Posted on July 20, 2013

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Bullet Holes in Hasting's Car? 22:44:53
Children are smarter than adults 20:19:03
Interesting update on Manning trial 18:34:28
Holder implicated in IRS Cover Up 17:55:01
Ben Swann will be on Coast to Coast AM Tonight! 17:41:19
Destroy the Myth of Tyrant FDR's 'Greatness': When the Mob takes 40% of Your Earnings, They Don't Sue You Afterwards! 17:36:05
Hawaii Official Now Swears: No Obama Birth Certificate 17:16:02
SCOTUS rules 5-4 that drug companies are exempt from lawsuits 16:24:43
A Message From Lew Rockwell: 14:22:11
RTFM 13:19:38
Hillary Clinton leads to anxiety, depression 13:15:36
Urgent: NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say 11:59:31
Judge is Bradley Manning's biggest enemy! 11:56:33
Gold and Silver 11:43:39
Helen Thomas, feisty scourge of presidents, dies at 92 11:28:15
Peter King: Hillary Clinton would destroy an isolationist like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz 11:04:02
Journalists and the 1st amendment in deep doo doo now... 10:39:28
Agenda 21: Understanding All The Headline News 08:40:47
By Ron Paul -"The Homeland Security Monstrosity" - 7/20/13 08:35:02
Let us all argue about Martin/Zimmerman while Bradley Manning gets railroaded ... 04:10:07
82nd Airborne Veteran Joe Biggs, Michael Hastings' good friend...EXPLOSIVE new evidence on the ongoing cover-up. 00:42:31
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Bill Burr - Creepy Nwo Rfid Chip 23:30:09
A small miracle 23:25:31
The Typewriter 23:19:38
The Blond Pilots Last Words 23:11:13
At least 41 people were killed and more than 165 others wounded 23:07:06
Detroit, America's Crystal Ball: Think About The Future 23:01:42
People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered 22:34:13
Tonight on Tap : Big Red Coq. Welcome to the Beer Post! 22:25:08
CIA Is Funding Government-Led Chemtrailing Project 21:39:23
What if Zimmerman was black and Martin was white? 21:12:56
Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare Big Brother database - 21:02:04
Help with Stand Your Ground Debate please? 20:58:42
Anaheim Police Open Fire On Crowd Including Women And Children 20:57:18
Time for a laugh from the late 60's: Bob Dylan's 115th Dream..(lyrics) 20:55:19
Kerry vows to put the screws to Venezuela over Snowden – report 20:38:34
Clark County Republicans oust Ron Paul supporter as chairman 20:36:47
Ben Bernanke Shows That He Doesn't Understand Recessions 20:33:57
. 20:28:41
Rand would support Sarah Palin for Senate 20:26:19
Citizen Cosponsor Project 20:07:35
I prefer Reynold (tm) brand 20:04:47
author brad thor offers to buy zimmerman gun of choice 20:02:38
Ron Paul - When We Stand Together 19:58:30
Google Shuts Down Gmail For Two Hours To Show Its Immense Power 19:37:28
The Social Contract is broken not by wealth inequality per se but by the illegitimate process of wealth acquisition 19:13:07
Huh? U.S. Forced to Drop 4 bombs on Great Barrier Reef 19:02:55
Judge Napolitano on FBI Entrapment, Shades of the Boston Bombing 18:58:27
The Rise of Civil War! 18:58:09
WHOA! Explosion Rocks Beijing Airport In China - Terminal Evacuated - VIDEO 18:48:17
Clearing up the confusion: Is the income tax voluntary? 18:41:13
Another Man Arrested After Using Joe Biden's Shotgun Advice 18:33:20
Was Michael Hastings' Murder a Warning Shot or a Total Cock-Up? 18:08:57
Unanswered Questions about the Aurora Theater Shooting 18:08:56
Pee Pee-ponics 17:05:59
If You Had Edward Snowden's Proof — What Would You Do? 16:45:25
Persuasive speech on Libertarianism 16:31:21
Collectivism is bad. Individuals and their rights should be respected 15:10:21
Fox News Video - Robert Zimmerman Responds: Obama's Statement Reinforced 'MYTHOLOGY Surrounding The Case' 14:59:14
The Guardian: Secret Court Lets NSA Extend Its Trawl Of Verizon Customers' Phone Records 14:40:39
The Daily Mirror: UK Ministry of Defense 'STOCKPILING' Ammo 14:29:32
3000-Year-Old Palace In Israel Linked To Biblical King David 14:18:07
Voluntaryism & Spontaneous Order Afoot as Detroit's City Government Continues to Fail 14:00:53
This week in press freedoms and privacy rights 13:53:21
The fraud of the polygraph 13:29:36
G20 finance ministers outline new rules to crackdown on global tax evasion 13:16:04
Ben Swann is on Coast to Coast tonight 12:35:13
PAGE 10, Paragraph 45 You better read this. 11:55:33
This is what believing does. Namaste my friend. 11:55:19
Rand Paul's filibuster on drone strikes against american citizens might be having an effect. 09:12:27
Casual sex leads to anxiety, depression 09:11:52
Global Oligarchy: Richest 300 persons on Earth have more money than poorest 3 billion 05:17:42
Remembering Obama's Very First Scandal - Digital TV 04:44:39
Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail Out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body' 04:34:38
The Decline - Best Song Ever (simpsons comic book guy voice) 04:07:49
NIN: a third song for our time! 03:48:41
Opeth: another song for our time! 03:30:59
George Zimmerman Changing His Name? 03:12:43
Keynes and Money: A Man Obsessed? 03:07:51
Ask DP 2: Preventive regimens, prescription drugs, other substances 03:07:13
NIN: A Song for our time! 02:46:17
Latest Military "Litmus Test" Victim? At Least Seven High-Ranking Marine Commanders Released Since Mid-March 00:45:08
Glenn Beck is rat poison mini doc 00:15:55
Court renews NSA telephone surveillance program 00:14:26
FISA Court Decisions are Information Technologies Business Promotions Costing Taxpayers Billions 00:00:52