Posted on July 30, 2013

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Take this Fox News Poll: Rand or Christie 23:44:24
~ Hey! Michael and the Mods Have Discovered That the DP Members Can Handle It All 23:05:05
Rand Paul Slams Christe, Calls Him "King of Bacon" On "The Situation Room" W / Wolf Blitzer - VIDEO 21:53:36
Second Place Winner ($10,000) Announced from Alex Jones Film Festival 20:47:44
Ron Paul is Coming to Colorado 20:11:55
Drudge Backs Rand Against Christie 19:33:03
Mark Levin on "Your World" W / Neil Cavuto: Attacks Obama, Boehner and Christe On WH Scandals - VIDEO 19:30:16
Gov Christie Press Release on NYC's Ban On Big Gulps 19:00:53
FL police arrest man having stroke for failing to follow commands. Man spent full day lying on the floor of a cell, 17:57:54
Video: Chris Christie hits back at Rand Paul, accuses him of pork barrel spending and bringing home the bacon 14:58:39
UCSD Student "Forgotten by DEA" to Get Millions 14:57:59
Rand Paul On Christe's Attacks: 'Not Very Smart - VIDEO 14:13:09
Pundits: "Bradley Manning was Legally and MORALLY Bound Bla, Bla, Bla..." 13:56:58
Collateral Murder 13:34:09
Manning Found Not Guilty Of 'Aiding The Enemy': Why That's Important 13:26:06
POLITICO: Bradley Manning ACQUITTED Of Aiding The Enemy Charge 13:17:46
Chris Christie 'Belly Flops' On NSA Spying And Libertarianism 12:42:01
YAL National Convention : Wed 31st-Sat 3rd : Featuring Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Justin Amash : Keynote by Ron Paul : Live Streaming 12:15:52
*Wednesday Update of Sentencing Bradley Manning Verdict: Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy | Guilty of 20 Other Charges 10:40:42
The Rand Paul Smackdown from Both the Right AND Left Has Begun 09:20:37
Bernanke ORDERED To Testify In AIG Case 09:12:13
Crump: Don't unseal the $1 million-plus settlement Trayvon's parents received 09:02:01
Wednesday's NSA Challenge: Deny Snowden's Most Radical Claims Under Oath 08:36:43
I love all of you.. 08:22:46
NH Police Claim Free State Project Is An Active Terror Threat 07:09:29
Third Place Winner ($5000) from Alex Jones Film Festival Announced 08:06:11
"Mandatory Euthanasia" for Senior Citizens Under Obama Care! (Mark Dice) 00:45:29
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Nine cities that could soon follow Detroit into bankruptcy 23:31:38
Horsemeat & Babies 23:15:23
Greta Van Susteren's Joe McCarthy Connection, Mein Kampf, Scientology and a CIA Shrink Sister In The Family 23:07:20
General Dynamics opening up call center in Bogalusa La. to help implement Obama care? 23:00:02
The Truth About Bradley Manning ~ Stefan Molyneux 22:54:29
Unable To Access The Website - Any Body Else Have This Problem? 22:10:04
We are POWERFUL! You can participate in the evolution of our species. 21:43:48
Police arrest protesters for not having a permit. 21:20:44
Another Banking Regulator Goes through the Golden Revolving Door 21:16:31
Sen. Rand Paul Responds To Christe On "Your World" W / Neil Cavuto, Wed. 7/31/13 - FOX News - 4PM ET 21:10:50
Huntington Beach Riots Branded as "Whites Fault" 21:00:42
A Surfing Man Who is Blind 20:55:54
CNN Blitzer: Rand Paul responds to Christie 7/30/13 20:53:13
Obamacare Explained in One Sentence (VIDEO) 20:37:45
The Bernanke Crime Family (pic) 20:20:17
On August 4, 2013, a Global Proclamation will be issued, declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be a Criminal Organization 20:19:06
Rent-Backed Securities Are Here - Blackstone - America's largest landlord - actively selling its housing exposure 20:17:05
Hey Christie, most federal money goes for roads, NJ highways cost the most, highest in the nation. 20:14:17
Editor Jailed For 7 Years and Sentenced to 600 LASHES After Starting 'Free Saudi Liberals' Website 19:57:56
Source: Detroit's cash crisis leaves hundreds of dead dogs to pile up, rot inside Animal Control 19:26:06
Art Bell Returning to Radio 9/16/13 w/ Sirius Show About the Paranormal 18:49:44
Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture? 18:23:40
WASHINGTON - State GOP Chair up for grabs 18:13:53
Understanding Medicinal Plants: Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action 18:05:36
Christie and the Pig. 17:41:11
Voters want more choices- in Germany! Liberty Movement on the rise! 17:39:21
Rene Fielding, Queen Of Evil Manipulation Boston Hoax 17:25:19
Great video posted on the PdV website re the Worldwide Police State 17:22:31
5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: “Business Records” Can Be Searched Without Warrant 17:19:09
George Zimmerman’s heroic car crash rescue appears to be a fraud – Updated 17:19:09
Florida Sinkhole and HAARP 17:17:06
John McCain Hasn't Found a Conflict He Doesn't Think We Should Arm or Bomb 17:12:29
Support crowd-sourced sci-fi movie RUTHLESSLY exposing Monsanto 16:37:16
Michael Lind and Salon at it again: Libertarian populism is a fraud 16:32:30
Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done? 16:14:24
VIDEO: Rand Paul Defending the Bill of Rights on Hannity. 16:08:50
Is the universe a thought within a mind? 15:53:30
An Arkansas School District is Arming Teachers.. 15:06:20
Will Ron Paul Mention The Bradley Manning Verdict In His YAL Keynote Speech? 14:49:54
The Witness 14:40:01
Ron Paul came into my work today... RP bullion that is.. 14:37:52
Juggler 14:34:43
The Militarization of New Hampshire 14:31:56
Bootleggers And Baptists - Please Share 14:31:42
The Silver To Gold Mining Ratio Is Very Likely To Be Changing! 14:29:59
Ron Paul: US money sent to Egypt has been 'wasteful' - Fox News 7/29/2013 14:22:09
If Not For Hero Private Bradley Manning, 22 y.o. intelligence analyst with the United States Army... 14:21:01
Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning - Platform for 2015-16 Election Cycle 14:04:46
Students Hijack Luxury 'Super' Yacht with GPS Spoofing 13:51:38
Bradley Manning Not Guilty Of Aiding The Enemy or of Espionage, but Guilty of many other "crimes" 13:39:29
MoneyBomb: Support Justin Amash on Constitution Day 13:30:52
Bill O'Reilly Scolds Al Sharpton: 'Your Day is Done' - VIDEO 13:03:34
meet ippo the zonkey 13:01:56
Do We Have Precedent to Defeat ObamaCare? Appeals court: NYC big-soda ban unconstitutional 12:58:15
Art Bell Returning To Radio With Sirius Show About The Paranormal 12:52:11
Petty threads! 12:45:32
A successful Independent - Sen. Harry Byrd Jr. passed away 12:26:05
NYC Big Soda Ban Defeated Once Again 12:22:49
Why Kerry is Wrong: A Single-State Solution May Be the Only Way 12:21:21
Man 34, Claims LAPD Officers Used 'EXCESSIVE' Force During Bike Stop - VIDEO 12:20:55
Justin Amash on NPR Diane Rehm's right now 12:11:09
Blurred Lines: The Anthony Weiner version 12:00:28
MS for Liberty JEDI 11:47:11
Happening on the Hill Update - 7.29.13 11:16:27
AUTOPSY: Bean Bag Rounds Fired By Police Killed Park Forest Man 95 - VIDEO 10:43:41
City to use Eminent Domain to Buy Underwater Homes. 10:37:12
Individual Health Insurance Rates To Rise 30-40% next Year Under new law, Florida Insurance Chief Says 10:29:12
Dr. Ron Paul to Speak at Colorado Mesa University, Sponsored by Tisha Casida’s Blue Republican Colorado Chapter 10:28:20
KRAUTHAMMER: Effort To Defund Obamacare 'Really Dumb - VIDEO 10:14:46
I wish this was under the 'humor' section... 10:08:34
Grass Fed Beef in Action! 09:59:14
PACKING: Arkansas School District ARMING More Than 20 Teachers, Staff 09:50:43
If you fund it, you're for it. 62 days left 'till Continuing Resolution vote — without Obamacare 09:50:18
Congressional Black Caucus Recommends Shiela Jackson Lee For DHS Post 09:34:45
A Writer For Infowars Speaks UP! 09:33:57
Giant Pro-Marijuana ads pulled from Nascar track 09:29:35
China's Central Bank Injects 17 Billion Yuan Into Markets 09:21:42
FBI To Rand Paul: Domestic Drone Surveillance DOESN'T Require A Warrant 09:00:55
Rand Paul and the Battle of NY .Rand coming to NYC 8/13 08:58:02
Apple's New IPHONE 'Has Fingerprint Sensor' 08:50:55
Rand Paul coming to NYC on Aug. 13th 08:46:29
I just KNOW that the NSA defenders are lying and as a European I have the TRUTH! 06:43:07
Peter Schiff vs. Scott Sumner (new Market Monetarist school?) on Kudlow 03:26:29
POLL: Weiner Shrinks To 4th Place In Wake Of Sexting Scandal - VIDEO 03:14:55
Shocking things Wall Street financiers say off the record about their bloated, corrupt industry 03:14:44
Bernanke ordered to testify in AIG case... 03:12:14
USDA Threatens Farmers by Coercion 02:16:41
New video, statistics raise odds of foul play in Hastings death 02:01:19
How to stop your cell phone from being tracked. 01:56:38
How To Screw Up An Economy, Fascist Style 01:37:22
Is the huge handprint found in Nevada's Lovelock Cave evidence of a lost race of cannibalistic giants? 01:00:13
Any idea what THESE might be? 00:56:24
Rand Paul: Gov. Christie Is 'Sad and Cheap' for Using 9/11 Victims 00:54:53
Explosions rock Lake County gas plant, force evacuations. Another example of "domestic terrorism"? 00:54:39
Pull The Wool Over Your Own Eyes. Join My Church. 'Bob' Is All. 00:46:00
Foreign Service Surveillance Act Creator Ted Kennedy, Only Senator to kill American ‘non combatant’ on Martha’s Vineyard 00:00:08