Posted on August 7, 2013

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Dr. Ron Paul woke all of us up just in time! This is my 6 year journey with Dr. Paul. What's yours? 23:18:01
Police officers harass and arrest family at 2am for being 15 days past due on a civil fine 23:04:40
Justin Amash: President Obama Was 'Highly Misleading' In Claiming There's No Domestic Spying Program 22:53:41
T.S.A. Expands Duties Beyond Airport Security 22:35:51
FDA Demands Recall Of Cartoon, 101 Dalmatians, Disney Complies. 22:07:19
New Matt Bevin Campaign Ad: 'Mudslinging Mitch' 23:52:32
Thank you Justin Amash! 21:29:20
Expect More NSA Revelations Soon, Says Glenn Greenwald 8-7-13 20:51:43
Chris Matthews: "Rand Paul will be RP nominee in '16" - Video 20:02:40
Video: Justin Amash on The O'Reilly Factor explains how congress is kept in the dark about NSA surveillance on Americans 19:25:19
Rand Paul blasts Hillary for claiming not to know about CIA gun-running in Benghazi, compares to James Clapper lie 19:15:01
Politico: Ron Paul: Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie ‘irrelevant’ 17:31:13
Ron Paul: Retired but not relenting 16:09:01
Piers Morgan, schizophrenic (video) 16:05:17
Justin Amash on NSA spying, Edward Snowden, and Karl Rove calling him a liberal (Laura Ingraham 8/7/13) 15:25:29
My Marine Corp. Buddy Requested That I Submit This: TSA Expands Beyond Airport Security 13:41:53
Special Ops to Place Hard-hitting Multiple Billboards in Boehner District 12:21:53
Only 10 people in American history have been charged with espionage for leaking classified information, 7 under Obama. 11:59:48
New Carrier for Japan 11:27:28
OBAMA: "We Don't Have A Domestic Spying Program" - VIDEO 10:34:00
What's so AWESOME about the Daily Paul? 09:19:26
AG Holder: smoking gun on Fast and Furious 07:06:37
Obama on Tonight Show: He's Your Buddy! 05:59:51
"Liberation" - An Action-Packed Libertarian Short Film 04:23:44
Phoenix Police Illegally Detain Arizona Open Carry Supporter Filming Interaction 04:18:05
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Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon 23:53:53
The Founding Fathers Quotes: Roots in Individual Liberty (great quotes) 23:36:09
Is Judge Andrew Napolitano Losing Weight To Run With Rand In 2016? Who Is On Rand's Short List For VP? 23:07:43
Proof that plane didn't hit Pentagon? 22:54:41
More on that goat milk... 22:50:49
Terrorists Down Iranian Cargo Plane At Damascus Airport 22:37:11
Reuters EXCLUSIVE: IRS Manual Detailed DEA's Use Of Hidden Intel Evidence 22:04:30
Do I need to join the police to get myself an AXON Body, or what? 21:24:06
I'm Inviting Y'all to the Official Ron Paul Channel FB Page 21:12:29
Quad Cities Police Officer Beat Female Shoplifter - VIDEO 21:11:23
Preview: 9/11 in the Academic Community 21:09:30
Response Letter to "Uncle Chuck" Schumer, U.S. Senator (D-NY): "Always Sought a Balance, National Security vs Privacy" 20:53:44
Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency 20:40:55
The Case for Fed Tapering Sooner Rather Than Later 20:40:37
Civil Rights Icon Rep. (D) John Lewis Praises Snowden 20:33:59
The fallacy of authority 20:12:25
It’s Just Me And Leroy 20:06:18
Rachel Maddow on Jesse Benton / Sorenson Scandal 19:59:32
Obama Says Forbidden Talking Point: "The Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack" and Ted Koppel: America's Chronic Overreaction 19:53:00
A test of the truth ? 19:03:01
Why did the Left choose the Trayvon Martin case when there are so many others? Private property. 19:00:56
Why we allow ourselves to be in chains? 18:58:12
CPS. TAKE 2yr old from parents for smoking marihuana and give her to convicted pot dealer that kills her 18:54:00
James Madison Declared John McCain, Obama And Many Other Federal Representatives "Criminal Degenerates" 18:50:18
Michigan Donates Detroit To Canada 18:20:28
CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term 18:18:51
R3V0, Darth Cheney, and OB/GYN Ron Kenobi 18:13:14
You hold your own freedom in your blessed hands! 17:47:40
Stefan Molyneux: The Biggest Obstacle to the Liberty Movement 17:44:48
tweetping 17:09:26
Documentary Film 'Born Rich' by Jamie Johnson (&Johnson) 16:55:02
The Wall Street Regulation Scam 16:33:15
Ron Paul: GOP establishment attacks on Rand Paul means "he's on the right track" 16:28:51
Obama’s Congress Opens With Muslim Imam’s Prayer To Allah 15:55:47
Former President Jimmy Carter Backs Snowden, Blasts NSA Spying 15:54:36
Joe Rogan has a new show on the Sy-Fy channel and it's AWESOME 15:34:28
Ron Paul Channel: Major Announcement - screw up 15:33:22
Ben Bernanke is from South Carolina, his first job was at South of the Border 15:29:45
REPORT: President Obama PERSONALLY Negotiated ObamaCare 'EXEMPTION' For Congressional Staffers 15:28:33
Never Lose a Vaccine Argument Again! Proof they cause Autism and Auto-immune Disease 15:13:56
The Revolution Was 15:04:40
Yemen's Government Says It 'FOILED' Al Qaida Plot 15:01:34
Dr. G. Edward Griffin Interview W / "Alex Jones" - GCN- 1PM -2PM CT 14:51:40
Much to Hide (Op-ed - Final Revision! ) 14:37:18
Secret Service (Ironically?) Soliciting Tattle Tale Tweets 14:24:33
Gold price rigging for dummies. 14:11:48
Curious About Gold Production? 14:05:30
Unhappy With U.S. Foreign Policy? Pentagon Says You Might Be A 'High Threat' 13:59:04
How and Why Adam Kokesh was Framed (video) 13:56:27
Ron Paul: The First Look 13:54:48
Exclusive: John McCain on His Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo 13:39:37
Paging George Zimmerman to the White Courtesy Phone... 13:30:51
Nancy Mace: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Makes Her Hopeful 13:28:11
Obamacare: Part Time Worker 'Escape' Plan WON'T WORK 13:22:14
All of you who supported Jesse Benton (officially outed as "scumbag"), who's side were you on? 12:53:32
Did Bradley Manning have the option of a jury trial? 12:46:24
IRS Targets Open Source Software-Open Source Voting Ends 6yr Battle 12:43:26
Indiana School Gives Drug Testing Kits To Parents To Use On Their Kids - VIDEO 12:25:16
Video Commentary - Obama Drones So-Called Militants? 11:06:13
Bradley Manning's Maximum Potential Sentence Reduced to 90 Years from 136 11:01:02
Meet Vera Kichanova, Russia's Rising Libertarian Activist 10:41:59
My answer to those that don't care if the Government is spying on them. 10:38:57
The Federal 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge: Is a Fed Gun Control Solution Coming? 10:37:30
Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Next Month, Reason: Snowden 09:53:01
Obama cancels Moscow summit with Putin 09:46:29
You know you're a Neocon if... 09:18:55
The Network of Global Corporate Control 08:50:43
Beyond Trinity...Fukushima cover up of massive proportions 06:54:29
The "Free Stuff" Isn't Going To Increase As Fast As Expected: Local Woman Who Spoke At Dem. Convention Disappointed In Obama 05:45:21
Gutter Ball: Bowler Denied 300 Game After Lane Malfunction On last Frame - VIDEO 04:38:01
Do You Want To Save America, Her Justice, Peace, And Prosperity, By Restoring What She Used To Be, Yes Or No? 04:01:12
... 03:42:56
Psaki: We Have Determined That We Do Not Not To Make A Determination On Egypt 02:34:31
America's Reputation Can Never Be Recovered 02:21:23
Video: Feral dogs roam, yet progressive statists refuse to admit the obvious. 02:10:31
The Shakeout In Gold Isn't Over 01:58:10
Voters in Colorado town to decide fate of drone-hunting proposal 01:57:33
Guy starts a thread on 4Chan, "summoning" the NSA. Guess who shows up with proof they are the Feds? 01:54:58
The Book on Dating: Strategies Every Guy Should Know by Mark Dice 01:44:22
Is Lindsey Williams for Real? 00:36:09
Walking in the Shadows (Old "John Galt" song) 00:35:36
Thinking Out Loud (Original Song by DP poster) 00:14:02