Posted on July 21, 2013

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WOW! Irish Parliament Fired Up: Obama Called "War Criminal" & "Hypocrite of the Century" in Irish Parliament - VIDEO 23:49:17
Jack Hunter quits 23:43:27
ANOTHER vacation? 22:49:19
"Thanks for Your Service?" 21:20:37
An Anti-Gun NJ Liberal Writer discovers the Insanity of GunLaws...when attempting to buy a BB Gun for visiting Niece & Nephew! 20:57:06
Time to get a Ron Paul er sticker 20:07:20
Clark County Republicans oust Ron Paul supporter as chairman 19:18:48
Why Doesn't AG Holder File Charges Against Jesse Jackson And Al Sharpton As Enemy Combatants? 18:47:26
All Cars To Be Equipped With Black Boxes By 2014 - It's A Matter Of Privacy 18:20:57
You May Have Seen This On CNN: Finally A Black Man Tells It Like It Is! (VIDEO) 18:06:32
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk For July 22, 2013: Bernanke's Farewell Tour 17:51:25
WND Exclusive: Obamacare Has Doctors Planning Exit 16:20:40
Boehner says Congress "Ought to be Judged on how many Laws we Repeal" Ay Caramba 15:46:29
John Boehner Blocking Benghazi Investigation 15:43:10
MSNBC panel agrees: Small government led to Detroit’s bankruptcy 14:19:54
Best Ron Paul Speeches/quotes? (Video Project) 14:08:35
. 13:35:24
Water Fountain or Bubbler? American Dialect Maps Explain Why Everyone Else Thinks You Talk Funny 12:48:40
We lost a friend today 12:26:36
DP Please Help if You Can UPDATED 10:57:45
Glenn Greenwald News on Edward Snowden - Mox News - Founders Discuss This Very Same Freedom of Speech Issue 200 Years Ago 09:21:51
Ben Swann: Coast to Coast AM w/ John B. Wells 7/20/13 Truth in Media (audio) 08:24:16
WSJ: Time to Reconsider the Militarization of American Police 06:16:15
I Was a Neocon Until Jesus Christ Brought Me Home 05:21:19
Mood Shifting; Congress May Move to Limit NSA Spying 03:59:20
Sign of the times: Right turn lane 03:00:17
* Massive Fire Reported in JP Morgan Basement Vault! Gold Force Majeure? (VIDEO) Just a heads up. 02:37:38
NSA domestic spying has reached a new level 02:21:26
Quiz: What famous person in the liberty movement is preaching a sermon next Sunday? 00:44:01
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Rand Paul leading '16 NH poll 23:58:59
Jack Hunter resigns? 23:49:57
Giving Credit Where It's Due : Michael Maloney On Drutter's Divergence (Silver Demand) 6/18/2013 23:47:14
Al 'Not-Sharp'ton, a Model of "Moral High Ground" He's Not: Dates 35yo Woman, while STILL Married to His Wife of 24yrs! 23:47:04
Right On! 23:44:31
Cooking without fire 23:06:27
r3VOL AnCap Atty. TheRealTripleB @ YT, aka "Rock Cameron:" Top Five Libertarian One Liners 22:45:45
True Republicans Responded To George W. Bush With The Tea Party. How Have Democrats Responded To Obama? 22:02:51
Meet The Press Video - Tavis Smiley: Obama's Race Speech 'Weak As Kool-Aid' 21:33:44
Impasse 20:46:37
This Guy Is Awesome 20:42:47
For you members against self defense 20:33:12
The New (Ab)normal: When 200 People Have More Wealth Than 3,500,000,000 19:48:45
Quotes from Mises' Socialism: Ethical Apriorism 19:31:38
Developing Story in Texas: New Black Panther Party, Concealed Carry Counterprotesters Face Off in Houston 19:20:50
Adam Kokesh and the Drugs and Guns Prosecution Trap 18:53:42
Constellation Countdown 18:01:40
FEMA announces "Partnership" with NAACP 17:50:57
Big Mac Index: The "Recovery" That Wasn't 17:46:03
Delete 16:55:44
Ventura on Palin 14:24:22
CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association,Weekend viewing: 14:12:24
Defending Liberty 14:05:01
Podcast/Web Show 13:28:50
Most Children Not In Favor Of Child Healthcare 13:25:44
UK's supermarket cartel boss breaks ranks: 'Cheap food era is over' - Major global food price hikes imminent 13:24:39
If Bradley Manning Is A Villain…What Am I? 13:12:36
Robocop 2014 @comicon 13:09:50
Two US Companies Plan First Ever Private Lunar Surface Mission for 2016: Metals Mining Planned 13:09:00
Forget About 2016 Presidential Election! 13:03:19
Massive Fire Reported in Basement Vault of JPM Building! Gold Force Majeure? 13:03:19
Obama's blame game 12:57:30
The State is not Great-James Corbett 12:56:18
Is College Worth it? A quiz 12:52:26
Was Ron Paul Right? 7-20-13 12:31:26
Is this a Greenwald Article? "Prolific Partner': German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program 12:23:29
Jesse Ventura on Politics, Keith Richards, and Why He’s an Atheist 12:17:14
Piers Morgan interviews his new girlfriend, Rachel Jeantel. Definitive analysis given by TJ Sotomayor. 12:06:30
Paul & Cruz receive prayers from pastors in Iowa. 11:42:34
"Altered States" Semi-Sedated Musings (Drug war illegitimacy) 11:28:10
1st Amendment: Are You Concerned About Freedom of the Press? 11:21:03
Quantum Dawn 2: Dawn Of A NWO? Cyberattack Drill Aims To Cripple The Financial Services Networks Across America 10:54:02
Busted for an Empty Cigarette Pack and a Tooth Pick 06:46:29
Corbett Report: The State is Not Great 05:51:59
Onion Radio News - Ducks Only Interested in Area Man's Bread 04:19:19
Ben Swann Live! Tune In NOW 02:00:41
Sovereign Citizens Manifesto 01:54:58
Ben Swann guest of John B. Wells on C-to-C AM 7-21-13, 2:00 am EDT 01:34:36
(Video) Trayvon Mob Smacks Houston Grandma 00:58:45
EXCLUSIVE: Move Over NSA, Here Comes The Obamacare Big Brother Database 00:18:38