Posted on August 2, 2013

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What Has Happened To End The Fed 22:48:57
To the Naysayers 21:19:20
Did Ed Snowden Just Prevent World War III? 21:04:32
Video: Ron Paul Rocks the House at YALCon13 20:52:57
Letter From a Deceased Drone Victim To President Obama..America 20:43:46
TaDa! Got the Enemy's PlayBook! How Anti-Gunners are told to stay on Message: LIE & Be Emotional, All the Time! 19:42:38
Canadians smack down Canadian Government over Snowden 19:20:38
Here it is- The first 45 seconds of the Ron Paul Channel! 18:36:30
Indianapolis "Officer of the Year" attacks man in under 16 seconds of conversation 17:35:26
Senator Wyden On NSA Spying: It's As Bad As Snowden Says 16:48:28
WHOA! Rep. Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is 'Same Group' Of 'White Crackers' Who Fought Civil Rights 15:29:55
Gun Control works! Just look at Australia! Yay! Er... NOT! News Co.Au: Is Australia staring down the Barrel of a Gun Crisis? 15:03:09
Smart Bedroom TV Hackers Make Everyone International Porn Stars and Catch Cheaters 14:57:52
Liberty RISING - Out Of Control! House Passes Bill Prohibiting The IRS From Implementing ObamaCare 14:47:54
Want To Avoid Obamacare? Get Elected To Congress! 14:18:45
Thank You Ed Snowden! 13:49:28
Its Official! 'EVERYONE' Is Now A 'TERRORIST' According To US Government 12:36:43
Felony Friday: Cops Bustin’ Up The Fake Heroin Market 12:32:21
Concord NH Police Request Tank to Combat Free State Project "Terrorists" - FSP Responds 12:29:48
Snowden Reveals That UK Spy Centre GCHQ Was Paid £100m in Secret NSA Donations For Mass Survellience of the Population 11:49:29
Police are now a protected class? 11:01:40
PBS: NSA Collects 'Word for Word' Every Domestic Communication 10:50:08
GOP Rep: Obama White House Is HIDING Benghazi Survivors and CHANGING Their Names>Breaking> VIDEO 09:04:56
Thomas Massie: Edward Snowden Did a Service to Our Country, Changed History 08:17:55
Brutal: Alan Grayson on NSA Surveillance Programs and Privacy 08:11:33
GO Snowden GO! 07:20:40
Rand Paul's Speech at CATO: Reclaiming Our Rights in the 21st Century (8/1/13) 05:38:42
I was denied a gun purchase in TN. 01:23:40
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"I'm being detained?" sets officer on a tirade 21:52:49
August 2nd, 1776: Declaration of Independence Signed 21:51:09
Ron Paul Podcast Show 8 / 2 / 2013 Runaway NSA 21:47:03
Edward Snowden Songs 21:31:57
Real-time speech translation ahead 21:23:20
Is the DP becoming a distraction from real Ron Paul PRINCIPLES!? 21:04:29
The International Libertarian Says #MyFriendAdam Kokesh is a Peaceful Person (video) 20:37:26
Video: Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz at the YAL convention 20:04:08
Anti-Gunners / Hoplophobes call It Quits! Well...for this Yr, Anyway. Of course, Bloomberg & the Brady Bunch aren't gonna Stop! 19:49:20
TTAG PhotoCaption Contest: Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! I swear Me & My SWAT buddies ain't gonna hurt ya w/ Our AR's! 19:36:14
Socialist Immigrants in Switzerland. 18:57:52
Ron Paul's speech at YAL streaming at 7PM EST 18:44:03
Will Bradley Manning's sentencing push us enough? 18:21:45
27 Questions For Ron Paul 18:18:57
The Truth is out there ? 18:07:39
Woo Hoo Hoo! Gun Company Displays Largest-Caliber Rifle Ever Created With Bullets That Cost $40 Each 18:02:08
Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny by Robert Wright 17:43:35
SWAT team killed Bambi 17:41:30
Eyewitness Records Santa Ana Officer SHOOT, Kill UNARMED Homeless Man - VIDEO 17:07:30
Biden Unveils New Health Initiative To Make U.S. Women Hotter 16:54:53
Weiner Has Future In Baseball: Virginia Minor League Baseball Team Held A "Salute To Scandal' Night, $1 Hotdogs 16:54:23
'Long Hot Summer Days' 16:45:12
Man Pays Settlement With 600,000 Quarters 16:38:59
Tonight: Ron Paul Live from #YALCon13 7pm ET 16:33:58
Mini-Money Bomb: Help Support my College career) (and Future Political career!) 16:32:05
Who is Erik Reyes 16:28:47
Free Ringtone by They Might Be Giants Mocks the NSA, Permanent War 16:27:25
Electric Car Co. Co-Founded By Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate, Terry McAuliffe (D) Under Investigation By SEC 15:41:35
"Obama's Economic Recovery": Record Numbers of Young Adults Living With Parents 15:31:03
Lee Ann McAdoo @ IFW: Govt Pedophiles & CPS / Foster 'Care' System trap Children into Vicious Cycle of Sex Abuse! 15:29:23
Read the actual "Worldwide Travel Alert" 15:28:38
"Obamacare will be a debacle of epic proportions" 15:19:52
Alan Grayson and Nassim Taleb Talk Punishment 15:13:42
Will Grigg on Bradley Manning Persecution: See Something? Say Something...Unless It's US Govt War Crimes! 15:07:18
Thomas Massie's End the Fed car! 14:56:35
BBC Headline - Radley Balko: Rise of America's warrior cop 14:27:37
In one paragraph. Describe what you think happened in Bengazi on 9/11/2012 14:17:06
The Good Thing About the NSA spying tools. 13:44:22
Ron Paul on House's Obsession with Iran 12:53:29
Trayvon Martin's Hoodie Eyed for Smithsonian Exhibit 12:49:23
Ron Paul Curriculum 12:30:16
Caribbean countries seek slavery reparations from three Europen countries: Britain, France and Netherlands 12:25:45
State Dept issues False Flag Warning? 12:21:32
WOA! City of Seattle To Employees: 'Brown Bag' And 'CITIZEN' Offensive Terms, Usage BANNED - VIDEO 12:20:26
Armed Agents Raid 12:03:59
Money Bomb to help a liberty candidate get elected to the U.S. Congress in Maine 11:55:28
Postal Service takes photos of all mail, began 2001 11:18:33
Is Rand Paul really the one living in yesterday? 11:09:00
Privacy in 2013 - What can WE do about it? 11:07:14
The U.S. To Conduct JOINT Military Exercises In Egypt: Is This 'CODE' For Engaging In War Against Egyptian People 10:22:15
Arkansas Arms Teachers In Schools; Hiding And Locking Doors 'Is Not A Plan' - VIDEO 09:54:40
I'm making a bet with my friend 09:33:38
New Bill Aims to Make 'Smart' Meters Mandatory for Entire Nation 09:30:40
The Truth About Edward Snowden - Video 09:28:56
Ted Cruz Won't Call Gov Christie 'Wrong' For Labeling Rand Paul's Libertarianism 'Dangerous' 09:22:55
WOW! Georgia Insurance Commissioner Says ObamaCare To Force 'MASSIVE' Rate Increases To 198 Percent 09:22:02
State Senator Lee Bright to Challenge Lindsey Graham 09:21:53
The New Thought Police; The Israel Lobby and Traumatic Memory 08:57:45
U.S. Expects Immunity For Its Cops Working In new Cross-Border POLICING Program 08:52:35
Footage Of Nancy Pelosi In Secret Obama-Care Meeting - VIDEO 08:44:16
Small Town Police Are Tooling Up With Elite Military Hardware 08:36:25
Smithsonian Wants Trayvon' s Hoodie 08:15:16
Prophetic Cartoon Warning of Socialism and Communism 07:38:34
Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater 06:39:04
What happened to "The Bubble" film by Tom Woods? 05:56:56
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz 05:36:35
J.P. Morgan to quit the physical commodities business. Hmmm. Wonder why? 04:10:42
Senate Calls Snowden A Law-breaker While They Vote To Break The Law! 04:01:38
Our world is changing 03:41:10
Vermont Man Handcuffed, Detained By Police For LEGAL Open Carry - VIDEO 03:17:31
Evidence of the Chandler's Wobble 02:50:49
Damn... Sad...Karen Hudes can't compete with front page likes of cats and crocks... 02:48:11
SHOCK: Nearly One-Third Of All Military Veterans Considered Committed Suicide According To Survey 02:46:50
The Washington Two Step: FBI Concluded it Could NOT Have Averted Boston Attack 02:40:20
Feds execute a fawn 01:38:00
Are We Seeing in Hastings the Obama Executive Assassination Program in Action? 01:24:01