Posted on July 12, 2013

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Ron Paul: What If The People Wake Up? 23:29:32
Panicked Obama Dials Putin After Snowden Appearance 23:20:05
By far the funniest live TV prank EVER! Proves how mindless hosts are. 22:45:59
Police Set Up Fake Drug Checkpoints 22:40:51
Obama to Begin 'Huge' Reorganization to Force 'Sustainability' 18:47:47
NSA scandal delivers record numbers of internet users to DuckDuckGo 18:40:46
REPORT: Bicyclist Flees Country After Oregon Police Force Catheterization 18:30:26
Asiana cockpit crew - Media punk'd big time 18:02:39
Treatment Of Kokesh Is A Ploy To Intimidate 18:01:16
Free Adam Kokesh Prison Rally Fairfax, VA Sat 13 Jul 10AM 15:12:08
"Info War Or A Shooting War, It Doesn't Matter, We're Going To Win" ! 14:39:25
Greenville Post Obtains Resolution in Support to Replace Lindsey Graham 14:17:56
Yes! Former NSA Whistlebower, Wayne Madsen: Edward Snowden Is The "Real Deal!" 13:43:34
Oliver Stone Calls For A New American Revolution! NOW! 13:38:30
UPDATE: Snowden Agrees to Putin Terms for Asylum 11:58:39
Snowden Video: Immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law 11:31:20
Exposing Lincoln As A Tyrant Is Not Tantamount To Supporting The Confederacy 11:06:45
Janet Napolitano RESIGNS taking job @ Univ of CA 10:19:16
Edward Snowden meeting Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow airport – live coverage - RT/Guardian 08:27:47
Is Adam Kokesh's Greatest Fear that People Will Do Nothing? 02:43:12
Judge Who Issued Kokesh's Warrant, Also Issued Extradition Warrant for Snowden? 01:29:53
Kill Bill 3: The Best Anti-Bill Quotes (just for fun...) 00:42:23
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Dangerous Men 23:21:11
DNA Checkpoint in Alabama 23:09:44
The George Zimmerman Trial Is Not About Justice 23:06:34
Greek dismissals 23:05:36
Fast Food Is Making People Fat and Dumb 22:32:28
Napolitano to head U.C. System in CA 22:32:27
Deleted 22:23:50
Very Few in Country are Following George Zimmerman Trial Based on Pew Poll-TV Ratings: Updated 22:12:33
What the US central government has done right... 21:51:03
A Citizen’s Letter on Snowden 21:39:03
What to do to avoid bear attacks 21:31:17
War Propaganda: Pentagon Accuses Iran of Developing ICBM's Capable of Reaching the US by 2015 21:17:07
Al-Qaeda to Syrian ‘Rebel’ Leaders: Obey or We’ll Kill You All 21:08:18
Police, Deputies, Troopers To March On D.C. Sept. 9th; Kokesh May Be Charged With "Armed Sedition" 21:05:24
Get Ready For The Next Great Stock Market Exodus 21:01:10
POLITICO: Department of Justice Leaks Info On 'Leak Guidelines' 20:54:09
Gnosticism. the science of religion: Part 1 20:50:53
Kokesh Held WITHOUT Bond!: Possibly Charged With ARMED Sedition 20:39:27
The Boy 20:29:28
"237,000 People Have Chipped In To Own A Piece Of This Grassroots Organization" 20:18:39
Things The Government Can't Do 20:16:27
'Bought and Paid For' Reporters Hold White House Backround Briefing on Obama (Nanny) Care 20:15:45
Perry is off to Israel in October 19:53:44
Industrial hemp research bill passes U.S. House 19:42:07
South American bloc repudiates U.S. on spying, Snowden 19:36:26
Russia has now formally accused the US, Britain, and France of obstructing the work of a UN mission sent to Syria 19:35:15
How Sanctions Are Good For (Some) Businesses 19:30:12
New liberty newspaper in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area 19:28:23
House votes to do away with food stamps in farm bill 19:21:11
Ranking of states friendly to the 2nd Amendment 18:56:31
Only a good guy with a tampon can stop a bad guy with a tampon 18:37:01
EPA: We Should Probably Get Rid of That 2.6 Billion Pounds of Toxic Waste in Our Drinking Water 18:25:56
Article from The National Review on Yahoo - Who is Rand Paul? 18:12:37
DOJ backs down, limits the scope of journalist search warrants 17:53:51
Good vibrations turn almost any flat surface into a low-cost multi-touch screen 17:51:57
. 17:49:56
Scalia On Universities: "They're In Favor Of Diversity In Everything Except Ideas" 17:42:14
112 Years Of The Dictagraph Spying Machine 17:38:53
Nation Demands New Photograph Of Edward Snowden (Onion Week In Review) 17:30:15
Avoiding The Fatal Fourth Stage of Learning Part One: The Four Stages 17:03:52
Captain America battles Obama 16:57:12
Discussion 16:01:24
China loans over 1 Billions Dollars to Nigeria 15:58:18
The Coming Blow back Against the Obama Administration for Interfering in the Zimmerman Case inciting Racial Tension? 15:56:16
Marco Rubio Drops To 5th in Iowa Poll - AUDIO 15:46:44
Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC 15:40:50
Obama Wants To Arm Syrian Sedition 15:36:13
Kondracke says he is perverse! 15:06:11
Department of Homeland Security Report Suggested Arming Border Patrol Drones 15:00:44
NYPD releases toxic gases on non-consenting guinea pig citizens in subway 'attack drill' 14:27:33
Cops in Pittsburgh forcefully barge into woman's home over uncut grass 14:22:34
Rachel Maddow Attacks Rand and Ron Yet again. Kookyism? 14:01:02
Speculation Paul! 13:41:30
(Accidental repost... just ignore.) 13:31:39
Senator Dick Durbin to replace Napolitano 13:26:20
New Jersey Bus Driver Suspended After Passenger Catches Him Masturbating On Job - WARNING: Graphic Video 12:34:58
Reflecting on Common Sense 12:25:35
Debra Nelson, Judge In Zimmerman Case: A Lifelong Democrat 12:19:58
BI: The White House Search For Bernanke Replacement Is On, and Larry Summers May Be The Favorite 12:11:34
Elizabeth Warren's Attempt to Reinstate Glass-Steagall... Thoughts? 12:07:22
Over A Dozen CONVICTED Murders Released From Prison on Technicality - VIDEO 11:57:05
. 11:55:41
Snowden emerges from airport hideout accuses US of Threatening Behavior 11:53:04
ABC News: Edward Snowden Plans To Seek Temporary Asylum In Russia 11:49:54
Australia’s Largest Telco Collects All Email and Call Data for FBI 11:44:27
Veterans Today Says Assange and Snowden Are 11:44:02
Congressman Interested In Investigating Obama ID Fraud 11:43:56
The Tea Party Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million 11:43:36
Chief Economist: European Central Bank 'In Danger of Overload' 11:37:07
Nope, NOT 'Suspicious' at All: Michael Hastings' body CREMATED without the Family's Consent! 11:37:03
Jpm Appears To Be Getting Out Of The Silver Manipulation Game 11:34:45
Dr. Ben Carson joins The Washington Times as a weekly columnist 10:45:50
The Judge from the Trayvon Martin Case, and Chris Farley 10:44:48
Zimmerman Defense Team DEVASTATING State's (Obama Admin. Funded) Racially Contrived Case! 10:44:33
Amnesty's Price: $12,433 For Every LEGALIZED Immigrant Household - VIDEO 10:24:08
Report: Janet Napolitano to Resign 10:21:47
REPORT - Bye Bye Janet!: "Big Sis" To Resign 10:13:53
Michelle Shocked's musical career murdered on the altar of political correctness 10:13:23
More On A Ron Paul Repbulican's Efforts at Activism on the Local Level 09:46:30
Interesting Analysis of the nearly $2 Trillion in Excess Reserves at the FED 09:26:19
Here Comes The Pain: Detroit To "SIGNIFICANTLY Cut Vested Pensions' For Retirees" 09:24:58
UPDATED: Should Greenwald Just Stop? 09:11:04
Twitter users - CNBC hosting #AskJaimeDimon now 09:09:33
Free Traitors 09:05:00
Photographic Proof Trayvons Dad is a Proud Freemason (facebook pics released) 08:32:23
New Black Panthers" Unrest All Over America" If Zimmerman Aquitted 08:32:23
Rat Your Neighbor App(s) 07:46:31
JULY 14,1798: Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 Become Federal Law, Inspiring KY and VA Resolutions 07:21:49
Why Did You Join The Ron Paul Revolution? 07:18:04
A Reading Suggestion For America (And Myself) In ObaMARX's USSA, 2013 : "Lingua Tertii Imperii", By Victor Klemperer 07:15:30
Sanford Florida Picks New Police Chief... Wait For It - From Chicago Area 06:59:03
New Radio Network that Supports Liberty and has two PA Ron Paul Delegate from 2012 06:42:06
Hastings body cremated... 06:07:17
12 July 1789 - Fighting Breaks Out Beginning French Revolution. Bastille Stormed on 14 July 04:24:11
India rejects Monsanto's climate-resilient plant patent 03:44:24
How To Be A Troll For Liberty 03:41:13
An opportunity for a mass public demonstration against the #NSA. Keith Alexander speaking July 31st at hackers conf 03:33:31
Unusual Bilderberg Documents Uncovered at Georgetown University 03:33:25
Former wrestling teammate says the guy in the court hearing is NOT Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: 03:23:37
German Police Pulverize Man - VIDEO 03:02:26
Future NOW: RolaTube Tech 'TapeMeasure'-like Roll-Up CarbonFiber Ladder System; Imagine the Possibilities... 02:42:30
Elaborate Hoax: Yes, I Work For The Onion but Believe Me, It's Just A Gig 02:32:23
Plessy v. Ferguson Dissent 01:57:58
Oklahoma Congressman Lankford Discusses Snowden (basically calls him a commie) 01:53:39
Don't give it up voluntarily 01:42:52
The power of prayer - pray to free Kokesh 01:26:54
The Barracuda Tavern 01:15:12
Love is Louder 00:50:44
The Baloney Detection Kit 00:44:27
The Demon-Haunted World 00:43:07
If Zimmerman was a cop... 00:40:29
Guide to Forum Spies 00:24:58