Posted on August 15, 2013

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The American public goes wild at this political rally! 23:50:42
Sen. Rand Paul fights Obama's Fast-Tracking Attempt w/ TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership! (Another Corporatist 'Free Trade' BS) 22:56:02
Huffpo: Edward Snowden Says Media Being Misled 'About My Situation' 22:36:59
Video: Lindsey Graham's Challenger LOL! 22:35:03
Christie: "I am going to do anything I need to do to win!” 22:18:35
Neighbors warn parents of girl with cerebral palsy: Lose the handicap ramp 22:02:23
New Matt Bevin Ad: 'Where's Mitch?' 22:01:05
"Canadian drive-by" 21:19:37
Ron Paul: Chris Christie Offers Nothing Just Status Quo And More Big Government 20:17:40
VIDEO: The 3rd Episode of the Ron Paul Channel is UP! 20:15:05
Ron Paul: Why Gold Will Explode Higher - CNBC 8/15/2013 19:41:07
Rand Slams Congress for Funding Egypt's Generals: 'How Does Your Conscience Feel Now?' 19:38:08
Ron Paul Video Blitz! THREE Interviews, Today! Thursday, August 15th, 2013 19:37:42
Silver going nuclear? 19:09:40
Man shoots off duty police officer in self defense (from 2010) 18:46:01
SWAT Ties Up Students, Blows Out Tires During Bus HIJACKING Drill - VIDEO 18:26:35
Ben Swann, We got an APP for That: Get 'em TODAY in Droid! (Apple iOS Version will be released, Soon!) 17:56:05
Peter Schiff in a 3 on 1 Inflation Throw-Down @ HuffPostLive vs. Statist 'Economists!' - Aug. 15, 2013 17:01:37
Video: Rand Paul, The Wall Street Journal's 'The Big Interview' - 8/15/2013 16:58:49
Ben Swann: Obama Bypassing Congress To Enact New Taxes 15:18:49
Want to take down Lindsey Graham? 14:49:27
Video: Houston Woman Outnumbered 6 - 1, Opens Fire On Group Of Robbers At Denny's 14:22:41
I’ve Noticed a Trend… 13:49:34
"We're building a domestic army" -Marine Corps Colonel Speaks Out at NH City Council Meeting 12:52:26
WSJ: Report: Half of All Homes Are Being Purchased With Cash 12:11:49
Hold Strong Amongst All This Horrible News 10:59:28
Fox News covers suspicious crash of Michael Hastings' CIA connection 10:14:08
Ron Paul - Our peaceful revolution will make the bankers, crony capitalists and war profiteers suffer. 09:58:03
Obama Bypasses Congress Again to Fund Universal Preschool 09:29:13
Judge Napolitano: NSA Data Used By IRS For Tax Fraud 07:29:40
Amash Argues with AIPAC Stooge 06:33:09
Thank Sheriff Richard Mack! He, OK, Tom Woods & Boldin's X-Ctr are the Reason Why Sheriffs are NULLIFYING Fed. GunControl Laws! 02:22:23
Follow Up: NH Police Retract Claim Free Staters Are Domestic Terrorists 01:40:39
Argh...fate has dealt us a deadly blow! 01:28:23
Ben Swann: Obamacare Provision: “Forced” Home Inspections 00:55:32
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Agenda 22 Revealed! 22:54:44
America needs great leadership. 22:21:37
American Revolution 2.0 22:19:03
Liberty Delegates Travel to Boston to Attend RNC Summer Meeting to Fight Rule Changes and Power Grab (Link to LIVE Updates!) 22:16:04
Obama Proposes Lower Tax Rates for Giant Corporations than for Individuals 22:10:53
Alan Keyes in World Net Daily: 'Non-birther' Rand Paul denigrates Constitution 22:06:38
Police Chief Calls "Free State Project" Members Terrorists! 22:03:14
Gun permit apps in Newtown set to double last year’s numbers: report 21:56:57
Google says Gmail messages not private 21:17:50
Lost in my thoughts 20:40:28
Gov't admits Area 51 exists 20:14:47
UPDATED : Steve Parent guy that started the delegate push for Ron Paul and delegate trainer needs your help! 20:08:04
Ron Paul: Why The Economy's In Trouble - CNBC 8/15/2013 19:41:12
Obama Cancels US-Egypt Military Exercises but Not Foreign Aid 19:29:31
Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One Who Sees This 19:06:08
Mysterious Shooters In Egypt 18:33:07
The wars must end 18:22:40
Restricted DoD Guide: Individual Protective Measures to Combat Terrorism 18:11:08
7 years of freedom: Vincent Arias, Shot by cops & facing life in prison, tells his story of Acquittal by Jury without a lawyer 17:59:08
Yelena Isinbayeva Backs Russias Anti Gay Law 17:38:32
Ron Paul Channel: Guest and Segment Suggestions 17:36:51
Why the MSM is referring to Edward Snowden as a "Leaker," and NOT a "Whistle-Blower:" Blame the ASSociated Press 17:33:28
Obama Was Playing Spades with Reggie Love While Seal Team 6 Was Being Used to Stage OBL Raid 17:30:45
Since When Was Free-Loading A Conservative Value? 17:30:06
ALERT - Ron Paul on CNN (Situation Room) tonight 5:25pm est 17:25:30
911 Call: 'Is It Okay To Shoot Him?' 17:20:00
Ben Swann: Journalist Fired for Negative Obama Editorial 17:00:58
Cody Wilson speaks at Idea City 16:46:38
"Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces" (Radley Balko) 16:02:18
Check Out The Ben Swann APP 15:18:47
Watch for the Amero Train in 'Silver Circle' 14:58:28
Rhino is back baby 14:57:38
What matters is in your heart 14:48:58
Shut Down Everything! 14:13:02
WARNING! Graphic VIDEO: Obama Backed Militants EXECUTE Teenage Boys 14:12:12
More Fast & Furious Guns Surface At Crimes In Mexico 13:43:37
Top 5 Sins Of Hillary Clinton 13:25:44
U.S. Army Awards Contracts to Al-Qaeda Members 13:21:10
Wall Street Journal: Stocks & Bonds Are Plunging 13:20:42
Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin Eyed As 2016 GOP Debate Moderators 13:05:51
How the corrupt establishment is selling moral bankruptcy to America 12:49:06
Radley Balko & Barry Cooper on HuffPostLive: Civil Forfeitures; END Policing for Profit, Now! 12:34:06
When Shoppers Skip Wal-Mart, You Know They're Rolling Back On Spending 12:21:10
See in the end Love always wins 12:20:03
Sgt. Biggs Discusses Michael Hastings Wife Piers Morgan Interview 12:14:39
Fake ad created for Detroit 'going out of business sale' 11:32:05
AJ Spiker and the view from Iowa 11:19:19
Rand Paul on Israeli groups: "I visit with them daily" 09:42:25
Johnson says Holder is taking an itsy bitsy teeny weeny baby step re: pot 08:16:57
Constitutional Government: A Ruse Accepted by Irrational Men 06:50:43
Cops dealing Doritos at post-legalization Hempfest 04:46:42
My Boss's Free Haircut 03:49:18
MSNBC Goes Full Retard 01:48:59
NWO Pushing Uncontrolled Excitement 01:16:12
Texas Rep. Invites Clown To Perform Obama Act In Texas... 01:10:42
LIMBAUGH: Liberal Reaction to Obama Rodeo Clown Like Muslim Response to Muhammad Cartoon... 01:08:33
Egyptians Pitch Armoured Vehicle 50ft off a bridge - Look out DHS! 01:06:20
Father Implores Christie: 'Please Don't Let My Daughter Die, Governor' Video 01:03:58
Ron Paul Channel - Full Episode 2 - Judge Andrew Napolitano - August 14, 2013 00:49:15
Natural Law — Inherent Conscience Regardless of Environmental Circumstances 00:46:28
Liberty RISING: Jesse Jackson Jr., Wife Going To Prison For Misusing Campaign Funds 00:41:13
Michael Hastings' Friend SSgt. Joe Biggs tells All: Why Elise Jordan may have changed Tune, WarRealities, DEA tortured Suspects! 00:11:31
Is it now or has it ever been illegal to "incite financial panic"? 00:10:57
Daily Paul Polls 00:08:43