Posted on July 17, 2013

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Thin Blue Line Crossed: San Marcos Texas Police Chief Arrests Two Police Officers in Separate Incidents 22:39:38
Larry Elder Explodes At Piers Over Zimmerman: You’re Condescending, ‘Stupid,’ Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself! 22:00:42
Rand Paul: Obama has "much less regard for civil liberties" than George W. Bush 21:58:35
FEMA hacked: anonymous hacks US server in defense of Snowden 20:47:02
Snowden Artwork: From the NSA to the Streets 20:39:58
The Slug is at it again (Lindsey Graham) Boycott Russian Olympics! 20:36:43
Palin bashes police tracking of vehicles 18:40:46
Black Minister explain why many Blacks believe Zimmerman is Guilty 17:57:05
Jay Carney rankled by Zimmerman question from 16 year old Daily Caller reporter 17:56:23
Judge Napolitano ~ Judge Should Have Thrown Out Zimmerman Case 17:44:55
Excellent post from Facebook 16:06:23 You Are NOT Trayvon Martin! (Was going to be a Hitpiece on Zimmerman...until He ACTUALLY saw Vids & Documents) 15:53:03
Ben Bernanke vs. Ron Paul: The Battle Continues! 15:50:22
Sen. Rand Paul: War can’t make the world a ‘great groovy place’ 15:42:05
Larken Rose - A Chat with Sociopaths - PorcFest X 15:38:10
NSA and FISA faced bi-partisan attacks during hearings today 15:02:13
Redneck vs the government, redneck wins! 14:46:38
Drone Crash In Florida Shuts Down Highway 14:42:52
Second American Revolution Underway 14:07:10
Federal Court Overturns Block on NDAA Indefinite Detention 13:24:45
A First Amendment Victory Vs. The TSA! 13:17:18
Freeman's Perspective: Why society has not improved since 1905 13:11:14
Michael Hasting Engine in Front of Car (NOT Behind It) 13:09:09
Video: Justin Amash on Fox Business explains his amendment to defund NSA spying 12:44:38
The DC Morning: Rand Paul may refrain from peeing for 13 hours again 11:36:38
Closing this post 07:27:13
Obama administration drowning in lawsuits filed over NSA surveillance 07:04:08
Governor Mike Beebe Signs Arkansas Constitutional Carry Law 06:37:56
Dr. Timothy Leary: Powerful words about personal liberty; equates tax w/extortion 02:29:33
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State Of Mind Film Full Version Hd Premier! 23:45:48
I Call On The DOJ To Investigate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton For HATE Crimes 23:31:00
Piers Morgan 23:24:24
Fonzdrew's movie update: the Expendables 3 23:20:15
Hey Mike Nystrom 22:48:45
Call It Like It Is 22:48:01
Tested Mailbag: We're Being Watched 22:35:36
The greatest truth about doom porn 22:28:38
CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus 22:28:01
New Game: Airport Scanner - Become The Ultimate Retard! 22:12:38
Rand Paul: Aid to unknown rebels in Syria carries U.S. threat 22:09:56
DCI Agent Fired for Complaining About Iowa Governor's Driving 21:30:28
Depriving the Right of Self Defense, The Biggest Civil Rights Violation Against Black Americans in Big Cities 21:30:07
Weigel: Cheney vs. Paul 21:26:14
TO: Honorable Secretary of Agriculture 21:21:55
Kristol calls Paul, Cruz 'anti-military' 21:18:22
Obama & Holder, Sharpton & Jackson: Communists In and Out Of Governnemt Working Together To Cause Race Riots In America 20:53:45
Rand Paul Discuses Civil Liberties On FreedomWorks on Tap - 7/17/2013 20:43:29
BRAINWASHING: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook On Psychopolitics 20:38:39
"They," Want Us All Dead By 2030 20:34:54
NUGENT: Zimmerman should sue Trayvon’s parents 20:32:52
Follow This Guys Motto: "Stand Your Ground" 20:23:15
The F.B.I. acronyn really stands for... 20:21:25
Errare Humanum Est, Perseverare Autem Diabolicum, Et Tertia Non Datur. 20:21:03
BofA's "Mark-To-Unicorn" Accounting 19:46:39
Texas: Nuclear Weapons Bunker Leaking Radiation 19:41:46
How We Can Win Elections with Neocon/Sheep Voters 18:43:34
Video: Urine-powered mobile phone charger lets you spend a penny to make a call 18:36:22
George Carlin on Foreign Policy 17:51:10
DOJ gets asked: Do you see any limitation on the government’s power to gather information? 17:49:01
Only alternative to a freemarket... 16:16:15
Rolling Stone puts Boston Bomber on cover like a Rock Star 15:17:49
Driving somewhere? There's a government record of that 15:02:24
Zimmerman Verdict was Payback to MSM for Paula Deen 14:56:44
Jeremy Scahill Appears on The Colbert Report to Discuss the Drone Program 14:41:38
David Seaman Infowars Interview 14:15:19
Be Afraid. The U.S. Government Can Now Feed You Propaganda 14:13:52
Is Journalism Dead? 13:57:17
US Totalitarianism Wins Again As Appeals Court Brings NDAA's Indefinite Military Detention Back 13:55:18
Big Sis 2.0: Congressional Pick For New DHS Head Supports Mass Surveillance - VIDEO 13:45:46
HAARP Facility Has Been Sold To The Highest Bidder 13:45:41
My suggestion for all future Zimmerman posts 13:37:34
I Do Not Doubt Obama Was Telling The Truth When He Said, "If I Had A Son He Would Look Like (Behave) Like Trayvon Martin" 13:32:11
USA Prepares Expo 13:29:13
LOOPER 13:22:34
NAACP Claims 400,000 People Signed Online Petition Urging DOJ To Pursue Criminal Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman - VIDEO 13:20:20
Bill Watch! Wednesday: Amash Tries To Defund NSA Surveillance 13:19:46
Neocons and Democracy (Foreign Policy) 13:16:36
Ex - Poll Worker Sentenced To Prison For Illegal Voting - VIDEO 13:02:59
Video Shows Journalist Being Attacked During On Camera Interview At Zimmerman Protest 12:55:10
WikiLeaks Hollywood Movie - Assange Disapproves 12:51:43
CNN: PayPal Accidentally Credits Man $92 Quadrillion 12:42:06
Snoop Lion / Snoop Dogg Talks About The Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict 12:40:41
Zimmerman - Media 'Hoping' for Riots - Larry Mendte 12:37:41
A Million Ben Swann's in the making 12:24:19
GASLAND 2 (all parts available) "the last gasp of the fossil fuel era" 12:00:00
UK To Spend 650,000 Pounds Providing Syrian Rebels (Al Qaeda) With Hoods That Protect Against Chemical Weapons 11:58:58
Syria is being slaughtered at 1000 a week 11:51:42
MSNBC Video: Professor Who Said, 'Black People Can't Be Racist' Spews Racism 11:50:50
Americans Take To The Streets To Protest Trayvon Martin Murder! Video! 11:40:00
Is This The End Game For Silver And The Dollar 11:35:44
Bernanke: Quote Of The Day: Wall Street Hasn't Benefited More Than Main Street 11:16:32
Live Video: Bernanke Testimony 11:10:20
School meals tainted with poison kill 22 children in Indian village 11:06:46
Tangible Freedom - Not words on a piece of paper 10:50:26
Delete 10:43:05
Bernanke's Testimony Can Be Summed up in One Tweet 10:30:16
South Korean Supreme Court orders Monsanto and Dow to pay for Agent Orange 10:28:46
Here is to Rand Paul! 10:18:02
Where is the world's outrage for this? 10:10:14
Equality in human society 10:00:26
Brooklyn Park police brutality - video 09:40:01
The MYSTERIOUS death of journalist Michael Hastings...and the bigger plan of the Globalists 09:23:24
It's Old. Demarchy. 09:11:00
Ben Carson To America: Rise Up And Fight For Freedom 09:07:53
A Reality Show Like No Other 09:06:55
Strange "Daily Paul" reference from article posted on LRC today 08:51:50
A Classic Ron Paul Talk from 1988 07:59:15
Tom Joyner offers Rachel Jeantel a Full College Scholarship 07:46:19
Money Where Your Mouth Is: George Zimmerman Is Our Opportunity To Fight For the Constitution 07:18:34
Challenge: Are you smarter than a talking head? 06:59:47
FBI blocks autopsy report on Ibragim Todashev 05:40:00
USA Prepares Expo 04:36:15
Time To Listen to It Again -- 911 Is The Litmus Text 04:18:13
Homemade LEGObot 3D printer does 3D printing on the cheap 04:02:44
Ryan Dawson Straightens Out Damaging Disinfo About 9/11 02:23:27
The world's most contagious laugh 02:01:24
"I trust the Internet more than the Mainstream Media." Ron Paul, 2007 01:50:35
The Courage of the Zimmerman Jurors - Letter to the Denver Post 01:25:00
Yet Another Martin Post 01:19:32
President Obama Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency 01:03:52
A Journey into Los Angeles 00:46:57
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