Posted on August 9, 2013

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Startling Comments From Judge Nap (On Today's Peter Schiff Show w/ Tom Woods Guest-Hosting) 23:38:31
Somewhere in Russia, Edward Snowden Is Smiling 22:10:13
Patrick Henry: Shall Liberty or Empire Be Sought? 19:24:14
President Obama's news conference today was...weird. 17:48:01
Forget lavabit .. here comes startmail... 17:31:14
Matt Damon Drops Support for Obama over Drone Strikes, NSA Spying 15:57:06
They're outside your house at 1:30am what are you going to do? 14:43:02
Ron Paul: Rand and I are very close on the issues, he's a little bit better at presenting things (Laura Ingraham 8/9/13) 14:10:17
Why isn't General Clapper being tried for perjury? 14:09:18
Man beats bank at their own game 13:04:27
Hey, Now Why Didn't I think of That? Man Who created Own Credit Card SUES Bank for not sticking to Terms! 12:27:32
FEINSTEIN: "You're NOT A Real Journalist Unless You Draw A Salary" 12:19:50
Ben Swann: Did The Ron Paul Campaign Betray Liberty Voters In Iowa With A Backroom Deal? 11:33:13
Voters Explode at GOP Lawmakers During Town Hall: ‘We’re Dying Out Here Because You Guys Are Being Nice Guys!’ 11:29:22
Bipartisan Congressional Committee INDICTS Bush, Clinton And Obama For War CRIMES - VIDEO 10:44:34
Deputies Climb Through Window Into Couple's Home Without A Warrant, Hold Them At Gunpoint & Shoot Their Two Dogs 10:19:35
Did the POTUS lie on national TV? 10:16:55
The Green Tea Coalition 09:30:41
Update: Lavabit Owner inteview on why he shutdown his company 08:54:58
Russian Senator Starts Snowden Aid Fundraising Campaign 08:26:51
Sean Hannity NOT fired from FOX News - As claimed by N3 01:31:19
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New Libertarian/Esoteric Novel- Free 23:49:03
DP'ers on the weekends! 23:01:17
Forfeiture Reform 22:27:23
A quadrillion yen and counting - The Japanese debt bomb could set off global panic at any moment 22:20:43
Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading 22:14:48
The Courage of Bradley Manning 22:04:57
Private Corporations Selling Security Exploits 21:31:03
Worst President EVER 21:28:07
The whole Snowden/NSA thing is a lost opportunity 21:26:07
In The Know : Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? 21:16:27
. 21:08:10
. 20:58:13
Freemasons, I'm joining. Well, thinking about it. Your thoughts? 20:55:58
New study finds that U.S. is actually over $70 trillion in debt 19:40:39
Mystery surrounds Egyptian sphinx unearthed in Israel 19:34:30
Americans Giving Up Passports Jump Sixfold as Tougher Rules Loom 19:21:22
Rand Paul: National Security Run Amok (Washington Times) 19:20:42
Targeting the Russian Federation: Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War 19:19:48
Obama on Leno: "There is no spying on Americans." Snowden Says He's a Liar. 19:16:47
Obama: Today's Snakeoil Press Conference 19:12:05
First Liberty Rapper Emerges! 19:09:02
Finally I am home alone.. 19:08:33
Fear the absence of Love 19:02:38
If humanity is to exist, Isn't a socialist society inevitable given the future of robotics? 18:56:30
Survey: Strategory? 18:39:20
Ron Paul's pick for Fed chair: No one 18:36:27
NSA to cut system administrators by 90 percent to limit data access 18:28:26
What is your opinion on a maximum wage? 18:26:47
Dolphins granted personhood by government of India 18:26:22
Charles, the Father of Slain DEVGRU / SEAL Team6 Michael Strange, NSA-Spied: They Murdered My Son! It IS a Cover-Up! 18:20:40
France confirms it will continue ban on GMO corn, despite council ruling 18:19:02
When Will America's Say, "ENOUGH Is Enough?": Police Are Now Entering And Inspecting Homes To Prevent Crimes 18:17:36
AG 47 Revealed - New Silver Coin "Come And Take Them" - Plus Video 18:08:15
Civil Disobedience: The Right of Revolution 18:00:57
Seattle Journalist Threatened With Arrest, Workplace Harassment For Filming Police - VIDEO 17:43:09
Hannity Out At Fox? 17:39:17
Benton sees "hurt" in McConnell's eyes 17:39:14
Why Did Obama Denigrate the Office by Going on a Comedy Show? 17:22:57
How Ron Paul Changed My Heart and Mind on War 17:05:07
"Have you No Sense of Decency?" 16:28:53
Remy Munasifi: From ‘Arlington Rap’ to opening for Ron Paul 15:58:05
Progressers go into Convulsions from Cognitive Dissonance after Learning our Sun Played a Trick on Them: Danish Paper Details 15:49:30
How and Why Adam Kokesh was Framed: WRC 15:45:53
8-9-2013... The President Addresses A Tearful Nation 15:25:02
Does Fewer Unemployment Claims Really Mean a Better Jobs Market? 15:20:12
"Ya'll Just Make Me Sick"...Allen West to Sharpton, Jackson, Wonder, etc... 15:06:41
Thyroid disease as a psychiatric pretender 14:52:44
Rand Paul: National security run amok 14:31:50
. 14:24:01
Questions to folks on this site 14:19:57 gets owned. Page defaced. Not work friendly 14:19:51
'AFFORDABLE' Care: $1 Pay Hike Costs Middle-Class Family $9,355 Hike In Premiums 13:34:29
Ron Paul's pick for Fed chair: No one 13:18:01
The Hill: Democrat Rep. Says 40-50 GOP Members WILL Back Immigration Reform, DON'T Want to Be Identified 13:10:35
Jesse Benton got Mitch McConnell Photobombed - HILARIOUS 17:10:14
Strangled 12-Year-Old Girl 12:53:12
The BIG Question. Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed by Greg Hunter 12:34:57
Jakari Jackson, IW Reporter's Potentially Lethal Encounter caught on Cam: Neighbor SWAT-ed! DHS warns 'Terrorism' in Austin! 12:01:41
My Brother, My Enemy 11:30:45
Video: Modern Terrorism and Privateers 11:26:03
Tsa Fail 11:12:16
US Government behind 8th terrorist attack in less than 2 weeks. When will they be stopped? 10:43:26
Self-driving cars curfew, and other dystopia from my nightmare last night 10:28:18
Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs? 10:15:02
Weiner Goes 'LIMP', Slips To Lowest Rating Ever In Poll Of Democratic Voters 09:15:25
Snowden’s Email Provider Is Closing, Cannot Legally Say Why 08:58:41
During The Best Period Of Economic Growth In U.S. History There Was No Federal Reserve Or Income Tax 08:47:56
Ron Paul Channel Subscription priced at $10/month 07:37:24
Please Do Not Put this on the Front Page... Thank you 06:00:10
Standing up for Bradley Manning 03:44:41
Does Capitalism Exploit Workers? 03:37:31
UPDATED: Chemtrail Truth campaign continues on DP... 03:10:59
Zorg vs. Bastiat... aka The Broken Window Fallacy vs. Man's Power 02:47:03
Whats Next? Bob For Mayor - I Need Your Help... 01:44:43
Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “a Talking’ Is Cheap; People Follow Like Sheep. Even Though There Is Nowhere To Go…” 01:39:06
Armored Vehicle Requested To Deal With Libertarians 01:22:15
South Carolina primary poses challenge for Lindsey Graham - Real Clear Politics 01:22:11
Audio: RT's Abby Martin on The Duncan Trussell Family Hour 01:20:43
Police Search Home of Concealed-Carry Permit Holder After He Is Mugged Part One 00:39:54
Satellite controlled electricity/utilities meters coming soon, your home will now be 100% controlled from space. 00:19:01