Posted on August 17, 2013

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Lindsey Graham Challenger Lee Bright to Hangout with the Daily Paul TONIGHT 21:28:41
Tennessee Judge. You cannot name your child Messiah. Only one person has earned that name. 14:31:00
Remember the guy who wanted to ban Ron Paul from the debates? 13:24:11
Ron Paul - The Fed Has Lost Control- Why That's Good for Gold & Silver 13:17:12
Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid 11:22:09
The Ron Paul Channel: libertarianism 'unfiltered and uninterrupted' 10:55:19
Breast implants suicide bomb threat: Heathrow on high alert over “credible” intelligence 08:48:42
The Terrifying Future of The United States 08:16:56
Modern skyscraper fires; before and after pics 06:57:16
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Issue Clarion Call for Christians to Stand Up and ‘Turn This Country Around’ 02:12:12
8/18/2013 I'm changed! 00:58:28
Wisconsin Police Arrest Journalist, Teen And Three Grannies During Capitol 'Sing Along' - VIDEO 10:55:05
Two sheriffs showed up at my back door this afternoon 19:29:18
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Gov't Force - Don't Drink the Water - Who Will They Do it to This Time? 23:48:54
For ANYONE looking for work. This site is worth checking out. 23:43:32
Meeting Dread Pirate Roberts, the head of the Silk Road illicit drug website 23:13:49
Stopped by police @ 2am 23:11:50
The Affair 23:07:32
Innovative Pile Driver 23:05:35
The Artist Taxi Driver's Take On Egypt And Cameron + World Sorry As War Machine Rolls On 22:49:33
Lee Bright to (Google) Hangout with the Daily Paul this Friday 22:08:13
Update On Police Beating A Woman- Extended, Unedited Footage Released (Graphic Disturbing Video) 22:02:22
Early Humans Lived in China 1.7 Million Years Ago 21:57:28
C. S. Lewis Weighs In On Technology 21:16:13
$ Fast Terry : The Movie Terry McAuliffe Doesn't Want You To See 20:47:51
Is Ron Paul Channel a corporation? You see where this is going... 20:37:00
Lars Larson thinks we must give money to Egypt to be protected 20:18:32
Generation Gaps 19:55:36
I love watching the liberals eat their own young. 19:23:27
Texas: Massive SWAT Team Hits Organic Farm 19:20:47
Check out my 3D doing it's thing. 18:42:38
The Ed Show - Voting Rights 18:34:29
To Edward Snowden if you find this. Please feel free to write your own message to him. 18:25:03
Four Words For The Nanny Statists: 18:08:57
Video Shows Fake Muslim Brotherhood “Protesters” Staging Deaths & Injuries 18:04:11
New Lew Rockwell: "Mark Lane: Did the Secret Service Help Kill JFK?" *pops popcorn* 17:49:14
Anyone else addicted to Shark Tank/ Dragons Den? 17:30:41
Spare Me the Agony Over $10 Per Month for the Ron Paul Channel 17:20:56
Real reason the GOP protested the Hillary movie? 17:16:57
The Ron Paul Channel: libertarianism 'unfiltered and uninterrupted' 17:10:12
Biblical Ethics Say Snowden Is A Hero 16:31:35
81 year old man beats red-light camera ticket, credits independent media with know-how 16:06:33
Questions that need to be asked directly to the NSA under oath 15:47:12
TYT: How Congressmen Are Bought 15:43:25
Mexican Release of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena’s "Murderer" Is Game Changer for CIA 15:33:34
Ohio Man Orders a Gun Safe, Finds 300 Pounds of Pot Inside 14:57:26
Why Do We Even Come Here? Why Do We Care? 14:31:41 ? 14:19:48
Bloomberg seeks mandatory fingerprinting for NYC public housing...for our safety of course! 14:05:37
Rape Whistle? 13:59:59
5 decades later, some JFK probe files still sealed 13:55:32
Morsi and al-Qaida LINKED ? 13:43:32
The Facts about Ron Paul’s Newsletters and the Racist Articles 13:27:02
Patriot Grills Cgr. Lankford (Ok) on NSA Spying at Town Hall Meeting! 13:13:09
Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown After JFK Assassination 12:55:17
Silver hasn't bottomed... 12:41:35
Video: Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33 12:36:04
Where The Hell Is Larken Rose? 11:44:08
Kentucky Tea Party Activist: Matt Bevin Raising 'Good Questions' 11:32:17
Heads Up Rand Fans! Next Week Is Rand Paul-Mitch McConnell Tag Team Week 11:26:34
To Remember Who You Are... 11:21:24
Eric Margolis on Egypt: After the Bloodshed, The Torture Will Come 11:17:29
Senate Duo: NSA Revelations of Privacy Breaches 'The tip of the iceberg' 11:01:28
A massive crime, and the banks and the Fed both think they've gotten away with it. Perhaps they have. 10:57:03
Evidence links cholesterol-reducing interventions with increased risk of dying from accidents, suicide and violence 10:26:06
Is McDonald's food a source of Morgellons disease? 10:23:55
Booz Allen/Carlyle Group; Textbook Example of Corporate Fascism. (Informative Videos) 09:49:38
Gary Johnson On MSNBC: "Marijuana Is Much Much Safer Than Alcohol!" 07:48:32
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets found to contain mysterious fibers, hair-like structures 02:13:49
Scarborough: Glenn Beck 'Highest Paid Rodeo Clown in America' (90 million) 02:12:58
Seeing threats, feds target instructors of polygraph-beating methods 02:06:22
New Eye tracking Software Forces You to Pay Attention During Company Training 02:02:15
Obama supporters rally for Obamacare! 01:52:53
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Divide and Conquer - On The Gay Marriage Issue : French Version 1.0, With Security Updates 01:25:15
The Constitution Goes On Unemployment 00:33:43
Top Security Expert: Treating EVERYONE Like A Potential Terrorist Weakens Our Ability To Protect America 00:08:40