Posted on July 18, 2013

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Fox News Affiliate Interviews Adam Kokesh from Jail 23:51:37
Adam Kokesh Jailhouse Interview: Abolish the Federal Government (Video) 23:38:39
Jimmy Carter Praises Edward Snowden, Slams NSA Fascism 22:50:00
Put your money in your own hole! 22:44:20
Charles Barkley on Zimmerman trial: ‘I agreed with the verdict’ 22:40:42
Police invade for paying cash 20:47:25
Detroit Sold for Scrap 20:43:25
ALERT: Cali Tyrants intro Bill to BAN "Parts Kits" for your AK & AR! Chase terminates Defense Dist. Acct! PayPal suspends It! 20:17:45
Washington man illegally fires shotgun to scare robbers and blames Biden for the advice 19:40:53
A Tale of Two @RollingStone Covers 19:14:18
Judge upholds most serious charge in Manning case 18:14:21
Bill Maher booed for Zimmerman Jokes 18:09:52
URGENT: U.S. considering use of military force in Syria 16:55:39
The Duck Tales lesson Bernanke missed... 16:27:09
Is Dick Cheney Behind the Latest Attacks on Rand Paul? 15:53:47
The South Dakota U.S Senate race just got interesting! 15:27:52
Movie:Last call for freedom.The federal government converges on a rural Oklahoma town with the mission of disarming its citizens 15:13:36
Peter King on running for president in 2016: 'I don't want Rand Paul to be the face of the Republican Party' 14:47:07
Updated: Chaffetz Tears it UP at the IRS Hearing Today 14:36:37
The Ultimate Way to Fight Back 14:15:24
Adam + Megaphone + Law Enforcement = Serenade 14:09:33
The NSA’s Game Of Hopscotch 14:00:30
Can Rand Paul beat back Liz Cheney and resurgence of GOP neoconservatism? Matt Welch and Chris Hayes discuss (VIDEO) 13:46:05
Supreme Court Will Decide Fate Of Checks And Balances 12:23:33
"BLOCKBUSTER!": Congressman Says Benghazi Survivors Forced To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements - VIDEO 11:50:19
Fight with regarding Lincoln/Slavery 11:49:58
Jim DeMint Back At War With Republicans 11:35:01
Jimmy Carter: ‘America No Longer Has A Functioning Democracy’ 10:40:24
Lew Double Jeopardy 10:16:37
FBI blocks release of autopsy on Boston suspects' pal 09:36:35
TSA Searches Valet Parked Cars 09:36:32
Live Now: Information That Will Move The IRS Scandal Up Into The White House 08:48:59
"I have never seen a car explode like that." 08:06:09
MSNBC: Glenn Greenwald Comments on the Progress and the Hypocrisy 7-17-13 07:27:15
New Senate Bill: They're Sorry! For Spying on Us? No... For Getting Caught! 10:18:22
German offers Nature Tour outside NSA facility & guess what happened? 06:21:43
Well, I Got Mugged In My Street At 8:05PM PST Today. 50 Yards From Home. 02:19:59
Spy Car Protects Against Unscrupulous Cops 02:18:19
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Truth 23:47:11
New York Needs Your Help 23:12:00
Home | World | Germany Agrees to Bailout Greece Once a Year For the Next Eighty Years Germany Agrees to Bailout Greece Once a Y 23:07:45
It's official: Detroit files for bankruptcy 23:07:25
U.S. military prepares for potential chemical weapons in Syria Video 23:03:54
Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard: Sen. Rand Paul 22:58:10
What Percentage of The US Workforce Gets A Check From A Taxpayer Subsidized Government Job? 22:42:21
In 2010 race-related beating case, George Zimmerman pushed to discipline same officers who investigated Trayvon Martin shooting 22:38:04
40 Stats That Show The U.S. Economy's Real Collapse Over The Past Decade 21:59:37
A Republic, If You can Keep It: A Lecture, by Reid Henrichs (Fmr. HS History Teacher, Now @ James Yeager's Tactical Response) 21:55:55
$120 plain white T-shirt from Kanye West sells out 21:52:51
Anthony Romero Director of ACLU: "The government can and should regulate firearms" 21:20:57
Hegemony or Survival - Noam Chomsky 20:54:11
At Russ Baker's Site: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI? 20:42:49
Detroit Files for Bankruptcy, Facing Debts of $18 Billion 20:37:09
"I Refused To Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" - Barack Obama, October 2012 20:37:06
Chris Casey: Massive Inflation is Coming! Hold 20-30% in Gold & Silver Outside the Banking System 20:26:02
Hatfields and McCoys 20:23:31
Moonshine moves out of the hills and into stores 20:05:01
Obama Proverb 19:51:23
13 year old Victoria Grant on Corrupt Banking, Governments & Corporations 19:46:49
'Zombie virus' to be unleashed at national Boy Scout Jamboree 19:29:25
The TSA is secretly ordering the cars of innocent traveler's to be searched in airport parking lots 19:27:37
Behind the Scenes Color Photos of the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Manhunt and Capture 18:59:54
This Currency Has No Central Bank, Thrives During A Collapse And Rewards Fighting Tyranny 18:59:21
Holder places hold on Zimmerman gun 18:55:32
The Epitome of the "Progressive State", Detroit, files for Bankruptcy! 18:16:14
American patriot Fat Henry Knox 18:03:29
What the Rick Perry abortion law really means 17:59:54
Miami Heat 2013 NBA Championship Celebration Model of Racial Harmony in Florida 17:49:59
Delete 17:34:32
Colorado Democrat Afraid to Let Child Shoot Nerf Gun, Suggests Others Use Ball Point Pens As Defense 17:21:39
Colorado Town Considers Ordinance Allowing Bounty Hunters to Shoot Down Drones 17:15:38
Paul Huebl: Surviving The Criminal Justice System After A Self-Defense Shooting 16:57:46
Egyptian Military Planned for Months to Oust Morsi 16:50:32
'America has no functioning democracy' - Jimmy Carter on NSA 16:35:07
New government leak from Seattle. 16:22:39
Sen. Rand Paul: Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard 16:15:22
The Disease is War, Not Snowden 16:00:46
Police state? Not quite, but we're on the path 15:51:34
Claire Wolfe: "ILLEGITIMATE"; "There is no legitimate U.S. government — merely a clever puppet show of one" 15:43:07
Man Who Couldn’t Defeat George W. Bush Attempting To Resolve Israel-Palestine Conflict 15:14:56
Thieves, Accidents, Murder, Negligence, and Fights 15:11:04
Whoa-former President Jimmy Carter: "America has no functioning democracy," 15:10:20
Obama Regains His Power to Enslave the Serfs Indefinitely as Granted in the NDAA 2012, Upon Appeal! 15:06:35
The Atlantic: NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed 15:01:51
Toronto Officer Disciplined For Posing As Flooded Train Passenger :Police Chief - VIDEO 14:49:44
Flying bombs that can't be tracked 14:21:42
WAR: US Preparing, Obama Considering Military Action in Syria 14:14:14
WHOA: Police Need Warrants To Track Cell-Phone Data, New Jersey Supreme Court Rules 14:13:58
A good quote by a federalist on the second amendment 14:09:53
Caltech Scientists Find Evidence Of Ancient Ocean On Mars 13:57:59
Detroit: The Canary In The Coal Mine - A Dream Revered - Operation Paul Revere.. 13:54:36
Swimsuit 13:48:27
Bashing Vitamin C for Politics and Profit. 13:41:59
BLOOMBERG: Obama's Confused Syrian Policy 13:41:08
Good Cartoon and Music 13:36:53
Carter defends Snowden 13:24:35
Graham: US should consider Olympic boycott over possible Snowden asylum 12:48:41
California May Issue Digital License Plates, Privacy Groups Concerned - VIDEO 12:47:40
Thoughts From A Libertarian Perspective About Saint Trayvon 12:36:26
Guardian Journalist to Write Book on Surveillance 12:29:32
Beware of Boehner’s Backstabbing Two Faced Moves on Amnesty and Illegal Immigration to Shut Down Opposition? 12:10:38
POLITICO: Marco Rubio Stumbles 11:59:20
The Insanity Continues: $487K Study Of Viking Textiles During Little Ice Age To 'Mitigate Climate Change' 11:43:26
Clark County Nevada GOP Returns To Neocon Control 11:37:26
Media and Obama Administration Attacks May Force George Zimmerman To Flee For His Life 10:31:00
Growing Lawsuit: U.S. military Personnel Reveal Radiation-related Illnesses after Fukushima 10:28:35
Apparently, Edward Snowden uses email service "Lavabit" 09:35:37
TSA Searches Valet Parked Car 09:11:11
Is The Safety Of The State really Worth More Than The Truth? 08:57:17
DEVELOPING: Top NSA and DOJ Officials Have Fled the U.S. - Obama Admin. Files Espionage Charges 08:55:47
US Navy Vet A Real-Life Jason Bourne; Wakes Up With No Memory But Speaks Perfect Swedish 08:48:41
IRS Employees ORDERED To Send Tea Party Cases To IRS's Only Obama Political Appointee 08:39:21
TSA searches valet parked car 08:37:58
Poll: 34% of Americans Say First Amendment Too EXTREME 08:33:05
Will Ron Paul’s Increasingly Bizarre Business Empire Hurt Rand’s Chances in 2016? 08:25:32
Has Jack Hunter Been Muzzled? 08:10:28
Tucson cop arrested, fired for pulling gun on gas station clerk 08:10:14
Watch him pull a USDA-mandated rabbit disaster plan out of his hat 07:38:56
San Marcos Cpl. jailed after illegally arresting pedestrian 06:04:56
This guys podcast is legit instead of radio in the car. 05:22:51
Fatal Consequences of Living in the NSA Surveillance State - Marcy Wheeler 03:01:57
Letting Ben Swann Down? (Please Donate!) Pledged And Not Paid? 03:01:55
Fatal Consequences of Living in the NSA Surveillance State - Marcy Wheeler 03:01:37
Howdy Doody may test limits of protecting Detroit assets 02:41:08
Bihar India: School Lunch Kills 22 Children, Riots Ensue 01:46:25
While the US gets Snowjobed, Israel's Tech is Shining Globally 01:08:57
Alex Jones debuts 'State of Mind' Documentary for FREE on YouTube + Live in Studio Q&A w/Richard Grove & Director / Producers 01:07:01
How to make carrot kugel 00:15:16
Sounding Like A Liberal Democrat? House Speaker Boehner Endorses Push For Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Aliens - VIDEO 00:12:29