Posted on August 3, 2013

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LOL Senator Lindsey Graham 22:23:08
Justin Amash upcoming guest on Fox News Sunday! 21:54:57
Judge Napolitano: We Should be 'Grateful' to Edward Snowden 21:35:48
Thomas Massie - WSJ article: Freshmen GOP Lawmakers Revel in Maverick Power 20:31:50
What Gets me about Cenk (Young Turks), and other liberals is... 20:10:49
I've decided to use my AR-15 to restore what the government has taken. 18:25:09
The Young Turks on Piers interview with Greenwald 17:26:42
NPR: Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Praises Snowden, Manning 16:47:55
Sen. John McCain Releases 'DISGUSTING' Statement To Russians On Edward Snowden Asylum 16:43:57
A Rebuke to Marco Rubio 16:30:42
Paul Craig Roberts: Bradley Manning Verdict 'CONVICTS' Washington 16:19:57
CPS confiscates healthy girl from parents who smoked pot, gave her to a murderous foster mother 14:35:04
Jesse Ventura on Edward Snowden, Martha Stewart and Bill O'Reilly 14:19:19
Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Swedish professor 13:35:51
YES ... I will make the comparison 12:47:32
NEWSMAX - Sen. Lindsey Graham: Snowden 'PROBABLY' Got People Killed 12:46:34
New Glenn Greenwald Interview on MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell 12:28:02
Rand Paul Reintroduces the Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act 12:13:21
Sen. Tim Scott flip flops on Rand Paul's Amendment 12:09:37
Napoleon Dynamite! 11:59:48
Woman Accused Of Selling Lobster Tails On Craigslist 09:19:32
Video -Rare Truths "If you want to play lawyer, this is what you get" - Verification Unknown 09:08:46
Anyone think the timing of the Friday terror alert and the breaking Benghazi and Snowden stories is coincidental? I don't 08:23:41
US Court of Appeals Affirms NJ Gun Law Requiring Gun Owners Provide Justifiable Need to Own a Gun, Full-hearing Next 05:17:09
CIA 'running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when consulate was attacked' (Rand was right) 00:46:31
Who Will Miss the US Government if it Shuts Down this October? 00:06:05
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For The Holocaust Deniers an Alfred Hitchcock Documentary 23:11:03
BREITBART - Post-Zimmerman: CNN Viewership Drops 32%, Headline News 50% 21:59:56
The Political Conference Where Justin Amash Is Bigger Than Bieber 21:59:20
Land of the Free - except if you google pressure cookers 21:46:17
Epic Fail 21:38:26
Audio: World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Says All Currency is on the Brink of Collapse 21:35:10
Obama Calls For Dictatorship In America! Communists Democrats Cheer! Treason Caught On Video! 21:24:17
James Bond Lotus Submarine Car Discovered in Storage...Purchased for $100 21:13:08
Ron Paul warning us about tyranny - wake up America 21:12:47
Why Bitcoin will fail 21:06:16
Wow! Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs 20:47:50
A Plan to Save America with 21 Congressional Races in 2014 20:31:16
no one knows what the NDAA is 19:41:14
History Doesn't Happen in the Past 19:21:35
Saudi Prince Bandar "Bush" meets with Putin in Moscow for talks on ending the war in Syria 19:01:12
Millions wrongly treated for 'cancer,' National Cancer Institute panel confirms 18:51:32
Your TV might be watching you 18:47:46
US political system unaccountable Paul Craig Roberts interviewed on Press TV 18:04:33
First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday 18:00:22
Wink Wink "Nudge" Nudge 17:28:38
Vital Excerpts from Sen. Wyden Speech, If We Do Not Stop NSA Now, "We Will All Live to Regret it" 17:15:55
libertarian communities could freely banish dissenters for disagreeing 17:08:58
Flashback '08: McCain Left On Campaign Bus Overnight 17:07:13
Cheaper labor: 77 percent of 2013 jobs were part-time positions 16:56:31
Music That Will Change Your Life 16:47:34
Tomorrow you are Love 16:12:58
Oregon Sheriffs Department Allows Public Insight Through Citizens Training Courses 15:45:12
Have the Patriots Become Their Own Worst Enemies More Than the New World Order? 13:02:34
Video : Charles Bukowski on the Majority Rule, Democracy and Evil Men 12:41:52
The Largest Photo Ever Taken of Tokyo is Zoomable, and it is Glorious! 12:11:39
Matt Shea, Washington Legislator, Tells Tea Party Group To Buy Ammunition To Prepare For Economic Collapse 12:09:35
Drones And The Right To Privacy 12:05:34
Banks facilitate illegal drug trade and then profit from locking people up that consume their "product" 12:00:40
Charlie Rangel's Wild Interview: A Day at The "Races" 11:39:58
US diplomat kills man in car crash, leaves Kenya 11:36:42
The Rise of the WARRIOR Cop Warriors are of honorable status - headline should read - The Rise of Cowards w Badges 11:02:30
Can't we all just get along? Evolution says 'Yes we can' 07:59:55
Obama Solves Healthcare Crisis for Congress, Staff (In Record Time) 07:17:40
Donate $100 dollars or More to ScottHorton.Org to receive a FREE! Brand New high Tech designed 1 Oz. silver coin. 06:44:40
total consecration 06:37:16
Who not to vote for, these are AIPAC agents 03:17:54
U.N. probes allegations of rebel atrocities in Syria 03:13:27
US watches Iran's president-elect for moderation ahead of nuclear 'breakout' 03:11:14
Uruguay closer to legalizing marijuana 03:09:51
Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio 02:57:33
Gerry Adams: Irish Republic was hijacked by conservative elite after 1921 partition 02:21:39
Florida law enforcement agencies refuse to probe killing of Boston Marathon bombing witness 02:19:29
US general reveals plans for Air Force expansion in Asia 02:08:07
Russian meteor may have gangmates in tow 02:06:05
Video - Fat Libertarian Rant 00:43:57
Richard Blumenthal, Ron Wyden, Tom Udall Unveil Bill To Reform FISA Court 00:41:05
Florida won’t investigate police shooting of Chechen man 00:31:44
NSA Confirms Dragnet Phone Records Collection & Admits It Was Key In Stopping Just 1 Terror Plot 00:18:33
CNN Moneyline: Your TV Might Be Watching You - VIDEO 00:00:36