Posted on July 16, 2013

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Rand Paul mocks Liz Cheney’s Senate bid 22:40:05
How Is This Hope And Change Working Out For You? 22:06:45
What is it with all this Zimmerman trial stuff? 21:06:28
Bradley Manning Trial SHOULD be televised...but TPTB force fed Zimmerman Trial instead 20:31:30
I Hereby Resign in Protest Effective Immediately 18:42:18
New Huge Oil Find in Australia... 233 billion barrels, 6 times larger than the Bakken 17:54:45
Video: Rand Paul on Fox says he is ready for another filibuster on drones! 17:53:19
_ 17:01:54
Colorado town considers licensing bounty hunters to shoot down drones 16:47:39
KWN: The Fed Is Facing Collapse 16:43:00
Glenn Greenwald blasts MSNBC hacks "desperate to distract attention away from NSA disclosures" 16:39:22
70-80% of Americans Agree Florida Made Right Decision In Zimmerman Case 16:09:38
15 styles of distorted thinking 16:09:08
UPDATE: Michael Hastings Cremated, Unauthorized by Family; TV Reporter Threatened 15:38:30
Email Exchange Between Edward Snowden and Former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey 15:20:29
DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information 14:13:46
Fox News Video - Robert Zimmerman On American's Newsroom: Zimmerman Family Suspects Obama Is Tapping Their Phones 13:54:48
Two Guys Show the Government how to Get Things Done 11:23:11
Unspeakable Libyan Revelations on the Power Hour, too hot for The Blaze 11:01:32
DERSHOWITZ: Zimmerman Has Defamation Case Against Florida Prosecuter - VIDEO 10:25:05
The Blunt Truth about The Trayvon Martin Case 09:36:15
Who Can't Respect Ron Paul After This Video? 09:20:20
Ron Paul Institute For Peace And Prosperity: The Government’s ‘Passion’ to Protect Us 09:01:36
World War 3 Brews As Nation "DISTRACTED" By Trayvon Martin Case 08:47:12
The Coming Automation Abundance 08:37:53
L.A. Riots Reginald Denny 1992 ~ The truck driver who was beaten nearly to death speaks 05:58:06
Californians Think Vice President Joe Biden is DEAD 05:48:16
Americans Have Lost Their Damn Minds 03:35:56
Zimmerman Hypocrisy.. Great Video! 02:38:24
Why 80% of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat 02:37:36
Richard Gilbert from the Attorneys For Ron Paul died 01:26:26
Just In: San Antonio's Northside I.S.D. Ends RFID Badge Tracking Program 00:46:38
New poll - Blacks, Hispanics and youth abandoning Obama in droves 00:38:27
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Why People Should Be Outraged at Zimmerman's 'Not Guilty' Verdict 23:58:46
Is Glenn Beck Mentally Disturbed Or A High Paid "Circus Clown" For The Military Industrial Complex - VIDEO 23:42:16
Breitbart Exclusive - Robert Zimmerman To DOJ: Stop The "Witch Hunt" 23:18:20
Everyone Downvote Quidam by Cirque du Soleil 23:18:07
Anarchy, Utopia, and 'Immanentizing the Eschaton' 22:18:00
Obama Executive Order: All Americans Must Get Tested For Hiv / Aids 22:13:33
Dana Loesch Goes Off On Zimmerman Protesters - Video 22:12:57
Putin explores shipwreck aboard mini-submarine 21:49:58
Glenn Greenwald Discusses The Surveillance State With RT's Alyona Minkovski 21:47:09
Snowden Probably Knows About 911 21:27:03
Freep Photographer Arrested While Recording An Arrest 21:21:01
Police Ordered To Stand Down As Trayvon Protests Turn Violent (Divide & Conquer) (Video) 21:17:24
Marilu Henner (Taxi): Interview 21:13:19
duplicate post... 21:00:22
be the change you wanna see in this world. 20:40:14
PHOTOS: 2 Years Later... Japan Still Spawns Mutant Fruits and Vegetables 20:37:06
Eric Holder asks for tips to pursue civil rights case against Zimmerman 20:20:14
Hillary weighs in on Zimmerman 20:15:53
New executive order from the Kenyan 20:10:54
EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman to DOJ: Stop the 'Witch Hunt' 20:01:45
I can't watch Dr.Who with Matt smith 20:01:19
Eric Holder says he wants an end to Stand Your Ground laws 19:59:23
Manning Trial: "And the press and public may be shut out" 19:39:14
Columnist threatened with fines/jail for offering advice in nationally syndicated newspaper column 19:35:07
China Celebrates Status As Number One Polluter 19:24:51
The United States is my alcoholic brother. 19:20:56
Anarchist/Minarchist Voluntary Arrangement 18:58:27
Everyone Down vote this movie with Jim Carey. 18:57:53
Christie Accepts $4.5M From United Arab Emirates For NJ Schools Damaged by Sandy 18:57:34
Artificial Outrage, Thugs Care less about Zimmerman Verdict. Just a License to Break the Law Using “Justice for Trayvon" 18:51:24
The Grand Design: 1968 Lecture by G. Edward Griffin 18:47:54
Ramstein - Amerika 18:22:21
Glenn Beck is Rat Poison - Operation Paul Revere - Ohhhh Baby 18:21:47
Horse slaughter plants hope to open Aug. 5th 18:09:53
800 scientists demand that the global GMO experiment end 17:53:13
Rubio Has Not Said A Word About Immigration Bill Since It Passed 17:52:09
My Tweet to the Federal Reserve 17:22:59
To my African American brothers, on The Zimmerman case, please don't let propaganda win again. 17:16:50
Adam Kokesh has posted bond and will be released from behind bars 17:00:38
Meet the Journalist Who Connects the Dots Between Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and the NSA 16:59:17
NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours, step-by-step 16:52:25
More Ethical Absurdity of We 16:46:26
Religious Baiting 16:45:54
Your 72 hour heads up before US Martial Law. 16:43:20
Linkin Park - In The End 16:39:45
A Slaves Window Part Deux 16:39:07
The ridiculous Trayvon Martin case 16:37:13
Miniaturized butane fuel cell system enables new USB battery charger 16:35:52
Even if you don't live in NY, Cuomo's gotta go! Help with our money bomb!: 16:35:36
Edward Snowden is a false flag 16:35:23
Recording Public Servants and Publishing To Hold Government Accountable 16:26:42
The Rise of The Internet Surveillance State - Dark Journalist & Dr. Katherine Albrecht 16:25:33
What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero on ZIMMERMAN 16:05:35
System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B. 15:58:11
duplicate posting 15:54:19
The Bar 15:46:24
Has the DP been compromised by Paid Stratfor Shills? 15:35:00
System Of A Down - Chop Suey! 15:24:18
System Of A Down - Lonely Day 15:19:21
Columnist threatened with fines/jail for offering advice in nationally syndicated newspaper column 15:13:30
Today is always 15:01:00
US Navy and Marines Dispatched to Red Sea: Washington asserts its authority in Egypt 14:42:49
(Video) Crossroads: Labor Pains Of A New Worldview | Full Movie 14:31:57
The Windows of Slaves 14:19:27
"Homicidal Maniac" Jenny McCarthy to Host The View 13:55:53
~The Salutation Of The Dawn~ 13:33:09
The Last Word on Trayvon Martin Case 13:11:52
FED Chairman Bernanke To Testify Before The House Financial Services Committee Over Bond Buying (C-SPAN 3 - WED. July 17 - 10 AM 13:08:27
Jim Rogers and the Man on the White Horse 13:06:27
Why 'N*a'and 'N*er' are different and why they are the same *WARNING* 12:55:09
ABC News: Edward Snowden Makes NO-Leak Promise In Asylum Bid :LAWYER 12:45:11
Florida woman sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shot in self-defense 12:43:10
Just watched Why in the World are they Spraying - are they spraying Africa? 12:26:12
Brothers 'MURDERED' Over Free Zimmerman's Sticker VIDEO 12:24:25
VICTORY!: 'Busiest' Abortion Clinic In Virginia CLOSES Up Shop 12:09:07
Businessweek: The Case for Abolishing the DHS 12:04:08
Wrestling Teammate Says Person In Court Is NOT Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - VIDEO 11:56:43
NGI and NeoFace: Cataloging EVERY Adult Face in the United States 11:36:18
Prayer Vigil to Be Held for Victims of Convicted Pennsylvania Abortion Doctor 11:28:39
The Zimmerman Riots 11:19:34
Help my business grow, So I can buy more Ron Paul shirts. 11:11:44
FYI - debt now over 17 trillions 10:42:34
Jesse Jackson Calls on U.N. to Intervene in Zimmerman Case 10:41:54
Compare Fort Lauderdale FPL Power Plant Demolition to 9/11 "Demolition" 10:38:01
Investigate This Blatant Civil Rights Violation Eric Holder! 10:22:16
Do You Know an Economic Recovery Addict? 10:21:10
Greenwald: Snowden is 'the classically responsible whistleblower' 10:13:49
OFFICIAL: Snowden Applies For 'Temporay' Asylum In Russia - VIDEO 09:28:40
Muslim Brotherhood Beat, Kidnap Child - VIDEO 08:54:26
Sen. Rand Paul On "Your World" W / Eric Bolling - Fox News - 7/16/13 - VIDEO 08:29:46
Locking out the voices of dissent - Chris Hedges 08:28:40
Ignorance, tyranny or sellout. You decide. 08:17:21
Washington Post Opinion Piece Nails the Zimmerman issue: Racism vs. Reality 08:15:44
Nashville City Council Joins 25 States in FBI Facial Recognition Database 07:25:32
Leap Into The Future : A Photograph Of The Promised Land of AMERIKA, in 2020, Should Liberty Die 06:37:02
Just Another Day Or Was It? 06:27:39
A Toast To The Dead 06:07:16
NUGENT: Zimmerman verdict vindicates citizen patrols, self-defense 05:40:22
Post 9-11 interview with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 05:30:32
A Day with a Russian Billionaire 05:28:10
Prince Charles to be challenged by MPs over his tax affairs 05:10:36
Floating Free: New levitation system uses sound waves 05:07:03
Montana Anti Location Spying Bill Becomes Law With Governor Signature 04:55:10
Wanna be coward cop kills kid 03:56:58
why i am an anarchist! 03:21:42
Wash Times: Personal Tax Records Of Politicians, Donors Improperly Accessed By IRS 03:08:11
Never Forget. 03:07:31
Human Progress! Congress = Less Popular Than North Korea, Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies… 02:47:33
Brain scans may identify prison inmates likely to reoffend... Future Pre-Crime tool. 02:30:52
Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged (2012 Documentary) 02:18:54
The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin 01:45:31
Why is the MSM now driving everyone's attention to the Zimmerman trial and Edward Snowden? 01:31:22
N. Korean rockets going to Cuba posted by Panama Prez? 01:25:06
Bombs don't scare the upper level folks, crashing dollars do 00:41:53
And they nabbed this guy too: Boston cop arrested after explosives, ammo found at home 00:37:21
Witness Says Michael Hastings Car Was Already in Flames Before He Hit Tree 00:32:18
Judge Napolitano: Allegations of 'Racial Hatred' Defy FBI's Investigation of George Zimmerman 00:31:20
NUGENT: Zimmerman Verdict Vindicates Citizen Patrols, Self-Defense 00:25:40
Reuters Exclusive: Police probe possible links between terrorism suspect and Boston bombing 00:23:51
German Artist Faces Criminal Charges for Projecting Kim Dotcom Image on U.S. Embassy 00:09:19
Demcad: Agenda 21 00:05:13