Posted on July 24, 2013

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Stop The Presses. New Revelations About National Security Threat! 23:11:28
Iraq-war-vet-turned-antiwar & liberty-activist-agent provocateur Adam Kokesh At It AGAIN! 22:51:51
Democrats Agreed With US! 22:37:51
ZH:These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance 21:39:05
Getting the Ron Paul crowd excited about the Republican primaries.. 20:48:12
Amazing flip flop by Congressman Culberson on NSA surveillance 20:30:25
Adam VS the Robot White House Citizen Harrassment Service 18:04:28
Red ALERT! Do Not Open Email Attachments From Unknown Sources! BlackHat Hackers attempt Set-Up vs Activists w/ Child Porn! 17:50:43
: Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson 17:49:32
House Rejects Amash's NSA Amendment 205-217 - Massie Amendment to Stop Aid to Egypt Passes. 19:04:52
Slap In The Face $650 Million Detroit Red Wings Arena Project Clears Another Public Financing Hurdle 16:06:26
Watch DARPA Hackers Take Control Of A Toyota Prius 15:47:39
I saw the Bohemian Grove dock on the Russian River 14:42:25
Bill Watch! Spooked White House Asks Congress To Reject NSA Spying Amendment 14:10:19
Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas 13:49:09
Obama administration to spend Billions to forcibly integrate white neighborhoods 13:15:23
Paul Craig Roberts: By Winter Unemployment Explodes (Video Interview) 12:43:10
Justin Amash on NPR this morning 11:25:30
Rand Paul in an Awkward Situation in Kentucky 10:58:08
The Monsanto Menace 10:36:30
Snowden Awaits Asylum Decision At Sheremetyevo Airport. Update Snowden Has Left The Airport! 8/1/2013 09:20:54
Texas Congressman John Carter's Amendment to Defund ATF Rifle Registration Passes! 09:02:44
Dog sees dad after he was gone for six months (Video) 08:58:48
Libertarians Leading the Fight Against the NSA by Justin Raimondo 08:05:57
Congress to probe crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members... 07:22:42
High Speed Wireless Networking on 420 MHz 07:00:05
TMOT : "Big O: Too Little, Too Late Obama; Posturing and Division; The Master at Work" 06:02:47
Ron Paul On Gold, Detroit Bankruptcy, And Rand 2016 - CNBC 7/23/13 02:08:36
Ron Paul in 1981: How Ideas Inform Politics 10:18:52
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Police Ordered To Return $1 Million In $1 Bills Confiscated From Stripper 23:34:05
Rep. Amash (MI-03) Discusses His NSA Amendment 23:32:29
'millions Will Die' Without A Carbon Tax To Fix Global Warming 23:30:19
FOXNEWS: Justin Amash on NSA Amendment: We Have A Constitution 23:25:54
CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus 23:06:46
Americas Middle Class Ranked #27 Globally 22:44:56
NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice Offers More Details: Sen. Feinstein and Others Were Wiretapped by NSA 22:38:59
With Moscow Poised To Help Snowden, Congress Unloads on Putin 22:35:08
Voters Rate Bevy of Possible 2016 White House Candidates - Ron Paul 22:29:10
Obama Nominee Faces Investigation Involving Company Run By Brother Of Hillary Clinton 22:28:37
removed 22:24:06
John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state? 22:13:56
Impeach Obama Protests Over Freeways Every Friday Afternoon - Evening Rush Hour - Start the Process 22:08:11
Bank Forecloses on Wrong House, Breaks In, Steals Stuff, Refuses to Pay Back Owner While Police Say "Case Closed" 21:47:54
The US Dollar's Electric Currency 21:06:53
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO 3) Needs to be Unseated 20:24:37
Troops on the Ground? Martin Dempsey’s Five Options for War with Syria 20:05:30
Glenn Beck's World-Changing News *FINALLY* Revealed 19:39:23
So Detroit has 11,000 city workers and 48 unions to bargain for them. How can one city bargain with that many unions? 19:24:40
Questions for an Atheist. If there is no God/Creator where do our rights come from? 18:45:31
Justin Amash on NSA Amendment: We Have A Constitution We Have To Follow - 7/24/2013 18:31:23
Snowden has not been given Russian travel documents, his lawyer has said, contradicting earlier reports 18:27:02
Live On C-SPAN: Amash Amendment Debate 18:10:50
Oh Baby! US & UK: Shared Culture Of Distraction & Loss Of Liberty 18:02:05
Myth v. Fact: Amash-Conyers Amendment and NSA Surveillance 17:54:26
Police Drop the Charges Against Jared Marcum! thanks to GOA 17:51:16
Very Good Documentary. Agenda: Grinding America Down. 17:47:20
Glenn Beck: America Was Established for the Establishment of Israel 17:38:10
Wassup Boston?! A Daily Pauler from the West Coast just landed in your midst! 17:22:22
Rand Paul slams Obama’s plans for military involvement in Syria 17:14:29
An idea re: name calling & lewd comments :) 16:44:42
A List Of Children Killed By Drone Strikes In Pakistan and Yemen 16:43:40
Great Video On Trayvon Case: Afterburner W/ Bill Whittle: The Lynching 16:01:34
I am a Chevy, what are you? 15:59:04
Police Chief Apologizes For Using profanity, says "F*K You" and Shoots an Assault Rifle 15:37:13
Have Lost Pyramids Been Found in Egypt with Google Earth? UPDATE 2013 15:13:10
The Game "Monopoly " Is Getting Rid of Jail to Appease Your Busy Kids 14:30:15
Complete Wipeout of All Debt Coming? Greg Hunter Interviews Bix Weir 14:10:46
I am an atheist 14:07:38
Concerns Raised About Voter Eligibility In New Hampshire - VIDEO 14:02:47
TV; "Copper," Season 2, Episode 5 13:27:26
House Adopts Drone-Restricting Amendment to Defense Appropriations Bill 13:22:35
That's it! I'm done! This is my last post! (Or NOT) 13:15:01
HAARP ionospheric research program set to continue 12:54:49
Justin Amash on NSA spying: This issue is about American people vs. Washington political elites (Frank Beckmann show 7/24/13) 12:44:48
John McCain And The Obama Administration: The New Power Triangle - VIDEO 12:41:13
POPE: Resist "IDOLS" Of Money, Power, Pleasure 12:27:37
John Stossel ~ Are We Rome? 12:16:26
*Primary Challenge* Who wants to help a true liberty candidate defeat John Kline in CD2? 12:15:54
U.S. City Looks To Penalize Bible Believers 11:56:49
WND Exclusive: General Can't Explain Why Forces Not Deployed To Benghazi - VIDEO 11:46:49
Syrian rebels attack civilian convoy of Christians 11:44:54
The Anecdote to Irrational Exuberance 11:15:03
Say Hello To Roderick Scott - The Anti-George Zimmerman 10:41:13
How the US Became the USSR 10:36:18
Obama 'Pivots' For 19th Time - Video 10:16:33
Why Lindsey Graham Should Join Amanda Bynes on a 5150. . . 10:15:33
Wyden on NSA Domestic Surveillance at Center for American Progress 10:14:56
Edward Snowden 'Allowed To Leave Airport' 09:19:24
Russia Will Grant Snowden Temporary Asylum 09:18:41
9/11 Truth Graffiti Showing Up All Over Central Connecticut 09:14:39
Pallin' around with terrorists: Hezbollah declared 'terrorist group' for fighting al-Qaeda-in-Syria 08:31:13
last of snowden 06:43:33
MIT opposes Freedom of Information when it comes to Aaron Swartz 06:01:08
Fears Rise That Larry Summers Is Likely To Be Named Fed Chairman 05:57:28
Kevin Annett: Roman Catholic Church is declared a Transnational Criminal Organization 05:29:34
Ted Cruz - Gay Marriage - Loss of 1st Amendment? 04:00:57
"Police Details Save Lives" 03:58:49
God Save The Queen - Real Name Of British Royal Family: Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 03:33:13
Is the Royal Baby the Antichrist? (Mark Dice) 03:03:58
Erection Update: Weiner Stays In! 02:34:41
Abby Martin To Appear At 2013 Zeitgeist Festival 02:32:00
Creating a "Virtuous Cycle" of donations to Liberty Organizations 02:07:15
Snowden plans to settle and work in Russia–lawyer to RT 01:32:22
A Little Encouragement 01:14:05
O-SPAN : Congressman Makes Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair 01:05:40
Arkansas Police Add Saliva Tests To Check For Drugs And Alcohol - VIDEO 00:54:08
MX2 Aerobatics - amazing cockpit video 00:36:54
Shelby Steele: The Decline, Corruption and Irrelevance of Today's Civil-Rights Leadership, Living Off The Fumes Of The Past 00:10:29
What is this Stereo A-COR2 Anomaly? Comet? Spacedust? UFO? 00:07:39