Posted on July 29, 2013

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WI Capitol Protestors Sing Songs of Freedom as Police Threaten Observing Tourists With Arrest (7-26-13 Video) 23:14:12
FBI Perjures itself in response to Rand Paul? 23:12:37
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis 22:41:01
Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11 20:58:45
Kirby Wilbur just quit! 20:29:36
I want out: Business Ideas Welcome 20:28:23
Ron Paul: House leadership voted for ‘police state’ 19:58:47
Ron Paul On Foreign Aid: We Should Stop Funding These Nations, You Can't Buy Friendship 19:05:16
Video Truthseeker: America's Next Colonies, RT Really Hits The Nail On the Head 18:15:58
'Restore The Fourth' Activists Storm Congressman's Office Until He Answers for His Pro-NSA Vote 15:30:25
The Clinton Chronicles Documentary.. U Need to Watch! 14:38:16
The real reason the neocons fear Snowden: 13:30:16
At what point do we stop paying income tax? 13:14:55
Activist Adam Kokesh Ordered Held Without Bond In D.C. 13:12:34
Bradley Manning Verdict To Be Announced Tomorrow @ 1pm ET 13:03:19
Coward Obama Stooge Claims that what Glenn Greenwald Practices is NOT journalism! 12:59:43
We Are Change Investigates: Is Cannabis Oil a Miracle Cure? 12:41:56
Does anyone have an extra tinfoil hat I can borrow? 12:38:36
New Mexico Forced School Vaccinations 12:13:24
NSA Spying: The HUGE Financial Costs 11:21:53
NYT Front Page: Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance 10:39:55
We know about the 1st and 4th a 3rd? 09:18:08
Police Kill 95 year old man for refusing medical treatment? Autopsy confirms he died from the beanbag rounds. 08:41:32
Pittsburgh SWAT Officers Dragged 10-Year-Old from Bathtub, Made Him Stand Naked Next to 4-Year-Old Sister, Terrorized Family 08:14:10
Manning Judge Alters Charges to Assist Gov’t Ahead of Verdict 07:55:29
Rand Paul hits back at Christie over surveillance 06:59:36
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nt 23:52:42
Oakland to ban hammers, wrenches, tripods, walking canes, shields and other 'tools of vandalism' Learn more: http:/www.natu 23:24:04
Get iNSPiRED: Behind Every Blade of Grass... Can You run your Guns This Hard? Get Some! 23:20:34
VIDEO: Rand Paul slams Christie for draping himself in ‘the cloak of 9/11 victims’ (Hannity 7/29) 23:05:02
Eleventh Commandment for Democrats? 23:04:08
Message from Ron Paul: Only a few hours left! 22:48:20
McConnell Challenger Matt Bevin Puts Rand in Tough Situation 22:38:32
Rand Paul Op Ed: Vouchers & Charter Schools - The Way to Go! 22:32:56
Liberty Champion Matt Bevin for the US Senate in Kentucky Receives National Endorsement 22:01:06
I Am Not Bradley Manning 21:59:35
Anyone have a Karen Hudes Update? 21:48:47
Toronto does not need any more executions! 20:24:10
Are Aliens Running The Planet? 20:20:49
Justin Amash's Revolution 20:03:06
AVTM Press Release 7-29-13 19:48:36
According to Daily Kos, Zimmerman SUV rescue was fake 19:48:05
Dr Cornel West: Obama is a global criminal 19:44:34
Pill Poppers: Are prescription drugs really beneficial? 19:41:51
Informant Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business (video) 19:31:11
The Irony of Jack Hunter's Resignation 20:18:49
Pentagon Refuses to Release Names of Enemies it’s Fighting 18:45:54
The Granger: Prediction 18:41:54
Flashback: The Howard Dean Scream just for laughs 18:02:41
Bitcoin Banned In Thailand 17:45:44
What Happened to the Shining City on a Hill? 17:35:43
Do you know the truth? Can you? 17:32:17
Whats With All The Train Wrecks Recently 17:28:17
Hacker reveals email addresses of 1,350 Council on Foreign Relations members 17:06:49
Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home 17:01:20
We threw out the king and ended up with an emperor! 17:00:27
100,000 American deaths each year from correctly prescribed FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. 16:50:47
Get that radioactive free, deep clean feeling again. Know you are free! 16:39:56
Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Plans to Quit RIGHT After He Makes Final Decision on ending QE 16:39:16
Why couldn't Ron Paul run for Governor of Texas? 16:21:55
1911 45 ACP, Looking for best buy for the money. 16:15:15
Rand Paul On The Issues: Government Surveillance & The Fourth Amendment 16:08:05
Orwellian Consumer Products: New iPhone to have fingerprint scanner? 15:11:09
Is HuffPost asking the wrong questions about the Fed? 14:43:03
NASA hasn't a clue how to deal with risk of cometary bombardment, so agency is tendering bids for 'safely relocating' incoming s 14:18:52
"Don't Fund It!" Petition & List of Repubs not Pledging 14:13:17
Hillary Clinton 2016 Might Look A Lot Like Barack Obama 2012 14:09:35
More Doctors Steer Clear of Medicare 14:08:24
N-Fix tech could drastically reduce agricultural fertilizer use 14:05:46
3D-printed rocket parts stand up to the heat in NASA hot-fire tests 14:03:34
Workers strike at fast-food restaurants (video) 13:58:17
Chris Christie Needs a Reading List, Too 13:57:56
Sic - Denali - Live Free or Die Ft. Ron Paul (Operation Paul Revere Contest) 13:56:48
Whitney: High Interest Rates Will “Trigger a Real Downsizing” for Cities 13:54:57
Suspected “Militants”: Unnamed, Unknown, but “Mutilated” Anyway… 13:53:31
Globalist Agitprop: Hillary Clinton, The Miniseries 13:47:50
Sessions To Republicans: GOP Elite View On Immigration Is 'NONESENSE' 13:26:02
Cruz stands with Rand against Christie 12:52:55
New JFK documentary alleges there WAS a second shooter in the assassination... and he was a Secret Service agent 12:52:55
Yemen & Pakistan victims of 2 weekend terrorist attacks carried out by The United States Government 12:45:08
Declaration House (Graff house) closed because of lack of funds, yet Obama vacations at $7.6 m private resort 12:37:34
Edward Snowden welcome in Venezuela? Not so much 12:33:27
The Scariest Quote You'll Read From the Trial Nobody Is Talking About 12:21:11
California Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Students Claims Psychiatric Damage 12:20:13
Wise Quotes 12:19:49
Rush Limbaugh Rushing Out Of Cumulus Media To WOR, With Hannity In Tow 12:11:54
Hungary looking to introduce 30-35% luxury tax 12:07:46
'Hope UNSECURED' - What Drives A Democrat To Become A Republican - VIDEO 11:58:20
Please stop these pet peeve posts! 11:56:09
Israel Is Not Apartheid: Proof 11:46:05
The Federal Reserve Is Bailing Out FOREIGN Banks … More than the American People or Economy 11:31:37
California's Largest Health Care Provider For Small Businesses Drop Out Of Obamacare Exchange 11:27:17
Virginia is a microcosm of GOP Establishment Hypocrisy - Real Clear Politics 11:03:33
AT&T Will keep your information private... Sort of... not really. 10:36:08
Detroit Cops Arrested For Robbing Drivers At Gunpoint (Video) 10:22:56
"Corporate" America is dying a slow death, but it is in the death throes 09:43:31
Chuck Baldwin: Stand First In Liberty (New Column) 08:44:50
Japan is planning to establish a body similar to the National Security Council 08:18:52
New Zealand Defense Ministers: "We Don't (NSA) Spy On Reporters. Oh, Yes We Do. Oops! Sorry." 07:50:34
In Sickness & In Hell (Operation Paul Revere Contest) 07:14:05
Protesting the Killer Drones 06:25:21
Mondays with Murray: Rothbard on Revolution 05:32:16
The Irony of Jack Hunter's Resignation from the Rand Paul Campaign 01:53:49
Holy Cow It's All Unraveling - SEAL Father Accuses Obama of Executing Son and SEAL Team 6 01:43:50
Looking for some advice from the DP 01:00:01
Radley Balko: Rise of the Warrior Cop, a CATO Inst. Debate vs Mark Lomax, Exec.Dir. of Nat'l Tactical Officers Assn (SWAT Lobby) 00:33:24
Weiner campaign paid private eye $45,000 to investigate Twitter ‘hacking’ lie, reports show The ‘hacking’ never happened 00:20:21
Major Shakeup for Talk Radio: Cumulus Media Dropping Top-Rated Hannity and Rush Limbaugh Shows 00:14:56
What about an asset tax instead? 00:12:12
Movie: "911 - The Road To Tyranny 2002" Are We There Yet? 00:02:17