Posted on August 18, 2013

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Julian Assange: "I Am A Big Admirer Of Ron Paul" 22:44:21
Atlantic: America's Libertarian Moment 21:36:51
Greenwald's partner was carrying Snowden documents on confiscated thumb drives 21:15:07
Avoiding Unemployment When You Lose Your Job 20:50:09
Secure your communications. 19:19:16
Rent-a-Paramilitaries Freak Out Wisconsin 16:57:49
Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours 16:16:32
FREE eBook about Ron Paul! 15:36:16
A Lindsey Graham Attack Video: So much target, so little time :) 15:22:14
Rand Paul "Room in the Party for those who believe in bigger government" 14:50:28
Verizon REWARDED For Records Release With $10 Billion GOVERNMENT Contract 14:47:32
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - 8/19/13: Why The 2,776 NSA Violations Are No Big Deal - AUDIO 13:12:04
Bill Maher Attacks Chris Christie Over Rand Paul Spat 12:27:17
Audit the Fed Already! Rand Paul 12:15:21
Sen. Rand Paul Fox News Sunday 8/18/13 10:56:36
For The Folks Who Like FREE Stuff: Ron Paul Special Dispatch - Spread This Wherever You Can 09:59:35
Pastor Authors Book Encouraging Government Leaders to ‘Obey God,’ Resist Tyranny 00:17:46
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Illinois expands background checks to all gun purchases 23:42:02
Was Steve Jobs a Libertarian? 22:24:14
Tyranny? Missouri be Thy Name! SurvivalDoc, TLC featured 'Prepper' & r3VOL Chiropractor ARRESTED @ Sign Protest! 21:57:13
Columbia, MO signs over I-70 video interaction with CPD 8-18-13(Happy Ending) 21:36:17
Darrell Issa lists all the reasons not to oppose Obamacare 21:08:38
The REAL George H.W. Bush 20:46:24
TransEthnic vs TransGender, if I'm born white but feel like I'm black or Chinese Then I am? 20:22:00
Pandora Bracelet Precious Metal Safety Net Idea 20:12:17
A Fascist Coup de ‘at, A Staged Coup? A Collapsing US Government?Or Patriot Military Coup in America? 20:10:58
Politico: RNC, Ron Paul backers seek peace 20:08:49
Please vote for Rand in this Poll 19:56:04
Texas deputy accused of raping mother in front of her children resigns 19:39:47
"Cannabis Cured My Cancer!" - Exclusive Patient Interview as America Warms Up to Weed (VIDEO) 18:58:28
5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks 18:47:18
just like dear old dad 18:20:34
WOW! Senior TIME Reporter Calls for Drone Strike on Wikileaks’ Assange 17:19:24
Glenn Greenwald's Partner Detained at Heathrow Airport for Nine Hours 17:09:25
The 99% Interrupts the Salad Course at a Lindsey Graham Fundraiser 17:06:06
Anyone know about pedal-powered electricity generators? Want to build. 17:00:37
Edward Snowden Signs Spokesperson Deal With Leak Ender 2000® for Russian Market Expansion 16:14:29
Why I keep $500,000,000 in my wallet 15:39:38
Success Council Video: Will a private police force work better? 15:37:16
Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop 15:20:06
Four "Little Black Boys"Arrested in Brutal Assault and Robbery. 15:00:31
The Godfather Scene between Michael Corleone & Kay Adams explains the Delusion of the Statists, better than ANY Treatise! 14:55:57
Lew Rockewell: Paul Krugman Admits Keynesian "Economics" Is About Empowering The State 14:37:14
3x4=11 Under New Common Core 14:28:20
Liberals Attack Ron Paul Fan 14:27:28
Is this a Preschool or a Prison? We Can’t Really Tell the Difference 14:01:10
Obama is the worst President in US history 13:38:15
McCain and Graham Flip-Flop on Aid to Egypt – After AIPAC Gives Them Their Orders 13:32:28
Sunday Funnies for r3VOL Gunnies: How to be an "Operator" (The 1st SFOD-D-kind, not the Verizon-Kind) 13:25:45
ObamaCare - Take 10 Pills & You're Fine 13:04:23
Drudge: Rand Paul: Supreme Court should review NSA programs (video) 12:45:44
Obama Administration Revives SOPA Proposal To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony 12:42:51
The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame etc) 12:42:48
Speeding tickets are state run arbitrary BS laws. 11:35:23
Just Do You 11:29:27
Interesting Talk On Drone Terror By A Woman Who Experienced It - Medea Benjamin 11:18:32
Gary Johnson endorses Robert Sarvis for Governor of Virginia 11:07:01
If You Won't Speak Up about "Little Things", Don't Complain about Big Ones 11:00:59
The US Government knew about 911 in advance. 10:55:19
Dennis Kucinich: Obama's Benghazi Response 'Political' 09:48:13
A Small Law With a Mighty Big Take 05:37:01
The Disconnect 05:18:15
Stopped by cop 03:27:37
The Bastiat Collection : An Interview with Dr. Mark Thornton (Ludwig von Mises Institute) 02:14:24
Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody 02:05:23
Oprah: Americans Are Racist 01:55:03
BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy's statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast 00:59:59
You Have To Look For Darkness To Find It. 00:49:56