Posted on July 19, 2013

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Abdulrahman al-Awlaki: The Son Barack Obama Never Had 23:55:07
Ask DP - Who Besides Ron Paul helped shape your politics? 23:15:26
Phone robbery goes horribly wrong for the thief 22:06:59
FAA warns public against shooting guns at drones 20:27:43
Bradley Manning has just been awarded the 2013 Sean MacBride Peace Award 19:46:41
Well, Ammo Is Quite Scarce You Know 19:33:44
Epic Video: Monopolies are an illusion in free markets. 18:39:34
Awesome Snowden Poster 18:30:08
GOP Leaders Face Libertarian Revolt Over NSA, Egypt, Syria 18:08:01
Meet the possible replacement for Janet Napolitano: Loretta Sanchez 17:28:50
A Note on Rolling Stone Covers 17:06:01
Florida Nurse Terrorized By US Marshals In 'WARRANTLESS' Raid 16:49:18
Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) Says U.S. Foreign Aid Is a "Moral Obligation" 16:48:34
USA Today: Mich. judge rules Detroit bankruptcy unconstitutional 16:24:35
Obama Drones "Children of Color" All the Time= Hypocrite 16:02:45
Al Sharpton confronted by ex-gang member 16:02:44
Felony Friday: Officer Sexually Assaults Mother in Front of Children 14:41:37
"Homeland Security Threatens Legal Action Against Employees Who Read News About Leaks" 14:32:40
Colorado, Relief 4 Possession, We The People, Make It Right! 14:18:25
Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail Out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body' 13:51:52
Spiegel: Greenwald Says 'Explosive' NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent 13:16:22
Amber Lyon to Join Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project Launch! 13:11:28
Everybody Hates Janet: Napolitano Confirmed Amid Student Protests 12:06:43
Black America's Real Problem Isn't White Racism 11:43:25
Ron Paul Institute For Peace And Prosperity - The Homeland Security Monstrosity 11:42:48
Lou Dobbs Resurrects McBama 11:35:54
Let Liberty Prevail! Sam Canders for MEGOP Chair! 11:23:10
Rare bees resurface in Washington State 10:38:21
Michigan Governor: Detroit BANKRUPT! Video 09:27:11
Required By Law: NSA Refuses To Respond 09:22:05
Bernanke Confirms: "If We Were To Tighten Policy, The Economy Would Tank" 08:48:23
Vince Vaughn makes Politico's TOP 50 to Watch 07:35:57
Angela Corey Sued By the IT Whistleblower She Fired...Wait... He's Represented By Her Former Assistant Prosecutor , DOH! 06:47:24
NSA: Ed Snowden Has Used Up All His Personal Days, Must Report Back To Work Friday (updated) 05:17:40
Ummm..In Case You haven't Noticed 03:55:42
As Detroit burns. USAID 01:57:40
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson To Piers: Trayvon Was 'THUG', Not Innocent Little Kid, Tip 'Toeing Through The Tulips' - VIDEO 00:37:28
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Join Us This National Awareness Day on August 5th! 23:52:07
You're never too old to rock 23:37:58
Social Security and Retirement Benefits... 23:31:22
Court rules journalists can’t keep their sources secret 23:17:18
Retiring IRS Lawyer Implicates Obama Appointee In Testimony - VIDEO 22:58:16
Mark Levin: Obama Has Been FDR, Lincoln, Reagan And Now Trayvon Martin - AUDIO 22:49:33
Help with Letter to the Newspaper! 22:41:52
L.A. "Bash" Mobs 22:06:44
Inside Google HQ: What Does The Future Hold For The Company Whose Visionary Plans Include Implanting A Chip In Our Brains? 21:56:18
I believe all the anti-Zimmerman posts are to purposely set us against each other 21:00:43
FBI Orders Florida Medical Examiner to not Release Autopsy of Chechen Killed by FBI 20:58:14
I have listened to this twice and think it might be good 'food' for the Liberty Community at this time. 20:52:40
Will Dr. Paul Broun be the next Rand Paul? 20:51:08
Mulligan Mint scam involving Adam Kokesh and other so called patriots exposed 20:41:59
What has Edward Snowden actually revealed? 20:36:46
Lifestyles of the Rich & Sadistic; or..Extraordinary Antics of the CIA 20:19:39
Clapper Announces Secret Court OKs Continued US Phone Surveillance 19:45:34
The Artist 19:42:48
Snowden's Access To NSA's Deepest Secrets DISPUTED 19:27:30
Is Your Co-worker a Spy? 19:14:38
Obama - Trayvon could've been me 19:08:05
Pentagon Does 'About Face' On Key Benghazi Witness, Makes Marine Colonel Available To Talk To Congress 19:05:24
No True Justice, No Real Peace Until the Bankers Are Arrested and Out of Power 18:59:55
Eye Witness To Michael Hastings Murder Says Body NOT Charred Beyond Recognition 18:58:38
Cruz, Paul Address Religious Leaders In De Moines Iowa 18:52:58
Ex-CIA Station Chief Arrested In Panama 18:50:20
What is freedom? 18:45:49
Article: "NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say" 18:39:28
What kind of taste are you? 17:34:47
Iowa fires agent who pursued Gov Branstad speeding. 17:30:44
A Liberty candidate is running for Congress in Maine 17:01:29
NOW Were Talkin: Rep. Dent, Price Lead Quarter Of House To Urge Peace Talks With New Iranian President 16:38:40
The Zimmerman Verdict: The “Justice for Trayvon” Riots. The Crisis that Never Was 6 Days Later. 16:35:43
"John McCain responsible for Benghazi attacks" -Louie Gohmert 16:31:22
Rolling Stone Cover Proves Dumb Amerika! 16:24:41
Edward Snowden and the Emerging Police State 16:24:04
Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Says Obama Supports Terrorism 16:23:05
The creature from Jekyll Island , Audio 16:20:47
President Obama Addresses Zimmerman Verdict 16:08:50
Accept God's Love 15:43:37
Critical thinking skills test 15:25:01
There is no Love outside of Love 15:09:18
- Weekend Watching - DOCUMENTARY: "Why In The World Are They Spraying" 14:20:38
The Rise of The Internet Surveillance State - Dark Journalist & Dr. Katherine Albrecht 14:19:42
No. Gun. Control. Deals. Period. 13:49:48
Forging two passports is not a crime - Senator Leahy 13:42:22
List of important topics that are getting little to no attention and have nothing to do with Trayvon Martin 12:57:03
Kid Snippets: Presidential Debate 12:42:22
DISTRACTION: Let Us Not Focus On Trayvon, Focus On Obama's Criminality; Benghazi, IRS & 'Fast & Furious' ...Etc 12:39:58
Detroit's Bankruptcy was Prevented Already 12:36:58
Guess who got the Key to the city of Detroit? 12:26:06
Another Obama Bailout For Big Business, But Nothing For You 12:16:53
Fox News Interviews Adam Kokesh from Jail 12:00:50
Pesticide-Contaminated Lunch Kills 22 Children in India, Protests Spark 11:57:35
Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s Throat Wound: Another Government Lie Bites the Dust 11:55:21
The Mulligan Mint Is DEAD - Epic Adam Kokesh Controversy. 11:42:17
BRUNCH - "Operation Paul Revere Contest" 11:30:13
Detroit Goes Bust - The Music of Motown 11:27:56
concerned letter from a distraught member, re: trayvon martin 10:43:23
Question about Flat Tax 10:40:47
Weekly Wrap Up - What happened while the media focused attention on TM/GZ trial. (VIDEO) 10:39:10
Rand Paul's Paleolibertarian problem 10:30:58
How embarrassing. Sister catches her little brother twerking. Hilarious, yet sad as well. 10:26:18
Crown Point Officers Shoot, Kill Two Dogs Mistaken For Coyotes - VIDEO 10:21:28
Rick Santorum Is Considering Giving It Another Shot, But He Doesn't Believe In Freedom 10:15:10
Thomas Perez, In Spite of His Extreme Bias, Confirmed By the Senate :No One Bothers to Filibuster 09:49:43
'Rainbow cloud' appears in the sky over Wilsonville, Oregon Evidence of HAARP? 09:25:19
Chris Matthews Speaking To Black Guest On Race: "I'm Sorry Now For All White People...I'm Sorry" - VIDEO 09:07:48
. 08:52:47
Why are y'all still talking about that stupid trial? 08:44:30
LA Times Covered Up 'Looting For Trayvon' Riot - VIDEO 08:38:53
Too funny: 75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America 08:19:11
Zimmerman Attorney, Mark O'Mara Intellectually Overwhelms Al Sharpton - Video 08:11:32
Justice Department places 'hold' on Trayvon Martin trial evidence, including George Zimmerman's gun 07:43:46
IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins a Big Donor and Loyal Democrat 07:42:38
1.1 million Brazilians murdered in 30 years 07:35:27
The History of Student Loans & the Scam it became 06:44:04
NAPOLITANO: Zimmerman’s double jeopardy dilemma 06:35:39
Can we keep this the Daily Paul and not the Daily Distraction? 06:06:37
Rabbi: ‘Rand Paul is the greatest threat to Israel’ 04:22:36
Federal government employment levels 03:48:08
Lutheran Pastor and Guest Discuss TM/GZ trial 03:44:20
dept. homeland security probation sweeps 03:03:51
Why Does Trayvon Not Have a Right to Self-Defense? Why Assume That HE Was the Aggressor? 02:43:33
"reveals" Dream defenders actually front for George Soros. 02:36:10
Extreme Irony–EPA Rules Shut Down the Mother of All Weather Conspiracy Theories: HAARP 01:57:26
Internet Census 2012 01:49:37
3 New pics of bloodied Boston Bomber released. They tell 1,000 words. 01:44:59
MSNBC puppets discuss the Ron Paul Channel - Usual attacks 01:13:00
Last Person on Earth A Homemade Movie... 01:03:18
Do You Believe "It's Your Patriotic Duty To Worship God"? 00:51:00
Human Morality and Social Order: Questions and Answers 00:36:27
Become a Snowden bodyguard, let all secrets released! 00:32:15
Black Mob beats White man on his own front porch “for Trayvon” 00:05:35