Posted on August 6, 2013

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Hey Everybody! It's Not Combat Causing Suicides in the Military 22:54:11
World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve 22:07:38
Egypt to McCain, Graham: Get outta here 21:45:34
Rubio Votes With Reid And Obama, Against The American People 21:24:05
The Hell on Earth That's Coming For Many 21:14:23
James Corbett: How to Boycott Wall Street 20:47:45
Trial Begins for Christians Arrested for Reading Bible Outside California DMV 20:04:55
Dr. Ron Paul w/ AJ - Re: Military's Drone Strikes in Yemen & RP Channel (8/6/13) UPDATED 18:04:31
NEW Spying Scandal - Is This One the Last Straw? 18:00:00
Obama Forced 5 Benghazi Survivors to Sign “Nondisclosure” Agreements 16:26:21
Rand Paul: “Don’t you have something better to read than a bunch of crap from people who don't like me?" 16:24:43
Apple Patents Ability to Block ALL Wireless Devices from Recording: Selling to Governments & Police 16:24:38
Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption” 16:10:27
Judge Who Accepted Private-Prison Bribes To Send Black Kids Sentenced To 28 Years 14:58:58
Are Police in America Now a Military, Occupying Force? 14:04:30
Why!? Why Are Americans Turning Against Beer? 13:34:49
Thomas Massie: End the Fed, Replace with Bitcoin YAL Highlights. 13:02:57
Costa Rica Star: Costa Rica Will Stop Sending Cocaine to Miami 11:56:05
NPR - Audio Update: Rand Paul And More On Libertarianism 11:31:21
Study: U.S. Debt Obligations $70 Trillion 10:29:50
U.S. Drones Bombs Yemen; Americans Urged to Leave 10:27:57
Shock Poll: Hillary Clinton, Biden Tops Lists Of Dem Voters Don't Want In 2016 09:33:17
EPJ: Is A Federal Agency Investigating (Stonewalling?) Reporter Investigations Into the Death of Michael Hastings? 09:21:27
Whoa! DHS Establishes 'Constitution Free' Zones Inside U.S. No Fourth Amendment Allowed, Ignored By Media - Video 09:03:23
Are Feds Preparing For Calamity? FEMA Demanding 24 Hour Delivery Of Emergency Food Deliveries 08:35:18
An automated response from Senator Marco Rubio 07:09:08
Daniel McAdams, Director of RP Inst. for Peace & Prosperity pens an Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, the New Owner of the WaPo! 03:25:15
Hasting's Widow Changes Her Story Big Time On Piers Morgan 01:28:46
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My Car Accident 23:49:25
New World Order Luminary, Sen. Rockefeller Continues His Quest To Regulate FREE Speech With His 'VIOLENT Content Research Act' 23:41:42
The Truth About al Qaeda 23:26:41
Colorado Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them 'INVISIBLE' To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets 23:19:51
Rand Paul on Defunding Obamacare and Revitalizing Detroit Without A Bailout - Glen Beck 8/6/2013 23:17:07
Government Officials Hoping Terror Threat 'Diverts Attention' From NSA Spying Scandal - VIDEO 23:01:22
Vote Wikileaks 23:00:58
Zimbabwe to Seize Mines While Compensating Banks 22:55:22
Payoff Details on Kent Sorenson deal with Ron Paul 22:40:59
The $5,000 Protest Hank Paulson Fellowship 22:32:54
US debt six times greater than declared - study 22:22:07
Study Challenges Link Between Combat And Suicide 21:40:56
DHH: Obamacare Months Behind In 'Testing IT' Data Security 21:12:50
Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Very Soon 20:45:56
Karen Hudes will be on the Kevin Cook show tonight @ 9PM Eastern. Details and link. 20:11:41
Remove your chains 20:04:04
NOT Onion: Owner of "Killer Dogs" could face LIFE in Prison! Be Glad that 'We' don't live in the UK...Yet! 19:33:31
Tune In - The Allison Bricker Show 19:32:27
An Old 2007 Ron Paul interview at Google! 19:30:03
Judge Napolitano: NSA 'Shredding' 4th Amendment By Sharing Secret Data With DEA 19:27:26
Americans Still Accepting Trade-Off of Liberty for Security 19:21:33
Love comes 19:20:15
When You Have Nothing Left to Lose: Gunman Kills Three at Ross Township Pennsylvania Meeting 18:57:30
illuminati vs. illuminati 18:43:37
That Light is your Father 18:30:37
Judge reduces Mannings possible maximum sentence to 90 years 18:24:41
Japanese Authorities Say It Is LIKELY Radioactive Water Is Leaking Directly Into Ocean At Fukushima 18:09:10 18:05:16
Fake U.S. Terror Announcements Justify NSA Snooping 17:57:24
Video: Syrian Escalation: Russian S300's Arrive 17:42:32
The Truth About al Qaeda 17:39:52
Royal Baby Spits Up On Great-Grandmother 17:28:29
Video: Remember Craig Mac from Bad Boy Records? 17:04:12
RT: A Plethora of Asteroids Coming? 16:51:51
DHS Spread Fear of Al-Qaeda Attack on Lollapalooza 2013 16:32:08
Up until we touch God's Hands 16:10:14
Confirmed: Benghazi was Cover-up of Arms Transfer to al-Qaeda 16:00:57
Protest Today? Obama in Burbank to tape Jay Leno 15:17:30
Justin Amash on The Andrea Tantaros Show 8/6/13 15:06:51
Rand Paul Says He's Considering GOP Alternative To Detroit Bailout 15:06:11
Rick Robinson: Christie may be staple of our political diet, but Paul could eat his lunch 14:48:32
Love gifted you with life 14:18:33
Will Jeff Bezos Purge Washington Post of the Neocons? 14:03:59
Santelli: “All Roads Lead To The Fed” 14:03:27
Who Can Afford to Buy the Houses to Sustain the Real Estate "Recovery?" 13:55:33
America's Infrastructure CRUMBLING: NYC Department Of Health Building 'INFESTED' With Bed Bugs 13:54:06
Reason: Can Jesse Benton Bring Together The Paul and McConnell Wings of the GOP? 13:48:04
"Boehner Covering For Obama ... Or For Himself?" 13:38:53
Iran's New President Rouhani Determined to Resolve U.S. Nuclear Dispute 13:32:11
Any of you follow this story? 13:28:59
Imprisoned Filmmaker Blamed For Benghazi Attack Speaks Out - VIDEO 13:19:31
US Embassy Closures? 13:19:01
Action Alert: Don't Fund Obamacare 12:33:30
Did RP payoff Sorenson for defecting from Bachmann? New allegations 12:24:24
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Hastings' Friend Sgt. Joe Biggs & Fmr. Secret Agent Dan Bongino on The Alex Jones Show - Aug. 6th, 2013! 12:23:43
Judge Napolitano's Weight Loss 12:17:53
Tsarnaev Narrative Change: Instead Of A Radical Muslim, Tamerlan A "Rightwing Extremist" - Video 12:07:24
Democrats can't find a candidate to replace Baucus in the Senate. 11:32:40
Bush Heart Surgery - Strange Physiology Surprised Doctors 11:30:27
Penn Jillette: Misconceptions of Libertarianism (video) 11:18:15
For anyone here that watches breaking bad 10:56:12
VIRGINIA: Gun Sales Rise, Crime Falls 10:37:56
Would They be Proud? by Walter Williams 10:14:34
Obama's 1st question on terrorist threat to come from comedian 10:05:46
WOW! Dem Polling Firm PPP Names Registered Dem George Zimmerman Among Potential 2016 GOP Nominees 10:04:18
Commerce and Fourth Amendment Freedoms - article 10:03:26
Chemtrails are now common knowledge, with only the most obtuse among us in denial 09:51:53
Fox News Exclusive: George W. Bush Undergoes Surgery For 'STENT' After Blocked Artery Discovered 09:48:06
Obama Fraud Case Going To Congress! Support This Effort Now! Call Your Congressmen! 09:47:01
"Amazon Gave Over $100,000 to Obama’s Presidential Campaigns and Donates Thousands in Equipment During His Inauguration." 09:16:47
Inspirational story about woman who grew up homeless but overcame it all 08:49:47
Students Get $2,000 To Facebook State Propaganda 08:42:17
Revisionist History 05:23:25
Please Don't Confuse Me With That Other Chris Cudnoski 03:08:20
(book) Three Cities by Sholem Asch 02:42:25
Remembering Hiroshima On August 6 02:04:26
Brandon Toy, Iraq Vet / MIC-Contractor turned "I Hereby Resign" Conscientious Objector, on The Alex Jones Show - Aug, 5th, 2013 02:02:57
Innocence is the prize! 02:01:59
Libertarian Bill O'Reilly ( The U.S. Dollar will Collapse 00:50:01
ABC News: The Day the Generals Flipped and It's Still Going On, Operation Northwoods and Killing Innocent Americans 00:24:37
Tao Te Ching Chapter 57 (Libertarian?) 00:19:57
Huckabee Straw Poll 00:10:14
"Liberation" Short Film - Premiering Online August 7th 00:08:25