude 23:36:51
Government vs. State; Why Anarchism Fails (Kind of) 23:32:01
Edward Bernays and the Art of Public Manipulation 23:24:44
When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough by Rabbi Harold Kushner 23:07:12
In The End We Are ALL Dead - Sons Of Liberty Academy 23:04:57
Rand Paul's Problems With the Fringe (Another Yahoo Cheap Shot) 22:59:55
God Guns and Automobiles - freaking Hilarious you have to watch 22:58:37
Epa To Allow Pesticide Testing On Orphans 22:44:43
Food - Red Dye # 40 found to cause ADHD 22:35:22
BP gets OK to dump mercury into Lake Michigan 21:51:24
Rollover 1981...Fast Forward 32 Years to Rollover 2013 21:34:17
Maddow Slams Ron and Rand on her show 21:29:36
Those Attacking Jack Hunter (He responds) 21:17:06
Iran brags about new military toys 21:14:08
Off -Duty Police Officer Shoots Family's 'Big Softie' Dog In Front of 12-Year-Old Owner 20:26:59
Virginia Department of Health Acquires Children's Medical Records Without parental Consent 20:09:37
Tweet about Obama car stickers 19:47:10
Confession from a paid shill for Monsanto and Big Pharma 19:41:23
Article: "No More 'Secrets'..." 19:36:12
Boycott Jack Hunter AKA the Southern Avenger 19:22:34
Our marginally capitalist, partly-free market systems are approaching a massive collapse. 19:05:43
"Specialization and Trade: Because We Can't Be Good At Everything" | LearnLiberty 18:57:26
On a lighter note ... 18:56:25
MSN Attacking Rand as being a Racist 18:15:30
Well, I guess that's it for Jack Hunter. 17:28:27
NASA Employee Allegedly Releases Unpublished 9/11 Photos 17:25:06
radioactive rocks from the sea that explode 17:22:19
The Bankers dependence on the PETRODOLLAR, and why the US will NOT become energy self sufficient. 17:09:21
Pa State Rep Doyle Heffley pushes Libertarian Candidate 16:57:00
Today he shines as God's lantern 16:56:15
Rand opponents going after Jack Hunter 16:53:58
HR 2617: To establish Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Park on the Moon 16:48:02
VOTE: Should The Granger Stay or Get Lost? 14:58:41
Cops Can’t Search Marijuana Packages In California Without A Warrant 14:39:21
Trial of Famous Whistleblower Largely Ignored 14:28:10
TSA Harasses and Shames Yet Another Disabled Vet - VIDEO 14:13:00
Looking for a trusted website to buy some silver 14:09:39
WOW! Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit - VIDEO 13:54:24
Want a better more fulfilled vibrant life? 13:53:33
"We Have Fallen Into Globalized Indifference" -Pope Francis 13:22:56
When You're Over Sixty, Who Gives A Sh*t? 13:15:26
This Is So CUTE - What An Amazing Dog 13:06:43
Melissa Harris-Perry: No GOP At Essence Festival 13:04:06
Live Now: C-span Daylong Privacy Panel W/ Many Experts Discussing Patriot Act 13:01:05
Cancer-in-a-Can? The horrific true story of how Pringles are made 12:45:18
Oops!: TWEET by Russian Lawmaker on Snowden Asylum Suddenly Deleted 12:40:26
Anniversary 12:29:22
Deleted 12:18:09
Damaging Staffer Admission: Rand Paul Is Just Playing A Game 12:03:14
Most underestimated force on the DP? Manipulation! 11:57:41
House Democrats Join Republicans In Calling For Tougher Action On Iran 11:50:48
Glenn Greenwald: A Brazillian Interview 11:28:12
Gun industry group sues Conn. over gun law 10:34:04
POLIDICKS: Eliot Spitzer Heckled Unmercifully - VIDEO 10:19:29
Hillary Clinton Will Never Win 10:04:55
C-SPAN Live panel on Privacy & Civil Liberties 10:01:43
Bizarre Video Shows Cloud Instantly Changing Shape 09:30:00
Fox News Laughs At The Idea That Government Should Fear The People - VIDEO 09:13:35
Top 3 Films Shorts from Operation Paul Revere 09:11:07
David Petraeus’ shady coverup 08:40:57
NYSE Euronext tapped to run Libor: report 08:08:56
Supreme Court rules drug companies exempt from lawsuits 07:54:53
In Code: A Mathematical Journey by Sarah Flannery 07:23:19
Dr. Rand Paul Plays The Game 07:10:50
DOD secretly moved Bin Laden Files to CIA 07:10:37
What It Will Look Like When It All Comes Tumbling Down - The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse 06:25:21
Video - Google's Sinister DNA Plans 06:10:39
State must pay $432,000 after infant dies in foster care, Clackamas County jury rules 04:49:30
A Final Retort to the Anarchist Set 03:47:13
White House Orders Greek Yogurt For School Children 02:38:48
How does Superman shave? 02:09:06
HELP! Major Email Take-over? 01:46:59
79-89 Soviet-Afghan War 01:45:06
MMA Trainer says Zimmerman's life was in danger -Podcast Video 01:19:01
The Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco Caught on Video (Youtube) 01:08:18
Family Forced from Home and Arrested By Police for Surveillance Op: File 3rd Amendment Lawsuit 00:53:17
Jefferson and Adams discuss The Natural Aristocracy 200 years ago (1813) 00:42:36
For all 'Game of Thrones' fans 00:21:29