Posted on August 8, 2013

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Sickening: Teen Killed by Taser, Cops Laugh & High-Five Each Other (Israel Hernandez) (Video) 23:18:36
Alex Jones Selected As # 3 On Talkers' "Frontier Fifty" List 23:09:27
Tom Woods and Pat Buchanan on War, Rand Paul, the Neocons, and More 22:39:16
Rand Paul's Ideal Fed Chairman: Friedrich Hayek 21:56:07
Ominous warning from one of the few email providers who respected the Constitution 19:00:53
We left the U.S. We chose Chile. 18:27:15
Self Proclaimed CONSERVATIVE New Jersey Governor Chris Christie SIGNS 1o Gun Bills Into Law 18:01:36
Cynthia McKinney: Tyrannical Trajectory of Corporatist Govt makes It Clear, 2A Must be Protected as w/ ALL of Bill of Rights! 17:58:55
Even Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager Can't Stand Him - New Republic 17:56:23
Lavabit, email service Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down 16:38:00
My (and Ed Snowden's) Email Provider Shut Down 16:36:52
Waco TX Police Search Apartment Complexes, For ‘Crime Prevention and Safety Inspection’Tired of The Police Keeping Us Safe? 14:38:43
An open letter from Roger Waters 14:15:17
Crowd Erupts In Thunderous Applause When Presented with Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham 13:45:11
Welcome to Post-Constitution America: The Weapons of War Come Home 13:24:40
Yes, I shall gloat: The Editor of NY Newspaper, whom Unethically released Names & Addresses of LAWFUL Gunowners, FIRED! 13:17:26
Thomas Massie - Climbing The Ranks 13:05:06
The Cops Can Take Away Your Cash, Car or House - Even If You're Never Convicted Of A Crime 12:37:52
Join the Unplugged Rebellion? 12:20:15
The Riddle Of The "ANGEL Priest": Holy Man Appeared From Nowhere To Pray For Trapped Girl, Then DISAPPEARS - VIDEO 12:05:02
New Lampoon The System Cartoon: Ben's Diner 10:41:02
New REVELATIONS: Germany Sends 'MASSIVE Amounts' of Phone, Email To NSA Data 09:03:51
"China Syndrome" Emergency at Fukushima 8/6/13 (Excellent) Update 08:11:44
NSA Plan To Purchase 1.6 Billion Bottles Of Leak Ender 2000 Raises Questions 06:25:42
"Spy Rings" & "Snowdy" rolls: A German Baker's Ode to Snowden a Hero 06:12:57
If We All Start Saying "The Base" in Place of the Arabic Words "Al Qaeda" We Could End Our National Nightmare 05:51:55
Colorado Politicians Get “Invisible” License Plates That Make Them Immune To Traffic Laws 03:19:17
Obama-Snowden picture illustration: Who Do You Trust? 01:36:55
Doctor Sanjay Gupta Apologizes For Being WRONG on Marijuana 00:24:00
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Russia destroys over 75% of Its chemical weapons stockpile 23:54:59
Glenn Greenwald exposes double standards on Obama's cancellation of summit with Putin and extradition 23:52:39
US Ambassador to UN says, "US Should Give Up A Pinch of Sovereignty" 23:41:13
Ron Paul: "There dangers in taking vaccines. There are also many blessings with vaccines." 23:20:33
TSA To RUIN Train Travel Now, Too 23:18:16
Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Libertarian Politics 23:17:06
I Believe Merle Haggard is a Hero to the Cause of Liberty, Why Hasn't The Hag Been featured in Campaigns yet? 23:08:23
Once Upon a Time, the Cosmos spawned a Few Funny Creatures called "The Trendies," Then came Obama & Multiply They Did! 23:04:46
The War on Walmart: Who's afraid of cheap groceries? 22:31:52
Declassified: Joint Chiefs Approved False Flag Attack on America, for All Remaining Doubters on 9/11 22:28:03
Shotguns, Flying Robots And The NSA 22:09:05
My lovely Constanze 22:05:34
delete 21:58:12
Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vaccine Causes Autism 21:44:57
My Back to Eden Garden! 20:41:56
Rob Gray's side of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield Drama - Video 20:28:31
What will happen when Bilderberger Jeff Bezos takes over the Washington Post? *Updated W/ Video* 20:21:18
A Letter to Libertarians from a Former Libertarian 20:19:10
Dr Sanjay Gupta Apologizes For 'Systematically Misleading Americans about weed" 20:18:20
"U.S. defense lawyers to seek access to DEA hidden intelligence evidence" 20:10:44
Correction: Christie isn't going anywhere 19:54:22
AWESOME: Zapped Malaria Parasite Vaccine | Achieves 100% Protection 19:21:30
Ben Swann: Christe Spends $4.7M In Sandy Relief Funds on PSEUDO Campaign Ads Featuring Himself 19:10:11
Tactical Nuke used in Syria? 19:06:31
EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Will Now Let In Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Into America 18:58:37
Serious question..Why would a libertarian vote Richard Cash over Nancy Mace in 2014? 18:55:02
Ron Paul Nation Podcast Banner Ad on THE Radio Industry News Magazine: 18:51:01
Ted Channel: Good One Video 18:47:11
Hotlined: The More You Know About the Department of Children and Families 18:28:59
IRS Agent: Tax Agency Still Targeting 'Tea Party' Group 18:06:38
Ron Paul Calls NSA's Alexander And Clapper Liars - VIDEO 17:54:43
Ron Paul 'Conviction' video...blast from the past...makes me feel it all over again 17:50:25
Dear Lawrence O'Donnell, Don't Mansplain to Me About Russia 17:48:26
Truther Jihadist Wishes Al-Qaeda Had Committed 9/11 Attacks 17:11:10
Poll: Illinois has become the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana. Do you agree with the state government’s decision? 16:52:56
What Would Jesus Do If He Was Told To Comply With Obamacare, Gun Control and Other Unjust Laws? 16:49:49
"Crossed Another Line" (Original song by DP poster) 16:35:12
Citrus maintains body blood flow? 16:30:56 - Interactive Realtime Bitcoin Transaction Visualizer With Sound 16:30:27
Homeland security exercise taking place in Austin, TX 16:20:23
Police State: Austin SWAT Police Confines Resident To His Own Home - VIDEO 15:35:36
Easter Egg: Can You Spot the Chemtrails in ‘Silver Circle’? 15:33:35
Russian TV announcer gives "Obama salute". 15:30:49
Freedom trail 15:28:33
Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton @ 1974 PSA Warned of Coming Surveillance State to Control Behavior! 15:15:19
I Love My Ford Truck! 15:14:20
Need Help with Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum 15:14:12
Ex-Border Patrol Agents Warn: Politicians Helping Cartel In U.S. - VIDEO 15:01:56
Peter Schiff - on the Rising Gold Prices 15:01:00
Ron Paul Comes Out Against Capital Punishment 14:54:05
3D Printed Rifle 2.0 Successfully Fires 14 Shots 14:46:22
Man Invents Machine That Turns Plastic Back Into Oil 14:46:05
How to Avoid Being Used in African Dating Scams 14:32:17
'Joe Rogan Questions Everything' S01 E02 14:29:20
One of the most disturbing websites I have ever visited 14:25:11
Scientists Disclose Plans To Make Superflu In Labs 13:55:53
Benton Bribery Scandal Compromises Rand Paul 2016? 13:52:22
The Dad Life 13:11:00
Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign expenditures breakdown 13:08:13
Joe Rogan's Question Everything - DEBUNKED 13:07:00
RawStory: Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign allegedly bought Iowa endorsement 13:04:12
"Satire" Chris Christie changing parties and running as Democrat next election 12:59:42
The Hegelian Dialectic and its use in Controlling Modern Society 12:55:00
BizWk: Rand Paul on Republicans' Voter Appeal and the Federal Reserve 12:48:37
Snowden's father interview Reuters 8.07.13 12:40:45
NYTimes: 10 Questions for Rand Paul 12:27:07
Chris Matthews: GOP will nominate Rand Paul for President 12:24:45
Rand Paul: Stephanopoulos Might Have Helped Obama Manufacture the Republican War on Women 12:20:10
Jesse Benton on Mitch McConnell: "I'm sorta holding my nose for 2 years" 12:14:09
Congress exempts themselves from Obamacare mandate 12:02:08
Apple's Patent That Could Disable Smartphone 11:57:48
59% Of Doctors Would NOT Recommend Kids Go Into Medicine 11:53:26
BBC - The Brothers Who Bombed Boston "Enemy Within" (Video) 11:51:27
Greece's Unemployment Nightmare Continues To Get Worse 11:43:25
SURPRISED? Chris Christe Leads Early In New Hampshire Primary Poll 11:33:09
Does a person "own" his DNA? 11:30:11
U.S. Gov't Claims Responsibility for Terrorist Attack Inside Yemen that Leaves 7 Dead. 11:20:35
What's So Awesome About Ron Paul? 11:05:47
Organized attacks on Ron and Rand in HP comments section 10:59:17
Dolphin giving birth caught on camera - video 10:44:18
Fox News: Obama Administration Using Housing Department In Effort To 'DIVERSIFY' Neighborhoods - Video 09:43:45
Jeb Bush Makes Feeble Attempt To Score Political Points By Attacking Hollywood Hypocrite Matt Damon 09:29:10
Obama admin. Using Housing Dept. to Compel Diversity in Neighborhoods 09:24:41
China - Mental Illness/disorders reported at 17.5 per cent 09:18:04
Calling Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al. 08:59:20
The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States 08:55:02
Eugene Oregon Cop Caught SLAPPING 10 Year-Old Boy Stirs Outrage - VIDEO 08:40:00
Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!” 08:30:57
Uncommon Grounds : The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World 07:24:02
Speech from the Dock 03:29:19
300,000 Fans Willingly RFID-Chipped at 2013 Lollapalooza Music Festival 03:01:40
Categorizing Candidates 02:39:21 - The Real Breaking Bad: How the Drug War Creates Collateral Damage 02:24:29
Rolling Stone To Publish Michael Hastings' Profile Of CIA Director John Brennan 02:09:53
Marches and Protests that accomplish direct action results 01:02:25
'Zero-hours' contracts: Over one million workers in UK are literally slaves 00:44:50