Posted on August 16, 2013

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Test Your Batteries... 23:00:51
Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, 22:44:36
Obama’s ‘Impeachable Offense’ Over New Benghazi Revelations 22:08:12
A Disproportionate Threat : Terror from Islamic Radicals vs. Terror from Fascism at Home 20:21:18
McCain And Graham Stand With Rand 19:24:50
Raise your hand if you are involved in the political process 19:08:15
Cops Burst Into The Wrong Home And Give A Man A Heart Attack! He Dies... 18:21:35
Your Vote Needed - Help Ben Swann Get Noticed At Yahoo! 17:41:02
Lee Bright vs. Nancy Mace...It's not even close 16:36:36
Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech 15:59:07
Ron Paul's limited range of acting 15:50:53
Col. Pete Martino, USMC, Ret: "There's ALWAYS Free Cheese in a Mousetrap!" Stern Gallows Humor Warning @ BearCat APC Hearing, NH 15:48:43
Remember the 1994 Bush Rodeo Clown Scandal? 14:20:23
Prison For Copy and Paste? 14:00:42
I Found One of Them: The Cohen Group (Representing U.S. Military Defense Contractors Who Profit From Foreign Aid) 13:08:23
STUNNING photo out of Egypt 12:07:33
RNC Just voted to ban CNN & NBC from hosting any primary debates 11:53:15
MSNBC: Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton 11:45:54
Worried about 2014?... "Nancy Pelosi calls NSA privacy revelations ‘disturbing’" 10:58:23
Mother Threatened For Feeding Baby 'GOATS Milk' Instead of GMO-Soy Formula - VIDEO 10:24:51
Julian Assange: Rand Paul LIBERTARIANS "Only Hope" For Future of American - VIDEO 10:10:46
Peaceful Minnesota Farmer Convicted on 5 Counts. "Our Raw Milk In Jeopardy" says lawyer 09:55:08
Audit: NSA Regularly Broke Privacy Rules - Thousands of Times per Year 09:54:18
Rand Paul: The madness of mandatory minimums 09:07:07
Exclusive: FBI raids Philadelphia Sheriff's Office 08:51:42
Help Buy A Clock For TV's Lou Dobbs at 01:08:34
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Chinese Zoo disguises dog to be a lion lol 23:53:36
MSNBC Nobodies Ridicule Ron Paul's Upcoming News Channel 23:31:22
Brooklyn Is Not Baghdad: What Is the CIA Teaching the NYPD? 23:03:00
“James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence Who Misled Congress To Establish Surveillance Review Group” 22:52:12
A Songversation- You Are Light! 22:42:41
Can your car be remotely controlled? YES! 22:24:51
Why Violence Works 21:45:23
Did McCain and Graham Back off Egypt to let NATO in? 21:39:58
Hillary says we must trust our Government 20:42:30
Area 51 officially acknowledged, mapped in newly released documents. (Video) 20:39:46
Ben Swann: As Obamacare Deadline Looms, Doctors Are Opting For “Cash Only” Clinics - AUDIO 20:03:13
Chris Christie gives conditional OK to broader medicinal marijuana use 19:44:31
Felony Friday: Software To Predict Future Felons In Development 18:52:30
Cop Convicted Of Second-Degree Manslaughter 18:49:06
*Exclusive* Blooded the Brave - "It's Not A Game" (Truth Music - Free Download) 18:47:29
Withdraw Your Allegiance To The State 18:45:03
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Thinks We've Forgotten. He's Wrong. 18:44:54
Love is simple 18:39:45
Corbett Report: Constitution-Free Border Zones 18:31:05
UK Civil Servants property taxes paid by taxpayers 18:30:25
UK Civil Servants property taxes paid by taxpayers 18:30:25
The Judge 18:28:57
I simply ask what is your birthday day 18:24:22
Celebrating My Birthday Tomorrow - August 17Th 18:16:03
Whites Need a Victimization Race Card Word to Play: White Beach Bum Exploited for using Food Stamps 18:12:41
Action Alert Re: Rand Paul 18:08:16
14 Year Old Picks Fight With T.V Host- And Wins LOL 18:06:48
New Liberty Newspaper: Assessing votes of NEPA area congressmen on the Amash-Conyers amendment 18:02:28
How bout a Ron Paul Channel Promo Contest 17:57:28
Ron Paul's Speaking Style - He Usually Rants - He Can Be More Focused 17:23:46
. 17:11:23
History will judge Bradley Manning differently 17:01:54
U2's Bono Says Poor Nations Need Capitalism, Not Foreign Aid 16:38:57
Video: Julian Assange: I'm A 'Big Admirer' Of Ron Paul, Rand Paul 15:45:56
Ron's birthday is the 20th. 15:29:20
Press release from the grass roots members of the GOP at the RNC Summer Meeting 15:11:15
Obamacare:Leaves No Stone Left Unturned Destroying Freedom,Personal Dignity and the Economy 15:03:19
USDA released human Sterilization gene into environment 10 years ago 14:52:02
Can Central Banks Really Help The Economy? 14:40:51
I grilled Lankford on the NSA 14:12:22
Israeli Army Publishes Fake Image of Huge “Gaza Shopping Mall” 14:07:48
UAV Industry to Journalists: Don’t Call Them ‘Drones’ 13:50:42
UNPRECEDENTED! Houston Deputy files civil lawsuit against 9-1-1 caller after he was injured during assault at her home 13:34:30
DP! Let's do this! Amend the Constitution! Simple Plan! 13:28:57
FBI Admits It Has Documents On Michael Hastings 13:13:48
the president's Facebook page... 13:09:13
Ron Paul Dismantles Corporate 'BOONDOGGLE' Known As Obamacare - VIDEO 13:08:41
I fully support Rand Paul 12:59:52
Ron and Rand Attack Christie over RNC speech 12:53:40
WHOA! U.S. Army Buys Nearly 600,000 Soviet Ak-47 Magazines 12:23:15
The Future of the Liberty Movement 12:11:39
Why Larry Summers Could Be Worse Than Bernanke 11:51:03
Google Paves the Way for Screenless Computers 11:43:35
Video: Ron Paul on Snowden's "Sad Story" 11:28:38
Possible Event: Just Picked This Up Off Face Book. Something Is On Fire In New York 11:24:44
Assange: Rand Paul, Only Hope 11:09:55
Gary Johnson Sounds Off 10:54:32
CVS Thinks $50 Is Enough Reward For Giving Up healthcare Privacy 10:42:00
Monumental Foolishness in a Foolish Monument 10:08:18
@AbortionBarbie for Texas Gov 09:55:41
Secret Agent Man 09:54:51
Where Does Rand Stand? 09:50:03
Dog The Bounty Hunter Is In Hot Pursuit Of Edward Snowden 08:58:57
Egypt Massacre: Live ammunition, snipers used to disperse protests 08:39:17
How America Makes Money with War? 07:07:00
NASA: Water On Mercury Proves Planet Could Support Intergalactic Prison 04:26:32
REUTERS: Snowden downloaded NSA secrets while working for Dell, sources say 03:06:19
Game plan for primaries? "If Rand gets 'knocked out', I'll vote for x" (typical MSM Rand supporter) 01:11:25
Should Ron Paul Host A Debate Between Lindsey Graham And His S.C. Senate Race Rivals? 00:36:54
The Race to save America 00:32:40
Spies Gone Wild: Washington Post - NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times per Year, Audit Finds 00:23:57
The Cruz Threat (and do not discount Santorum) 00:08:31