Posted on July 27, 2013

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DP Poll: Who Was Our Best President? 23:47:32
One Thought at a Time... 23:16:17
Explosive Paul Craig Roberts Interview. Big Information About Seal Team Six 22:50:14
Austin Police Officer Kills Innocent Man - VIDEO 22:46:01
States seek to nullify Obama efforts 21:00:33
Sarah Palin:"The bottom line is something's up, Obama is trying to run out the clock" on Greta 20:48:41
Give This Guy The Dumb SH*T Award Of The Year: Criminal Arrested Trying To Rob Gun Store With A Bat - VIDEO 17:26:18
Krispy Kreme Creamed 16:24:21
Judge Napolitano - IRS Scandal on fox business (video) 14:05:29
John Stossel - What's Up With Detroit? 13:59:06
Video: Rand Paul Says "America Is In Full Blown Crisis," Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived! 13:49:30
My son Kyle on Houston Fox news. 12:07:21
Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be “Abolished” 11:41:09
New Video: The Coming Global Revolution 11:35:09
The Snowden Case - What You're Not Being Told 11:18:09
Gun Owners in Cook County, Illinois Report Gun Confiscation in America Over FOID Cards 10:24:54
There are some things you just know ... 08:28:43
Eric Cantor pulled Representative Justin Amash aside 05:17:20
Greenwald to testify before Congress 04:44:42
What's the difference between Rand Paul and heart disease? 02:08:45
Obama Promise To 'Protect Whistleblowers' Just Disappeared From 00:13:05
If William Cooper Was Alive Today 00:12:33
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FBI answers Rand Paul on drones 23:55:28
POLITICO - States Tell Feds: Keep Out! 23:20:21
lie detector test for politicians 22:49:44
East Indian Bank Robber ! 22:41:16
Oakland County, Just North Of Detroit Seems To Be Doing Everything Right. Why Doesn't Detroit Pay Attention? 22:30:16
Man Brings Best Buddy Home For Dinner.. 22:26:43
Turkey - Israel must accept liability for flotilla raid 22:04:59
How Monsanto can be defeated 22:02:49
Tim Minchin - A Powerful Song About a Powerful Little Word 21:21:54
Libertarianism and The Coming Republican Political War 21:11:23
Daily Paul – Canadian Edition 21:02:15
In Need Of A Little Economic Stimulus? 20:32:36
New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion 18:47:03
Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto 18:43:50
Weekend Watching... Keep Planting those Seeds Revolutionaries! 18:24:14
Free Food And Medicine 18:14:42
Sam Donaldson on economic policy and redistribution 18:01:18
CO Anti-Gun Group Cancels Buyback Due to New Background Check Laws 17:42:34
Got My "Arlo Guthrie" On All Morning And Afternoon While Reading And Posting - Inspiring - Love It! What is Your Favorite Song? 17:04:11
Liberty Bombs For Li Berty Candidates 16:34:42
Happy Birthday 16:17:33
Obama Assigns Job Of Gun Confiscation To… 16:15:26
Clearly Rand Paul Is The Only Politician That Is Willing To Stick His Neck Out...For LIBERTY - He's Got BALLS! 15:58:04
Is Mike Rogers everything that's wrong with America? 15:50:48
SHOCK: NJ Residents Ordered to “Die in Place” After Train Derailment 15:40:53
Sorry, I Was Just Ranting: Got Off My Meds Today, I Can't Breath...Johnson Sets Me Off! 15:26:48
A Vision of Freedom- Free State President's Speech at Ben Swann's Truth in Media Event 15:16:43
We're In Deep Sh*t! Goldman Sach's CEO Blankfein: The Worse Case Senario 'Absolutely Will Happen' - VIDEO 15:08:45
Newport Folk Festival video stream♬ 15:05:35
Ron Paul Revolution: GOP aftermaths in Iowa and Nevada 14:28:12
John Stossel - Gutted By Government (video) 14:09:19
Obamacare Call Center Will Not Offer Health-Care Benefits to Employees 13:43:38
Ron Paul speaking at DePauw University (Sept. 10) 13:33:07
Dont be alarmed sir, im just a complete stranger asking to go through your phone messages, because, you know, security! 12:38:30
My Ron Paul Instagram account has over 150 followers and growing 11:54:48
Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash 11:44:16
Assange: Obama 'effectively rewriting the Constitution'... 11:28:54
LAPD tells residents: Get a dog, door locks & take a YMCA class, ditch your guns 10:17:34
It's all here, you just have to look 10:14:23
Russ Tice: Is the intelligence committee running our country, not our government? 10:03:07
Marijuana Ad Pulled From Outside NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 08:37:53
Ron Paul 2016, More Voices! 08:37:49
Obama Snubs Invitation to Guantanamo Meeting 07:33:49
Are Daily Paul And Drudge Competitors or Compatriots? 06:29:36
What Do Some Ancient Maps Suggest? 05:59:39
Mean Automakers Dash Hope For Flying Cars 05:15:32
The US and Israel are rogue governments, throwbacks to the Hitler and Stalin era. 04:39:34
Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism! 04:16:17
Video - 87 Year Old Man allegedly assaulted at his home 01:55:20
Ignoring OJ's false theft conviction makes ignoring accusing Zimmerman of Gross Racism 01:52:44
Utah Data Center stores data between 1 exabyte and 1 yottabyte 01:51:50
Hi everyone! Long time listener, first time caller. A little about me... 01:31:52
What Is A Crime? 00:30:00