Posted on July 14, 2013

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How to make homemade farmer's cheese 23:08:50
Republicans Are Democrats; You Can Either Learn The Facts Or I Will Embarrass You 22:59:23
You Know Your Government Has Failed...When Grandma Starts to Riot! 20:54:21
United States Silently Lifts Propaganda Ban 20:08:05
WOW! Guardian Angels Working Overtime 19:51:37
Thoughts From Within - Woody Harrelson 19:23:52
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk For 7/15/13: "Let The Market Solve Organ Transplant Crisis" - AUDIO 18:30:23
Male Logic 18:17:14
Obama: Honor Trayvon with gun-control 17:25:07
What Bothered Me Most About the Zimmerman Trial - "If you don't have a badge, don't act like you do." 16:49:41
Why isn't this all over the news? 16:16:21
Media Coverage of Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Trial / NSA / Egypt / IRS Etc 16:04:00
Extremely rare seeds 15:21:28
There's Something Very Strange About The George Zimmerman Trial 15:03:47
The Zimmerman case: Untold truths 13:54:25
John Stewart on the Monsanto Protection Act 13:41:49
Harry Reid On Meet The Press: "The Justice Department Will Go After Zimmerman" - VIDEO 13:32:22
Ron Paul didn't enjoy shouting at Ben Stein, but what he said was "upsetting". 12:38:40
RT on Ron Paul Institute and Ron Paul Channel (video) 12:30:50
WATCH: Police Prevents Witness of Boeing 777 Crash from Speaking to Media at San Francisco Airport 11:59:04
Wall Street Journal - The NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional 11:43:32
Fukushima Ground to Seawater Seepage Suddenly Massively Worse 11:28:44
What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock 10:56:10
"I am a libertarian also, have a nice night." 10:09:44
US Slams Russia: WH Press Conference BACKFIRES Big Time! 08:45:16
Judicial Watch: ‘Justice for Trayvon’: Audio released of DOJ urging action against Zimmerman 07:43:06
All Hail We Bill3! 04:51:21
Ron vs. Rand stats on Facebook 09:52:07
George Zimmerman's Brother Robert Eviscerates Piers Morgan in an Exclusive Interview 01:08:48
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Obama's secret kill list – the disposition matrix 23:47:25
Petition To Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million 23:41:04
Idea to try to help Ben Swann's Kickstarter campaign on Twitter 23:36:53
Trayvon Protests are heating up 23:17:30
MS judge permanently blocks open carry law 22:48:22
Ice Age discourse from Suspicious0bservers 22:40:27
Is Gold The Next Subprime Mortgage Scandal? 22:05:29
BLOOMBERG: Clinton, Holder Fail To Disclose Travel Records; Fall Short on 'Obama Openness' 21:57:38
Epic Trolling of MSM Newsreader 21:55:53
Obama DOJ Race Case Blocked!: FBI Records Found No Evidence Zimmerman Was Racist 21:48:03
Were there serious crimes committed in the Zimmerman case that should be prosecuted? You bet. 21:42:13
National Report Offers FEMEN Members Asylum at Corporate Office in Los Angeles (NSFW) 21:39:51
None Dare Call It Tyranny 20:40:23
obamas hot mic slip is showing 19:52:49
Texas Governor Rick Perry on CNN's "State of The Union" Speaking On The Immigration Bill - 7/14/13 - VIDEO 19:37:25
What is hiding behind the Immigration CRISIS? 18:58:53
Attorney General Greg Abbott Formally Kicks Off Run For Texas Governor 18:44:08
Taking the last step towards freedom 18:42:53
nt 18:40:57
Pentagon song 17:40:18
Those that disagree with the zimmerman jury have helped the elite fulfill their agenda of divide and conquer! 17:38:08
Twinkies Are Back and Union Wants in on the Action 17:27:32
Obama "The MARXIST" Responds To Zimmerman Verdict By Speaking In 'CODE': Stem The Tide Of Gun Violence With Gun Control 17:20:21
Black on Brown Murder. Obama kills 2 more "suspected" militants in Pakistan. 17:13:36
Zimmerman Trial context: US government guilty of assassinating Dr. Martin King 17:06:27
Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Gives Press Conference 16:57:05
Tom Udall and Obama Admin's Climate Change Agenda 16:46:37
Prof. John Lennox speaks at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2013 16:41:41
Cashless Journey: Around the world without spending a penny 16:11:41 "We still fight for Trayvon" (These ppl Are F'ing NUTS) 16:03:22
"It's Going To End Badly" This Was Linked Off World Net Daily. Ron Paul Is Name Dropped. 16:00:08
The Forgotten Patriot 15:55:27
Whistleblower Russell Tice Interview By Abby Martin - Rt Video July 10, 2013 15:46:52
Outraged NAACP Wants Feds to Prosecute George Zimmerman 15:33:45
Senator Ted Cruz Of Texas Heading To New Hampshire 15:31:58
What does having gun have to do with it? 15:24:28
The Minister Of Truth : "Snowden Represented, Led By Example; That's How You Lead, You Do It Yourself." 15:22:11
Utah Data Center will use 1.7 million gallons of water. 15:20:38
Did the Prosecution in the Zimmerman Trial Try to Use Reverse Jury Nullification? 15:18:09
Even If You Don't Like Obama, Read This 14:58:27
A message from the Private Prison Industry 14:56:59
Nightmare . . . . 14:54:54
Lew Rockwell: Another "White Hispanic" Shoots A Black Man Dead 14:32:59
Double Jeopardy: Now The Federal Government Will Go After Zimmerman 14:25:43
G. Edward Griffin Talks about GMO's liability 13:30:37
The Republican - Democrat Divide: Whose Friends Get the Money 13:19:53
Greenwald: "The US Government Should Be On It's Knees Everyday Praying That Nothing Happens To Snowden" 13:17:45
Why I can't believe in chemtrails as population control 13:14:09
WAR?: Pentagon Denies US Is About To 'Invade' Egypt 12:56:13
Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition & something interesting about Michael Scheuer (Edited/Updated) 12:44:16
If not Rand, then who? Do we start over? Not me 12:41:55
Possible 2016 hopeful Paul stresses rights at LV event 12:41:19
Another “White Hispanic” Shoots a Black Man Dead . . . 12:09:06
Psychologists at UC Berkeley Have Found That 'Upper-Class Individuals Behave More Unethically Than Lower Class Individuals' 11:53:07
The 4 Seasons of Life 11:27:52
Assad Army Discovers Syrian Rebels' Chemical Weapons Cache 11:23:49
How Do You Guys And Gals Do It? 11:19:28
DIRTY Wars...A New Documentary. 10:51:50
Love + Wisdom = Compassion 10:22:46
Am I the only one on DP that thinks Zimmerman was guilty? 10:00:46
"Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George" Kindle Edition 09:43:12
Black Florida Woman Sentenced 20 Years for Firing Warning Shots 09:36:40
Al Sharpton: "This Is An Atrocity!" Lol... Crazy Old Al... 09:24:02
Listen Live! NAACP To File Claim For DOJ To Declare "Stand Your Ground" Unconstitutional! 08:54:46
PAUL: The coup that isn't as Obama disregards his duty to cut off Egyptian aid 07:45:41
Shapiro: Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict shines troubling light on prosecutor’s decision-making 07:38:46
Loophole lets Colorado lawmakers avoid photo radar fines 07:35:30
Funding the Tenth Amendment Center & Advancing the Nullification Process Nationwide 06:40:08
The Newest Libertarian Movie & Federal Reserve Thriller, Silver Circle 06:28:53
Oakland CA. Hit By Riots After Zimmerman Verdict 06:27:32
Astronomers baffled by mysterious "flash" in the sky 06:13:35
Edward Snowden accuses US of illegal, aggressive campaign 04:44:52
Every Christian, and Every History Student Should Read This! 04:25:16
Liberal (collectivist) Conundrum and the Zimmerman Jury 04:25:15
Letter being sent to Debt Collector! 03:34:58
CNN: "Who is the Zimmerman team's black intern?" 02:01:39
Race bait and media don't fall for it! 01:45:01
Caption This Picture VII 01:39:32
The Freak!: Tim Lincecum Pitches A No-Hitter Against The San Diego Padres 9 -0 01:09:08
I want one of these! And know you will want one too! 00:33:15
Thou shall not be flying Korean Air Lines any time soon, maybe ever! Doesn't sound like 'friendly skies' 00:28:46
The Nutty Professor (Walter Blockhead), Arbitrary Rights, and NAP-headed hoes 00:31:30