Posted on August 4, 2013

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The Ballad of Ed Snowden 23:09:16
The Muslim World Punked the NSA and USA 22:47:13
We are being assimilated 21:53:25
Glenn Greenwald Mocks 'Robust Oversight' Of NSA Spying On ABC This Week 8/04/13 21:24:18
Morton Blackwell Warns Reince Priebus 18:26:04
Newt Gingrich Rethinks Neoconservative Views on US Military Interventions 18:03:00
Senator Wyden could have spoken out before Snowden.. 17:45:59
Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity: Why Won't They Tell Us The Truth About NSA Spying? by Ron Paul 17:10:45
Threats, Warnings, Closings, What's Up? 16:35:59
Academic Obsession With Marxist Thought = Luciferianism? 16:30:29
ABC'S 'This Week' - George Will: If Christie Thinks LIBERTARIANISM Is Dangerous, "Christie Himself May Be DANGEROUS" 16:24:37
Ex-Newspaper Editor: I Was Fired For ‘Political Pressure’ Over Harsh Anti-Obama Editorial 16:14:03
Glenn Greenwald: Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA 14:29:32
Video: George Will Backs Rand/Libertarianism, Disses Christie on 'This Week' 14:27:18
Rep. Thomas Massie, r3VOL MIT Grad Engineer & Public Servant's Home: NEEDS to sell a DiY Off the Grid Homestead Guide! 13:32:46
John Kerry "Hopes Drone Strikes End Soon" on Pakistani TV... Then reality hits. 12:23:48
Greenwald: Members of Congress Denied Access to Basic Information About NSA 12:21:48
USA Today: Business of America = Fed's Organized Crimes; FBI 'let' Its Informants commit at LEAST 5,658 Crimes in 2011, Alone! 12:09:47
Ron Paul takes jab at Chris Christie 11:38:21
Gigantic PENTAGRAM Found In Kazakhstan Can Be Seen In GOOGLE Maps 11:22:23
Oathkeepers: Heads UP Liberty Activists : Watch Out for E-Mails From Tormail Accounts or Other Anonymous Services 10:53:33
IP address in U.S. Senate blocked by Wikipedia for changing Snowden "dissident" to "traitor" 10:37:44
Rep. Justin Amash on Fox News Sunday 10:32:23
On the Issue of Natural Rights 09:49:34
Nancy Mace 2014 Senate Race Kick Off Speech 08:33:58
Clerk who helped inmate exonerate himself with DNA evidence fired 07:11:44
The Snowden Conversation 01:01:26
Lindsey Graham: The Poster Boy for Democracy Strikes Again 00:18:48
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Pig Pile on 'Team Mitch' 23:44:02
Rand Paul Speech At CATO University 2013: Reclaiming Our Rights in the 21st Century 23:34:33
Is Washington DC the new Hollywood... Does the Tail Wag The Dog, Jonah? 23:22:58
John Stossel ~ Private Firefighting 23:05:35 Stagged Politics... 23:02:41
Can an Evangelical Christian please explain the obsession and servitude towards Israel 22:59:00
Orange County Deputy Is Accused Of Pepper Spraying Teens Pizza, Faces Jail Time 22:48:52
Sign Up to Help Nancy Mace 22:30:56
Jihadist Council In Afghanistan Announces End to Hostilities 22:19:19
C|NET News: FBI Pressures Internet Providers To Install Surveillance Software 22:15:25
Dispatch Radio 22:14:27
How Good Do We Have to Be? by Rabbi Harold Kushner 21:32:35
X-Keyscore: The NSA Tool So Secret It's Advertised on Job Boards 21:24:05
Everyone In North Korea Knows They Are A Slave? 21:16:39
Lindsey Graham has got to go 21:06:01
Liberty RISING: Veterans Group Sues City Of New Rochelle, New York Over Take Down Of Gadsden Flag - VIDEO 20:56:32
On The Convenient Non-Event of August 4, 2013 20:56:21
Enough With The Israel Crap. 20:52:55
Video: DARPA Nerds 'Hack' 2010 Prius 20:48:34
Syria's Assad BANS All Foreign Currency Transactions In Order To Bolster The Failing Lira 20:44:32
Syria’s Assad bans foreign currency transactions 20:42:59
"We are all whistleblowers now" 20:40:15
1985 New Twilight Zone Episode 'Dreams For Sale' 20:14:34
Obama Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny's 20:07:55
Welcome to the Police State 19:57:34
Flashback! CNBC Video: Benghazi Is Not About Libya! "It's An NSC Directing An Operation To Move Arms And Men Into Syria" 19:50:20
NSA Detects Terror Threat "Chatter beyond anything before 9/11" 19:44:59
USA Today EXCLUSIVE: FBI Allowed Informants To Commit 5,600 Crimes 19:22:10
Lindsey Graham tells Candy Crowley If we ever leave the middle east we'll have another 9/11 19:20:11
S.F. Gate: Silicon Valley Leader, Carl Guardino Confident GOP Will Act To Pass Immigration Bill - VIDEO 19:11:02
Daniel Sunjata – actor, activist, American citizen "Join Me in Supporting ReThink911" 17:55:37
Kevin O'leary Full Interview - Cambridge House Int'l's Speculator Series 17:44:30
Oklahoma Liberty News 17:41:59
Red State: Support Matt Bevin in Kentucky US Senate Race 16:35:22
Congressman Davis says foreign aid is not redistribution 16:04:19
RonPaul - NSA Spying: Fiction versus Fact 15:35:41
. 14:10:00
In Case You Missed It: "I HAVE A DRONE - Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama" 13:31:18
WashPo: What the Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul feud taught us 13:07:27
WashPo: Libertarianism 101: The Rand Paul Edition (VIDEO) 12:52:30
New Glenn Greenwald Interview on ABC/Martha Raddatz 12:48:47
The Demand of a Great People is Always at The Scale of Its Most Serious Misfortunes. 12:42:34
Rand Paul finds resistance in the GOP 12:35:02
I Am Yawning Over Another Fake Terror Alert (Living Life Will Kill More People Today Than Al Qaeda Will) So Why Be Afraid? 12:27:05
FAKE Washington Terror Threat 12:01:34
We will fight for bovine freedom - Cows with guns 11:42:01
Family Pleads For Answers Why Police Gunned Down Daughter In South East Oklahoma - VIDEO 11:40:07
Thanks for showing a prodigal son the way home 11:28:25
Don't Forget: Police committed this atrocity 11:20:22
PBS: U.S. Using Satellites To Spy On American Citizens And News Organizations - VIDEO 11:12:45
Don't donate to Nancy Mace yet! Liberty is not done rising in SC ;) 10:50:08
Oleg Ivutin: U.S. on track to become U.S.S.R. 10:49:11
Hemp Car Being Developed in Canada (video) 10:40:38
How Did Groupon Know What Shampoo & Conditioner I Just Purchased? 10:40:20
The Tea Party Republicans Must Be More Anti RINO than Anti Obama to Have Victories in 2014 10:32:57
Let Us F O I A The N.S.A. ! 10:22:41
from The Hill: Nancy Mace perfect timing to challenge Lindsey Graham, excellent article 10:15:59
Goat Milk more beneficial than cow milk? 10:15:18
200,000 mandatory RFID-chipped patrons enjoy slave-training at Lollapalooza in Chi-town 10:06:24
Great "Peter Schiff Report" On Detroit, Ben Bernanke's Congressional Testimony, ACA 07:57:48
Iran President-Elect Misquoted As Saying Israel Is A Wound That 'Should Be Removed' 06:10:35
Legalize Raw Milk Delivery Bill Created by Oklahoma Rep. Walker Gaining Steam 05:45:15
Walking Barefoot Is a Valuable Aspect of a Healthy Lifestyle 04:35:18
If Slaves Had Guns They Wouldn't Be Slaves 02:15:45
The Problem of Modelling the Mathematical Mind 01:26:41
14-year-old, Rachel Parent debates Kevin O'Leary on GMOs 01:17:11
#MyFriendAdam is a peaceful person 00:51:10
What if the people just said “NO!" ? End the Fed & default already! 00:10:17
Think about your last encounter with a cop...were you happy to see them? 00:01:13
Video: Rand Paul Speech at CATO 9/26/12 23:24:01