Posted on August 13, 2013

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How to get fired from Fox News in under 5 minutes 23:53:20
John Kerry: 'This Little Thing Called the Internet ... Makes It Much Harder to Govern' 23:40:04
"We're building a domestic military" -Retired Marine Corps Colonel speaks out against BearCat 23:23:01
Should Rand Paul Make his Case for Liberty on College Campuses? 22:42:35
For Those That Do Not Believe There Is A Plan For A World Government.. Here Is A Collection: 21:38:52
City pays retired U.S. Army master sergeant $15k for... 18:30:02
Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize nod backed by 100k petition-signers 18:16:33
Propaganda: US Military Implicated in Mass Online Spamming Scandal 16:58:14
Sen. Rand Paul In-Studio on America's Newsroom (FOX) 15:59:38
Powerful Paul Craig Roberts Piece on Washington's Criminality. Mentions impeachment. 15:28:41
Ben Swann Reports: South Carolina County GOP Censures Senator Lindsey Graham 13:27:52
Rand Paul In-Studio on CBS This Morning - 8/13/13 13:04:22
The Articles of Confederation November 15, 1777 (ratified march 1st, 1781) 12:55:48
Liberty Candidate Lee Bright Announces Run Against Sen. Graham ( 12:42:46
We Are The People! Not Your Snitches! 11:56:28
Newly Discovered Eighth Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Dumbed Down America Has Become 11:19:20
Edward Snowden: "After 9/11, Media Abdicated its Role As A Check To Power" 10:35:45
Naked juice is not so naturally naked after all =o 09:42:00
How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets 09:05:41
Rand Paul On 'Americans Newsroom' W / Bill Hemmer - Fox News - 8/13/13 - VIDEO 08:54:15
REPORT: Michael Hasting Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan 08:40:47
Naturally, Daily Paulers deserve a free book! 08:14:59
Rand Paul Interview - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 8/12/2013 01:54:21
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Top 10 Most Depressing Quotes from Orwell's 1984 23:45:11
Oprah, PETA's “Person of the Year” Wanted A Crocodile Skin Bag - Swiss Animal Rights Slams Her 23:33:10
Pirate Bay's Anti-Censorship Browser 23:29:23
Unsealed court-settlement documents reveal banks stole $trillions' worth of houses 23:25:37
New Jersey Is A Joke 22:58:23
Ron Paul: Rand paul does a better job presenting libertarian ideas. 22:57:09
The truth about dishonesty 22:45:08
DP original song Ft. Ron Paul 22:38:15
DP Original song Ft. Ron Paul 22:35:00
Opt out of Social Security. 22:24:57
Arizona Sheriff Lashes Out At Rubio: "You Know Nothing About Our Border" 22:19:59
Rand Paul on drug sentencing reform and the harms of mandatory minimums (Jerry Doyle 8/12/13) 22:12:16
The One Way To Impeach Obama 22:09:41
New Word For "Senior" 22:06:56
Lee Bright Announces He's Challenging Lindsey Graham - Glenn Beck 8/13/2013 21:50:46
Dave Barry has a new book out 21:34:13
Beware Article V! Understanding the Risk of a Constitutional Convention! 20:46:29
Lavabit email has been shut down by government 17:17:53
I need some help with homeschool questions. 15:09:32
TSA Manager Ironically Charged with Sexual Abuse 14:42:19
Benghazi Whistleblower Lawyer: "400 Stolen Libyan Missiles Will Be Used To Shoot Down Aircraft" - Video 14:40:07
Ron Paul Channel First (FULL) Episode Interviews Glenn Greenwald - August 12, 2013 14:38:14
"Annoyed NY Mayor Attacks Court Decision On Stop And Frisk With Condescension And Hyperbole" 14:01:45
Abandon Ship! 14:00:37
Reminder: The New Jersey Special Primary Is Today 13:50:32
Jon Stewart working for the White House 13:38:24
Ben Swann: Glenn Beck Calling For A U.S. War In Syria And Another War In Iraq? 13:35:15
"Confessed Liar To Congress, James Clapper, Gets To Set Up The 'Independent' Review Over NSA Surveillance" 13:32:19
NSA surveillance costs US more than Freedom 13:28:16
Ben Swann: Glenn Beck Calling For A U.S. War In Syria And Another War In Iraq 13:16:48
Michael Hastings 'Unauthorized Cremation' Rumor False Says Family 12:55:39
Dr. Ron Paul, Please Address The Supremacy Clause On Your Next Show: 12:54:44
Glenn Greenwald and Katha Pollitt- Ron Paul Vs Barack Obama 12:29:43
Obama Awarding Armored Tanks In Preparation Of Police State 11:34:42
President Obama orders intelligence chief accused of lying to Congress to lead NSA review 11:02:32
Obama's Ambulance Runs Out of Gas (REALLY!) 10:53:58
Should Hillary Testify about Benghazi? 10:49:39
Light for free 10:29:37
Obamacare Cost 'CAPS' Delayed Until 2015 10:23:18
Video - "The Dangers of Willful Blindness" 09:57:13
God help America. 09:43:10
The Ron Paul Channel Preview 09:05:56
Shock Video: Boy Prays To Obama 09:04:55
They Are Systematically Destroying Our Independence And making Us All Serfs Of The State 08:50:44
Rep. William Lacy Clay on clown: ‘Ugly face of intolerance’ 07:38:09
Israel Builds New Settlement To Host Palestinian Peace Talks 06:22:21
WI Governor Tom Walker Will Be The Next President 05:13:21
What does Luciferianism have to do with Freemasonry... If anything? 04:21:25
Florida Sinkhole Swallows Parts Of Resort Near Disney World - VIDEO 03:28:18
35th Birthday August 12, 2013! 03:22:37
District Judge Strikes Down NYPD's 'Stop & Frisk' As Unconstitutional 03:17:07
Man Says Off Duty Cops Beat Him Up, left Him For Dead - VIDEO 03:11:57
Ron Paul: Safe To Say I'm Not A Christie Fan, He's A Big Government Person 03:07:07
HELP need a old post 02:32:19
Some Greek Figures to Keep in Mind : 27% Unemployment (Official, May 2013) and... 02:03:07
Sick pigs from GMO corn 01:27:53
Green Bay's First Annual Nitelite Run: No Pat-Downs, No Security, No Problem! 00:45:12
Update: Keep your eyes on 15,400 on the Dow. It is key for both Bulls & Bears. 00:16:03
Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs 00:00:01