Posted on July 11, 2013

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DON'T. WATCH. THIS okay, please watch: r3VOLution: As American as American Pie 23:59:55
Radley Balko on MSNBC discusses police militarization and Rise Of The Warrior Cop 23:19:32
G. Edward Griffin's Assistant, Single-handedly, Takes On A Major Corporation - Please Help 22:35:35
Kokesh update: Could be charged with armed sedition says sheriff's deputy, being kept in cold, ant infested solitary confinement 21:20:02
41 yrs and still in solitary confinement in the USA 20:01:54
Hackers Convention Asks Government to Stay Away 19:58:19
Moscow-Cuba plane detour sparks speculation Snowden may be on board - Updated 18:29:37
Video: Laurel & Hardy Explain the Monetary System! 18:11:28
Snowden Effect: It's So Old It's New; Kremlin turns back to TypeWriters to avoid Leaks 17:04:20
Greenwald: Microsoft Helped NSA Spy On Its Own Users 16:16:59
Revealed: How Microsoft Taught the NSA to Crack Encrypted Emails 16:06:11
Stand Your Ground 15:07:55
Santelli: Who is Bernanke working for? 14:49:42
"I'll take your silence as consent" — judge as he sent Adam Kokesh back in wheelchair to holding cell without bail - UPDATE 14:36:51
Justin Amash fires back at Karl Rove - More to come too... 13:44:03
Only 1 percent of “terrorists” caught by the FBI are real 13:38:14
Politico: Rand Paul introduces legislation to stop Egypt aid 13:25:46
Iraq War Veteran turned Country Singer stuns the audience with original song, "Coal Keeps The Lights On" 13:08:12
Motorcycle Gang Taunts Dallas Cop 12:56:28
Rand Paul leads entire 2016 Republican field in Iowa poll 7/11/13 12:09:37
'Secret Interpretation' Turns 200 Years of American Law on it's Head 11:39:55
Why Did The Obama Administration "Organize And Manage" Protests Against George Zimmerman? 11:33:59
Racism Talking Points 11:22:25
Urgent Action: #FreeAdam Kokesh Call Flood for Virginia 10:06:44
Homeland Security – Where’s Scrutiny Over GMOs? 10:02:09
REPORT: DOJ spent tax dollars to help organize, support 'Justice for Trayvon' protests... 09:58:12
Ben Swann's Address to Liberty Iowa Re: Agenda 21 09:08:22
Smudge out of jail #1, mourning 08:55:05
Guess who was a Senior Campaign Advisor to #RonPaul 2012 08:25:32
Above the Law by Andrew P. Napolitano, 02:50:54
It was never supposed to be this way 02:00:10
Adobe Doing the Dirty with the NSA 01:20:47
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Forget the 1oz of Silver for 45 Acres! 23:43:54
Freedom Party in Canada might make inroads? 23:14:22
"Democracy broke out, we've got to end it right away" 22:57:42
Help Oath Keepers keep Jeff Earnhardt on the track in New Hampshire this weekend. Awesome 'Live Free or Die' detail! 22:54:59
"Iran asks India to settle all oil payments in rupees" 22:46:45
The Feds Have Their Opposition Leader: Adam Kokesh Will Never Be Allowed To Leave Jail Alive - VIDEO 22:39:18
Indiana School $300K Because Students Refuse To Buy First Ladies Healthy Meals 22:20:18
POLITICO: House To Vote On Obamacare Mandates Next Week 22:13:52
10 reasons Why Obama has Lost the Element of Surpise to Use a Crisis to Bring in Martial Law. 21:50:32
Big Government Implodes 21:41:41
Protect Yourself From "Clickjacking" - VIDEO 21:37:07
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren 21:31:25
The American Family in the Worst Shape Ever 20:45:36
VIDEO: The Current RNC Rules & Where The Grassroots Stand 20:20:15
(Video) "Mind Blowing" regarding PTSD 20:09:20
Monsanto - Genetically mortified organisms 19:51:22
what sweet lips can do ! 19:39:58
Adam Kokesh interviewed by Joe Rogan - July 2012 19:31:16
Federal Government Labels Deficit As "Surplus" to Bolster Numbers 19:30:30
Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages 18:37:09
Save this and watch over the weekend. 18:22:54
Obama Secretly Signs Executive Order to Grant Himself the Ability to Shutdown All Communications! 18:21:32
Do Glass Pipes, Incense Prove Teens Are Practicing Shamanism? 18:18:54
Sarah McLachlan - Rivers of Love 17:55:07
Video: Regarding Mr. Clapper and the NSA 17:54:02
Gullible Sheeple: Silkie Carlo (Cambridge Grad)'s Experiment: Same Info, Different Logo: IFW vs. BBC 17:35:42
Revised House Farm Bill: See How Your Reps Voted 17:32:07
Ron Paul can't say this about Iran: "They can't even produce enough gas for themselves" 17:29:00
FULL Speech: Ben Swann #LibertyIsRising Tour @ Liberty Iowa Forum, Des Moines, IA - June 28, 2013 17:24:58
Rand Paul Stands By His 'Southern Avenger' 17:22:36
Aaron Hernandez on the Cover Of The New Madden 17:17:58
Your soul the only you 16:58:24
More Suspense and Twists: Heritage Pig Farmer “Criminal” vs. State of Michigan DNR and Their Demand for $700,000 and Destructi 16:44:00
Anti-Koch Bros Movie Coming Soon 16:28:41
Kentuckiana GrassRoots Radio Four Year Anniversary 16:26:32
Would you throw a trillion tax dollars and your civil liberties away to prevent drowning in your bath tub? 15:57:41
Bernanke Melts The Dollar And Stock Markets Rise! By Gregory Mannarino 15:46:53
Who's a good computer game programmer in the freedom community? 15:37:02
US Has New, Unused $34M “Fortress of Solitude” In Afghanistan 14:58:34
Will Adam Face Charges Of Armed Sedition? 14:51:45
Rand Paul Upsets Marijuana Activists by Saying the Drug Is 'Not Healthy' 14:48:55
Liberty Day Challenge July 4th 2014 14:45:17
Time Releases List Of Least Influential Americans 14:40:22
9/11 TRUTH Graffiti - Building Seven? 14:36:58
Meet Another Champion of Liberty : Benjamin Constant (1767 - 1830) 14:28:28
Group Says Defense Act Exploits Fear Of Terrorism 14:14:49
The Guardian: Man Dies After Being Tasered By Police 13:10:49
Mark Levin Wants A Constitutional Convention 21:42:13
UNBELIEVABLE! Outburst By Judge In Zimmerman Case Suggests Obama Administration Interference - VIDEO 13:05:21
The 1980 record silver price - Lessons we can learn from it 12:53:53
Egypt Unrest: US To Go Ahead With F-16 Jet Delivery 12:50:31
Thank You! 12:36:36
Gerald Celente Emotional Call For A 2nd American Revolution. Restore America Now 12:33:13
Ron Paul endorsed Liberty money bomb at $66,395 so far! 12:21:40
Massive Mudslide Washes Cars Away In Colorado - VIDEO 12:14:01
Pope Criminalizes Leaks, Sex Abuse In First Laws 12:06:32
Grocery Store Chain Cuts Health Care For Part - Time Workers 11:59:29
Bernanke Tapers the Taper Talk 11:57:36
Political Parties Seen as Most Corrupt Institutions Globally 11:46:00
Government's "Secret Interpretation" of Patriot Act: "Everything" Is Relevant...So Spy On EVERYONE 11:43:46
A victim of propaganda? Bacon for breakfast, anyone?... 11:30:02
Bernanke Says Fed Stimulus Still Needed 11:26:15
let them eat cake 10:50:12
Patient wakes up in NY hospital with doctors trying to harvest her organs 10:27:56
How Washington State Circumvents the 4th Amendment and the .08 Threshhold For the Signs They Post As Limit 10:11:30
Senate Hearing on Smithfield Deal with China is a Scam 10:09:26
How Washington State Circumvents the Fourth Amendment and the .08 Threshhold for the Signs They Post as Limit; 10:06:55
Americans are intelligent, after all? Poll: More than half of voters say Snowden is whistle-blower, not traitor 08:55:08
Libyan official ties Morsi to Benghazi attack 08:20:50
Sales of adult diapers surpass baby diapers in aging Japan 08:18:10
He makes wars to cease unto the end of the earth! Psalm 46 07:53:32
Bring a firearm into a courthouse 06:20:51
Exclusive: Mice with human chromosomes - the genetic breakthrough that could revolutionise medicine 06:18:22
California schools to train kids to sell ObamaCare 05:52:42
Behind Closed Doors: Boehner Reaches Out To Democrats To Pass Amnesty Bill 05:50:20
Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 70% 05:40:22
"I've got a story" 04:47:09
Obama Should Whip You Like A Slave 04:43:37
DC Report - Budget Sequester Leads to Pentagon Furloughs #N3 04:16:50
Glenn Greenwald On Reason TV 03:35:31
Anarchists: "Duhhh, we can't leave the state, some other state will get us " 02:01:16
NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made by U.S. Citizens (7/6/2013) 01:50:52
i'm an anarchist! 01:48:42
Was Michael Hastings killed by a drone strike? (Pure speculation) 01:41:14
Colorado patriots have a large assault rifle in 4th of July parade. 01:06:27
Rephrasing The Question 01:05:02
Dentist 00:12:11