Posted on August 12, 2013

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Rand Paul on Hannity - August 12, 2013 23:24:35
One Day 22:37:22
CIA Director Brennan Confirmed as Reporter Michael Hastings Next Target 22:06:40
Bono: “Capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid” 22:04:59
Cruz Says He Is Eligible to Run for President 22:02:13
400 Surface to Air Missiles were Stolen in Benghazi 20:44:57
Rodeo Clown (Dixie Chicks) Handed Lifetime Ban For Mocking Obama (Bush) 20:23:30
New Glenn Greenwald: Expose of Hayden and "journalist" Bob Schieffer 18:03:23
Justin Amash says House Intelligence Committee withheld info from libertarian and tea party Congressmen elected in 2010 17:50:55
Why We Cut The Ends Off The Ham 16:32:34
Video Tour of the Ron Paul Channel Studio 16:30:19
Pirate Bay Launches Easy Anti-censorship Browser 15:51:32
Judge Issues Schizophrenic Ruling On Constitutionality Of “Stop And Frisk” Policy 15:36:34
Cruz was born in Canada. 14:02:32
The First Episode Of The RP Channel 13:58:16
Obama Zombies Sign Petition Supporting Infanticide as Part of Obama Care (Post-Birth Abortion) 13:32:52
Ted Koppel Denounces ‘Overreaction’ To Al Qaeda: ‘Can You Imagine A Day When We’ll Be Without The TSA? 11:49:59
Ron Paul "Why are we at war with Yemen?" 11:21:34
Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules 10:41:20
Under Pressure? Look what's happening... 09:18:14
What Were The Five Most Liberty Destroying Actions? 08:37:42
Rand Paul will be a Guest on "The Daily Show" Tonight 08:00:24
Summer RNC Rules Fight: 2 Different Approaches 09:33:48
The Elephant in the Room of the Upcoming RNC Rules Battle 04:35:16
Ron Paul Discusses His New Channel And The NSA Spying Program - Alan Colmes 8/11/2013 02:59:42
Outrage In Texas 01:15:46
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Scientists explain why HPV vaccines are unsafe 23:19:52
My 5 year 6 month 5 day anniversary has finally arrived. 22:55:17
Stock Market Bubbles And Record Margin Debt: A (Repeating) History Of Ignoring All Warnings 22:29:34
Why Big Six Media Won't Tell Truth About Federal Reserve Banksters 22:21:58
A Victory Over Surveillance: Xbox One's Mandatory "Kinect" Camera No Longer Mandatory 21:56:50
How to Build an Urban Survival Community - Interactive 21:46:31
Reform the NSA or gradually phase it out? 21:43:50
Wow, Never knew about this... The Police state has been around a while 21:32:49
recommended by a friend 21:12:51
2nd Annual Police Accountability Summit by The Peaceful Streets Project, Aug. 17th in Austin, TX 21:06:16
DDT Ban Linked to Population Control 20:44:59
War Photographers: Michael Kamber and Louie Palu on Iraq and Afghanistan 20:39:26
This Is My Deck Of Cards 20:36:04
US Deploys More Osprey Aircraft In Japan Despite Protests 20:29:04
Clapper In Charge of Establishing Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies 20:27:21
J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed 20:21:58
Abby Martin Calls Out Rachel Maddow For Painting 9/11 Truthers As Potential Terrorists 20:12:22
How to Get a Job in the 21st Century 19:52:22
Listen To This Afghani Student And Friends Crush The Statists 19:49:17
Why Are So Many People Choosing To Leave The United States Permanently? 19:25:51
Conservative blogger lists top 10 campaign ideas for Scott Walker, Paul Ryan 18:50:37
Mark Levin's Proposed Constitutional Amendments 18:42:26
. 18:08:49
You 17:53:44
Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan 17:00:26
The Fed Has Purchased 1.43 Million Homes Worth of Mortgages 16:29:18
Meteor Shower Tonight 'till Dawn: 12 Aug 2013 16:02:52
A Small Step Forward For Liberty & Logic On Drug Offenses 15:13:53
Krugman Dare Not Speak Rothbard's Name 15:12:00
Breitbart: CA Set to Become Strictest Gun Control State with Ammunition Registry 14:22:00
A personal view of The Nation of Israel 14:20:47
A Tour of the New Studio 13:43:27
NASA maps Earth-killer asteroids in one image 13:41:08
Wireless Electricity: Cutting the Last Cord 13:36:16
airport novelist & truth teller (gitmo) 13:27:14
Ben Swann - War In Yemen!: U.S. Navy Is Soliciting 12 More Drones For Possible Yemen Strikes 13:25:47
Ron Paul's Internet Channel Being Launched Today! 13:24:33
Obama Responds To The Liberty Movement Like A Little Kid 13:06:59
Trans-Pacific Partnership - Sign The Petition to OPPOSE 12:48:35
McCain Calls Egypt " COUP" on FOX But Voted to Lawlessly Continue Aid 12:41:22
I'll Bet You Never Imagined This Was Possible... 11:59:29
Look Out Rand! Cruz Zooms to the Front of the Pack in Iowa 11:29:45
Mondays with Murray: Rothbard on War Revisionism 10:46:54
Libertarians winning again - Holder announces incarceration reform. Now if we could only get him to enforce the Constitution 07:10:58
The dictator/nanny Bloomberg is at it again. The guy who told NY how much pop they can drink is going after e-cigarettes. 06:54:00
Outrageous Cop-Watcher 'FunTrails' explains why he loses his cool around cops 06:53:55
The establishment media is at it again. A Hitlary miniseries? 06:50:42
Time for Police Body Cameras with Live Feeds & Internet Access 04:59:59
Peter Schiff educates... 04:01:34
Jesse Benton puts his foot in it 03:13:05
What's Happening to YOUR Money? (8/9/2013) 02:19:11
Good News! It's going to collapse under it's own weight. 02:04:23
One of the Most Disturbing Videos I Have Ever Witnessed 01:38:51
LOL! Dog the Bounty Hunter to pursue Snowden Bounty 01:17:57
#StandAgainstTyranny 00:32:00
Bo, the president's, dog flies on his own MV-22 Osprey, hybrid helicopter flies like a plane. 00:19:38
Oliver Stone’s Son Says 9/11 Was An inside Job 00:18:13