Posted on August 11, 2013

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On my 6 yr anniversary I would like to thank Nystrom 23:16:16
Obama Suggests Only Lawyers Understand the Constitution 23:03:08
There Isn't Much Time Left For America; The Lamp Of Liberty Is Running Out of Oil 22:06:00
The Photo 21:41:15
Rand Paul Responds to Jesse Benton's Hold Your Nose Comment - Video 21:10:36
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - August 12, 2013: Why Are We At War In Yemen? 19:03:39
The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse 18:23:14
The $50 Lesson 16:42:24
John McCain Saws Another Leg off the Republican Platform 16:38:51
IRS Needs AR-15's for "Standoff Capabilities?" 15:07:31
N.J. Senate Race: For First Time, NSA Surveillance Is Major Election Issue 13:55:25
Eminent Domain Tables Turned in California 12:58:33
Gen. Keith Alexander: NSA ditching NINETY-Percent of Its System Administrators to avoid "Leaks"! 12:33:11
Holy Schnikees! Snowden's father and Bruce Fein just issued a vicious beat down 11:22:58
Shot to Death by Police for Betting on a Football Game? The Rise of Paramilitary Force in America 09:53:10
Walter Matthau as Edward Snowden 09:26:15
Video - Larken Rose: "Offending Activists" 07:16:56
YoungTurks - "NSA Twists Words To Fit Agenda, Cites ZERO Terrorists Intercepted" 06:44:46
Video - Wearechange- "Obama's NSA Spying Press Conference Break Down" 06:34:00
Obama vindicates Snowden 02:39:07
Nevada Farm-to-Fork Bill Now Law 00:43:34
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I need Ron Paul's advice 23:40:45
Obama Is Bailing Out Detroit With Tax Dollars Via Obamacare 23:16:24
Best way to hide evidence is to get rid of it 22:59:31
Water leaks at Fukushima could contaminate entire Pacific Ocean 22:58:31
Big Banks Manipulated Energy Markets In California and the Midwest … Ripping Off Tens of Millions of Dollars in 9 Months 22:58:24
Intrinsic Value is Real 22:53:28
Obama the rodeo clown? “We rode the sixty miles home in silence. In a way I’m glad. I had no answers for him.” 22:46:40
Freedom of Lemonade 22:16:04
The Mathematics of War 22:13:30
Tennessee Judge Changes Infants Name Against Parent's Will 21:59:39
One of the most insightful, revealing articles yet on the Boston Bombing. 21:51:12
Stumbling around youtube, I came across this great RP2012 video 21:42:23
Big Order 21:37:49
Bad Dog 21:30:59
Kentucky Senate Race Spending Could Top $100 Million 21:24:09
Ted Cruz's Father': 'Obamacare Is Going To Destroy The Elderly' 20:02:58
Laser test to tell us when we will die 19:06:13
You Want To Vaccinate My Child? No Problem, Just Sign This Form 19:05:00
Immigration Reform Bill - Anyone Know What The Stated Reason For Congressional Interest In That Is? 18:39:15
Everyone is under surveillance, even CIA Chief 18:23:44
My view on Sandy Hook Elementary shooting case 18:15:15
The Daily Show: The Bank Fury 17:50:58
When tyrants stick their hand in Ron Paul's freedom cookie jar 17:47:43
Russ Baker Speaks In St Paul 17:25:40
Is "Open Source" needed to avert global collapse? 17:21:54
New owner of WaPo: "Inscrutable Libertarian Democrat" 16:25:51
Suspected Lethal Nerve Agent (Story Was Changed To Nail Remover) 15:57:34
Weed, a Documentary Premiering on CNN. 15:27:59
Tea Party Steers Clear of Endorsing McConnell 2014 Reelection Bid 14:54:38
Liberty MUST embrace technology and science or we WILL lose this fight. 14:21:06
Benton & McConnell: A Drama Worthy of Shakespeare 14:09:19
McCain: Young Americans admire Snowden, see him as 'some kind of Jason Bourne' 13:51:16
Once Again Whackers Wanna Screw Up The Hobby... Encryption 13:39:42
Delete 13:28:29
What is it with the Boomers? I'll tell you what it is. Media Brainwashing pure and simple. I DETEST 13:22:27
Cody Wilson ( interviewed by Lew Rockwell - Aug. 8th, 2013 + Fuel3D: $1000 HandHeld 3D Scanner KickStarter Project! 13:10:11
China bets big on new global links 13:05:34
Snowden's father urges son not to accept a deal with U.S. authorities 12:46:31
New Company Allows Organizations To Hire Fake Protesters 12:44:11
STOP Killer The SkyNet & the Terminators are Already Here! Stop Them, before It gets Worse! 11:59:13
Techdirt - Insight from one of Senator Wydens staff members 11:20:05
. 11:13:56
Sudden Flood of Asylum Requests at U.S./Mexico Border Amid Amnesty Possibility 11:09:24
If the Fed Tapers or Stops QE, Who Will Fund the U.S. Government? 11:04:24
What if for every tattoo you got, you bought Silver instead 10:57:30
Refugee Camp in Jordan - Video 10:53:57
Why can't we talk about IQ? 10:51:18
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: WHY the US Govt started touting GDP instead of GNP since GWB Regime! 10:34:58
Veterans for Peace 9/11 Truth Caucus Seeks to Publicize VFP’s Official Pro-9/11-Truth Stance 10:22:28
There should be no more debate about Jesse Benton. His "holding my nose" comment is all you have to hear 10:12:47
Zero Hedge: Obama On NSA Spying: "I Would Be Concerned Too, If I Weren't Inside The Government" 09:02:38
Spontaneous Human Combustion! Baby erupts in flames 07:31:56
Over Priced: As of June 30, only 48% of the properties of American Homes 4 Rent were leased. 07:27:26
Who To Trust? 05:52:34
NSA Wiretapping Public Service Announcement (Satire) 04:36:44
US remains 'uninterested' as Kurds massacred by Syria's militant opposition 04:30:44
Snow Job: U.S. Air Force flies cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami 04:28:54
Obama Prevents Terror Attack at Fort Hood 03:57:59
Disastrous Economic Fallacies : Frederic Bastiat Vs. Paul Krugman 03:26:07
Christopher Greene On Michael Hastings' Strange Death, and the Widow Interview with Piers Morgan (8/9/2013) 02:57:17
The Next Terrorist Attack - What The Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You. (8/8/2013) 02:23:55
Bevin vs McConnell now VERY interesting 02:14:37
Cherokee Taxpayers: $9 Million Unlubed Shaft Job (TMOT, 7/27/2013) 01:09:26
Protests for Teen Killed by Taser – A Community Outraged By Cops (Israel Hernandez) (VIDEO) 00:24:01