Posted on July 28, 2013

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I just got back from a Rand Paul speaking event in Franklin, TN 23:37:03
What Are You Going To Make When You Grow Up? 23:59:01
City Applies for Militarized Vehicle to Suppress PEACEFUL Political Opposition 20:22:51
Operation Primary Rep. Peter King 19:13:01
80% Of US Adults Are Near Poverty, Rely On Welfare, Or Are Unemployed 18:52:03
New Movies Have No Creativity, Are These Films Getting More Cheesy, Stupid and Pathetic to Watch? 17:55:35
Ron Paul's Institute For Peace And Prosperity: A House Divided Over NSA Spying On Americans - By Ron Paul 17:03:22
Update: Drudge Report Headline "Weiner Vows to stick it out" 15:30:40
Government Promises To Stop Lying Because Of Drudge Report Spotlight - VIDEO 15:26:17
Stunning Letter to Obama from Snowden's Father - UPDATED 13:57:07
Greenwald Claims Private Contractors Can Spy On Calls, Emails: ‘I Defy NSA Officials To Deny’ These Capabilities 13:23:21
Glenn Greenwald 'This Week' Interview: Private Contractors Can Spy On Calls, Emails 13:10:23
Peter King continues Rand bashing role (CNN video) 12:44:36
Michael Hastings death: New video of crash emerges 11:30:39
A 95-year-old resident of a nursing home died early Saturday, hours after being shocked with a Taser 10:00:31
The 51st State - North Colorado gaining some big traction 09:28:40
36-Year Old Hacker Who Made ATMs Spit Out Cash Dies in San Francisco (Michael Hastings Death Connection?) 09:09:48
Reagan Assassination Attempt Back in 1980 08:44:20
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on gold and gangster capitalism 05:31:00
Why don't people just leave Detroit? 02:26:50
Barnaby Jack, renown hacker, dies at 35 01:09:18
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Obama Tweets 666 Link 23:55:26
Lindsey Graham And The SC Gop Primary - Breitbart Article 23:25:57
Interactive Post: "Its Time Edward Snowden Started Releasing Specific 'Dirt' On the Enemies of the Republic" 23:18:12
Anti War Video 23:17:04
Paul Broun for US Senate gets help as another RINO enters the race 22:24:28
What Anarchy Isn't. 22:17:09
Pedophile Ring emerges in Jimmy Savile case 21:25:38
Warren Buffett's Son Slams "The Charitable-Industrial Complex" 21:23:40
Hacker Who Made ATMs Spit Out Cash Suffers Mysterious Death 21:16:03
Video: Rep. Mike Rogers Rips Edward Snowden On Meet The Press 21:14:31
Kudos, Props, and a Toast to the Revolution 21:10:42
DHS using facial expression recognition software to track/spot terrorist (Unhappy People) 21:02:29
Only God should be feared. 20:55:53
Business Insider: Get Ready For A Debt Ceiling Debate Deja Vu 20:53:53 Under FBI Surveillance 20:53:15
Former German Defense Minister Explains Why CIA and Israeli Mossad Did 9/11 20:50:24
AP: 4 out of 5 in USA face near-poverty, no work... 20:35:25
Maybe the Best Ted Talk ever! 20:27:41
Inspirational: Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee - Author Unknown 20:05:03
Video - Atty John Whitehead on Huckabee - Police Militarization - EXCELLENT! 19:39:43
If George Zimmerman Had Wings… He'd be a DRONE! 19:39:04
The Coming Shortage Of Physical Gold That Will Change Everything 19:17:51
WHOA! Cyprus, Lenders Set Bank Of Cyprus Bail-In At 47.5%, Sources Say 19:17:00
UNISEX Uniforms Debut As Army Opens Units To Women 18:52:43
Why do so many of our federal agencies have SWAT teams? 18:24:18
4 In 5 Americans Near-Poverty, No Work 18:13:24
"Everything is OK - A Right 'royal' birth -" 17:51:19
Franken and Brown's Petition-What Do You Guys Think ? 17:35:11
Occupation 101 US Aid to Israel-Tax Money 17:34:47
Pastor Dowell - Contemplations on Obama's administrations sending out threats of arrest to governors of states 17:28:27
Infographic: If US land were divided like US wealth. 17:24:29
You Didn't Build That! 17:20:10
Racism more prevalent among blacks than whites 17:15:09
Poverty Pimp: The REAL Reverend Jesse Jackson You Don't Know 16:48:27
NYC Mayor Candidate Joseph J. Lhota, a libertarian? 16:42:58
Indiana Supreme Court in 2011: "there is no right for a private citizen to resist illegal entry by a police office" 16:22:00
At least 5 people killed by a US assassination drone in northwest Pakistan. 16:15:48
Krispy Kreme Crittered 15:47:29
Interesting comments occurred in Swedish newspaper about NSA/PRISM 15:47:02
George Washington, Tuesday Morning Prayer 14:48:58
Ex-CIA officer speaks out on Extraordinary Rendition 14:48:53
Hounds From Hell Nipping At Our Heels 14:25:30
Michio Kaku, famed Theoretical Physicist, All Theory, No Physics: How DARE You question the Official 9/11 FairyTale! 14:14:28
Do you own an Apocalypse-Dog? 13:51:04
Book Review”To Keep or Not to Keep, Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns” By Chuck and Tim Baldwin 13:46:13
Zealot 13:35:58
Chomsky says ‘Snowden should be honored’ 13:09:53
Reality check for "Detroit Project" 12:56:49
Gun Training With The Non-aggression Principle, Vol 1. Libertarian inspired training video 12:54:31
David Infinger Quotes 12:50:14
Is NOW the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home? 12:19:31
Why People don't file complaints against police for civil rights violations 11:48:47
My Encounter with Richard Gage 10:59:34
Young GOP leaders see need for substantive changes 09:46:34
4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work 09:21:08
Germans urge govt. to offer Snowden asylum (video) 09:09:12
San Antonio Preparing to Arrest Christians Who Speak Out on the Bible 08:48:26
If this isnt foreshadowing, I don't know what is. 07:57:05
Nasty pesticide in wheat degraded by probiotic used in culturing food 07:32:27
NASA: Sharp increase in comets entering inner solar system 07:29:48
America's demise and the Republican effort to help it along the way to be tested in 2014 06:32:53
9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks For 1st And Only Time! 05:17:58
An epic rant you will love, or love to hate! Wake up call for some. 04:27:41
DailyPaul Slogan - and News Fast 04:03:57
Since Ron Paul's retirement, who is your ideal 2016 president? 03:14:29
Skittles & Arizona Watermelon - How Did I Miss This? 02:39:16
Paul Craig Roberts: The Total Destruction Of America From Within - VIDEO 02:29:35
We will not get anywhere on our own 02:23:01
Dennis Kucinich On Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board 02:20:17
Obama tries for total internet censorship via precedence from the Manning case 02:08:15
Chris Hedges calls for overthrow of the current system via non-violent mass protests (as the only solution) 02:05:42
Michael Savage Show: Father of SEAL Team 6 Member, Charles Strang Claims His Son Michael Strang Was Set Up (AUDIO) 01:56:47
Ancient builders created monumental structures that altered sound and mind, say researchers 01:54:19
Pittsburgh SWAT Sued For 'Terrorizing' Young Family At Gunpoint 01:46:02
Is Daily Paul A Sinister Communist Plot? 01:38:56
National Review: Obamacare Call Center Will NOT Offer Health Care Benefits To Employees 01:38:50
Extreme fear is reasonable 01:00:35
Nsa Whistleblower Gives New Interview 00:58:14
The Rand Paul Response to Chris Christie GIF 00:07:28