Posted on July 10, 2013

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3 Words We Need to Stop Using 22:53:11
Jake Tapper vs. Jay Carney on President Killing U.S. Citizens. 21:52:28
16 Year Old Girl Held at Gun Point for Faulty License Plate Light 21:39:01
Faux Libertarian "Stato" Institute backs US spying abuse 21:08:28
Adam Kokesh gets charged for possessing mushrooms. 21:04:29
Red Ice Radio on Micheal Hastings 20:26:30
World Service Authority Issues World Passport to Edward #Snowden 20:20:11
Obama signs executive order to allow shutdown of all US communications 20:10:00
Bradley Manning's defense rests its case 7/10/13 20:06:34
TMZ covers the Ron Paul BBQ summit (video) 19:27:15
#TurnOnTheTruth Trending on Twitter? 19:08:19
UPDATED! Oklahoma City Hospital Posts Surgery Prices Online, Creates Bidding War, Prices Drop 19:01:20
The rise of paramilitary police forces: "For the last half of 2009, SWAT teams were deployed 804 times in the state of Maryland, 17:50:06
Fed Court throws out ‘state secret’ excuse, will hear NSA case 17:26:04
Radley Balko / HuffPo: Seven Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization 16:44:51
Salutations! and a big hello to you... 16:40:03
The Obama Justice Department organized protests against George Zimmerman 14:28:42
Drug-free workplace - 14:19:01
DHS at Internal Checkpoint breaks drivers' window, seizes all his stuff and doesn't charge him with anything 14:06:24
DOCUMENTS: DOJ engaged in pro Trayvon Activism 13:56:00
Bill Watch! HR 2606: United States Office for Contingency Operations 13:50:26
People ARE waking up. 13:33:14
Egyptian Photographer Captures His Own Death On Camera: Recovery Footage Shows Egyptian Soldier Taking Aim And Killing Him Dead 13:08:37
Thousands Of Protesters Outside The U.S. Embassy In Bolivia Demand It Be Closed Down 12:47:52
Sex-Crazed Government Workers Could Be Leakers, Obama Administration Warns 12:07:13
A Lesson on Inflation from "The Wonder Years" 11:47:01
Adam Kokesh Arrested In His Home! 11:44:57
Why doesnt Ron Paul post at DailyPaul? 11:38:13
Greenwald: "Pentagon Monitoring POLITICAL Activity on Websites" 11:32:10
Fingers in the Dam 11:21:55
In Defense of Jack Hunter by Andrew Napolitano 10:18:34
Snowden Seen as Whistle-Blower, NOT Traitor, by Majority in New Poll 09:22:56
Greenwald: Venezuela is Edward Snowden's best option 09:04:38
Cop Kills Sunday School Teacher in Church Parking Lot 01:32:56
Open Letter Request to President John Tate, C4L 09:09:49
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Cemetery Plot 23:39:02
Lawyer 23:34:13
Cowboy 23:31:29
GOP Presidential Hopefuls already Swarming IOWA 23:26:48
Uncommon Knowledge With Justice Antonin Scalia 23:25:32
I'm No Idiot! I Love Being Proven Wrong! 23:04:11
Sen. Rand Paul on "The Record" W / Greta Van Susteren - Fox News - VIDEO 22:53:10
LISTEN by Jordan Page 22:14:37
18 and Counting: Plum Ambassador Posts Go to Obama Campaign Bundlers 22:14:28
Offend A Senator, Get Dragged Away By The Police 22:14:14
Proof 22:07:30
New Snowden allegations rile Latin America 21:59:32
President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues 21:55:30
Obama executive order requires federal gov't employees to learn to spy on co-workers, to prevent more WikiLeaks-type disclosures 21:52:24
Aw, poor babies; Israel now faces Russia, China, Iran AND Syria. 21:51:44
Exactly What Laws Did Bailed-Out Bankers Break? These - But Not Arrested Like Kokesh 21:23:34
zimmerman judge gets testy with defense 20:47:14
EXCLUSIVE: Scientists Create Human Chromosome In Breakthrough That Could Revolutionize Medicine 20:34:54
Rollover Risk in US Bond Market 20:29:32
Rand Paul will be in Las Vegas this weekend 20:28:18
Senate Republicans: Permanently Delay The Implementation Of Obamacare 20:27:45
The World Is Getting More Corrupt, and These Are the 5 Worst Offenders 20:26:57
U.S. arms showing up in hands of pro-Assad militias 20:23:55
Dzhokhar Pleads Innocent of Boston Bombing after FBI Says He Admitted Guilt 19:48:03
Oklahoma City hospital posts surgery prices online; creates bidding war 19:07:22
Raul labrador Takes on Entire MSNBC Panel On Immigration - VIDEO 19:04:41
Rand Paul Courts Jewish Leaders 18:57:35
Lawsuits against NSA, et. al. - Table at 17:53:51
Rachel Maddow: Racist. Terrorist. War Criminal. 17:51:48
Can I Smoke Inside A McDonald's Playplace? (Should I?) 17:37:27
Dzhokhar's Court Appearance-Was he beaten up? 17:31:06
"Ricky, Don’t Use that Number" — A columnist's response to a recent death threat 17:25:59
Where is Edward Snowden? 17:15:34
The Lion Rose His Majestic Head Today And Roared: "Not Guilty" 17:11:25
Do you agree with this Political Cartoon? 16:43:42 "Trayvon Martin Is Not On Trial" 16:28:01
When Zimmerman is found not-guilty what will you do? 16:07:45
Ben Swann Truth in Media Launch: Live and Streaming Event 15:40:33
Astroturf Adam: Leading a One Man “Revolution” to Nowhere 15:40:07
GOP bill would defund schools with rules against playing with imaginary guns 15:21:45
Walmart Says It Will Pull Out Of D.C. Plan Should City MANDATE 'Living Wage' 15:14:43
Glenn Beck: "They should shoot all the Gitmo Prisoners In the Head" (7-9-2013) 15:06:19
Resolution Rebuking Unconstitutional Surveillance Program Heading to Summer RNC 15:01:56
End the Fed movie Silver Circle: Out Now on iTunes Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia 14:41:16
Tom Woods standing up for Jack Hunter! 14:35:34
Big Banks Move Into Uranium Mining, Petroleum Products, Aluminum, Airports, Toll Roads, Ports, Electricity... 14:35:04
Russia: Syrian Rebels Used Sarin in Aleppo Attack 14:32:21
Prison of the Universe 14:00:31
Fukushima wellwater: 10,000% INCREASE Cesium 137 since Friday 13:54:17
Scientific Study: Banks Rule the World 13:53:57
Effort To Create New State Called 'North Colorado' Grows - VIDEO 13:36:31
Wow! This guy takes "do a good deed" to a new level! 13:22:21
Washington Times equates quality of Congress with quantity of bills passed 13:11:17
Gov. Quinn suspends lawmakers Pay 13:05:12
Will Real Estate Return to its "Normal" Levels of 2005-2006? 13:04:38
FDA approves first GMO Flu Vaccine containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus 12:57:57
Check out this great activist art that is anti-government / corruption (VIDEO) 12:56:25
Baby Bust? National Birthrate Hits An All-Time Low Due To Weak Economic Recovery 12:56:14
Please Read This, For A Taste Of Reality ! 12:55:27
US, Israel Co-Wrote Stuxnet Virus Against Iran: Snowden 12:53:35
Audacity of a Maniac! 12:52:52
Fed Meeting Minutes Release & Market Reactions - 2pm, Wed July 10, 2013 12:42:55
in 2013 I think we are all turning Japanese? 12:06:22
An "I Stand with Adam Kokesh" video bomb. 12:03:38
Navy Drones - Brother, just all we need now! 12:03:36
Feds Expose Subway Riders To Chemical Gas and Admits Ignorance To Health Effects 11:59:39
Great New Video - One Nation Under Drones 11:42:45
Sons of Liberty story 11:36:52
If only government had the integrity of Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)... 11:22:22
David Morgan on the Gold/Silver Ratio 11:12:36
Why all the hate for The Southern Avenger? 10:59:44
Classic Lesson for today: The Wolf and The Lamb 10:55:03
The Resident: Enough "Founding Fathers" Crap 10:52:25
Free stater: "I'm scared." Cop: "You should be." 10:47:33
Obama-Backed Rebels Starve Syrians, Kill Protesters 10:13:59
Estimated Cost of Suppressing Free Speech at University of Montana: $1-3 Million 09:41:48
The Price Of Surveillance: How much does the Gov't pay for your information? 09:18:03
Former surveillance judge says secret court is flawed 09:11:45
Unions: Right to Work Debate 08:57:47
The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, or Three Quarters of All Smartphones 08:56:50
Obama called 'War Criminal' in Ireland 08:50:00
Oops: Democratic Aide To Rep. John Conyers, Betty Petrenz Brings Gun Into Courthouse, Receives Ticket 08:44:42
Ben Bernanke Commemorates 100 Years Of The FED, 7/10/13 - C-Span.Org - LIVE 4:10 (ET) 08:36:14
Snowden: Towards an endgame 08:21:15
Fox news panel laughs at the idea that government should fear the people 08:18:19
Gun-rights activist Adam Kokesh arrested in Herndon 08:13:00
Another Champion Rising 07:49:41
Why I Oppose the Parental Rights Amendment 07:01:44
James Kirchick is a tweezerhead 05:33:37
California raisin farmer battles feds over Depression-era regulation 04:35:04
Latin American nations fuming over NSA spying allegations 04:14:28
Thomas Sowell: Obama Going Forward 04:06:26
Party Crashing 'Hansens Hotspots' - Video 03:35:29
Fat Libertarian Rant Video 03:17:29
Neocons Delighted With Egypt Chaos 01:50:40
BUSH Freudian slip...a Faux Pax...his guilt comes out 01:16:48
My Ideal Government - Not AnCap 00:37:35