Posted on August 20, 2013

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Freedom VS Security: Dangerous Words 23:00:04
Missouri Police Tackle And Arrest Peaceful "Impeach Obama" Protestors - VIDEO 20:32:17
Video Update: Glenn Greenwald and partner giving awesome interview on AC360 20:13:11
Ron Paul: The American People Suffer The Most From Foreign Aid And Intervention - Cavuto Aug. 20, 2013 20:11:28
Kucinich: Do Away with the NSA 20:02:49
Stefan Molyneux and G. Edward Griffin discuss the basics of the central banking scheme 19:48:56
Green Eggs and Drones 18:50:17
Democracy Now: Greenwald / Guardian: Intimidation | Detention 17:37:30
11 Facts About Fukushima That Are Almost Too Horrifying To Believe 17:34:02
Your fair share? 17:22:02
Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul 15:57:56
Black State Senator Elbert Guillory Destroys Liberals In New Video 15:32:55
Apple Is Creating New Technology To Help Cops Hide Police Brutality 14:05:13
Ben Swann EXCLUSIVE: NSA Using Copyright Claims To CRUSH Free Speech - Video 14:04:38
10 Richest Members of Congress 13:50:23
Guest Op-Ed as promised UPDATED Sept 12, 2013! 13:47:47
The Hill: Greenwald Partner to Sue UK Over Airport Detention (Video) 13:10:46
Esquire Publishes Shockingly Fair Profile of Alex Jones 11:39:18
13 Republican Office Holders from Maine resign from the party and RNC. 11:10:50
This Is Why I Want Justin Amash To Run For President 10:39:30
Ted Cruz ally: Team Rand raising questions in Iowa about Cruz’s eligibility 10:05:19
$2,001,093,000,000: FEDS Ownership Of U.S. Debt Breaks $2T For First Time 09:55:13
SCALIA: High Court Shouldn't 'INVENT New Minorities That get SPECIAL Protections' 09:40:36
Secreatary Of State John Kerry REINSTATES Benghazi Officials That Hillary Clinton Punished 09:34:41
Gary Johnson is mad 09:30:03
Do not let this man walk into office - George P. Bush Tx Gen Land Commissioner 09:02:19
Great Britain FORCES Guardian To DESTROY Copy Of Snowden Material 08:56:28
Obama told to "shove it where the sun don't shine". 08:14:22
Former Pakistani president indicted in killing of Benazir Bhutto - CBS News 08:03:28
What do you know about Russia? Propagandized much? 05:41:08
Once in a Blue Moon 05:36:09
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Wake UPThink! 23:59:42
Ron Paul Talks Egypt and US One Party State on Cavuto Today 23:52:36
Is Steve Lonegan the real deal? 23:49:11
August 21st 1968 - USSR Invades CSSR 23:24:21
This is what it looks like when a building implodes 22:50:52
Money Bomb For Virginia Libertarian Robert Sarvis! 22:23:23
Mudslinging Mitch is at it again! 22:23:14
"The example" Ron Paul (Anthem video) 21:58:58
Tea Party Blasts Lawmakers for Fearing Town Hall Obamacare Fight 21:51:34
The Fascist Plot to Overthrow FDR 21:26:46
Joe Carr Challenges Sen. Lamar Alexander (Globalist-TN) 21:04:28
(video) The Collapse 20:58:11
James Corbett interviews Bill Still on the Jekyll Island Conspiracy 20:53:41
Anonymous Has Infiltrated The U.S. Army & May Have More Influence Than We Think 20:48:13
If I Were a Pastor 20:37:12
Congress Has Lost Control of the Big Banks 20:30:33
HIV = AIDS Fact or Fraud? (Documentary) 20:13:39
I am Bradley Manning 20:08:59
Down the Rabbit Hole 8.16.2013 - Rick Simpson 19:58:28
Chart federal spending by agency, by year, very detailed. Useful resource. 19:56:32
Could this 'Hearing' be "Erroneously Generated by Cyborgs?" 19:34:53
COPS: 'Bored' Black Teens Kill White Baseball Player 'For Fun'... 19:15:49
Just another Wake Up call! 19:08:30
General Strike (Uprising) Starts Tomorrow 10 am EST 18:22:59
Guys, let's get #RonPaulDay trending! 18:17:21
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence 17:59:33
Bradley’s sentence on Wednesday, August 21, at 10 am EST 17:42:16
NSA files: why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files 17:39:16
Guardian: Bradley Manning to be sentenced on Wednesday morning 17:25:18
Danzig Calls Obama, Democrats “Fascists Disguised as Liberals” 17:18:25
The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany: 1980s Antony Sutton Interview 17:15:23
Gary Johnson tells Larry King Rand Paul Is Too Intolerant To Be Called A 'Libertarian' 17:10:19
US Says Drone Strike on Guardian Newspaper Terror Camp Was Justified 17:09:12
First Year of UN Control Over United States Incorrectly Given as 1945 on Wikipedia 17:00:38
2016: Can Rand run for President and Senate? Yes! 16:58:51
78 Reasons Why Every American Should Wish Ron Paul A Happy Birthday! 16:58:13
Rand Paul Is Hurting Libertarianism More Than Helping It 16:53:03
Statists over at LGF 16:52:29
Santelli: I don’t Believe Government Inflation Numbers 16:52:22
Is Rand Paul going Neocon on Iran? 16:39:04
Cheney did 'hurt' US by leaking Plame, no 50 years like Manning 16:20:10
Is Rand Paul Going Neocon on Iran? 15:26:14
No Injuries in Atlanta area School Shooting Today 14:43:49
Obama Racist Power - Yeah - Go Racist! 14:14:44
Amash Anticipates More Support, Several NSA Amendments After August Recess 14:01:13
Video: Fake American Al Qaeda Actors Exposed! 13:59:29
McNair Elementary School Gunman: Police In Georgia Respond To Shots Fired 13:57:06
TV Fakery in Egypt: Al Jazeera Crisis Actor Caught Out on Camera Pretending to be Wounded 13:45:33
WHO in the World is Spraying? Promo #1 13:41:57
800 Million Pounds of Pesticides Can’t be Washed Off, are Bred into our Food with GMO - VIDEO 13:18:49
Penny stocks, anyone watching any with potential, take a gamble of late? 13:05:46
Fox News Video: Claim of Egypt aid cut-off fuels confusion over Obama policy 13:02:14
The Real Political Philosophy Spectrum 12:50:40
'Duck Dynasty' Star Blasts Abortion Culture: 'What in the World Happened to Us?' 12:41:30
What if... 12:13:45
Another reason to love the Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson 12:13:06
So if the gov't kept a big secret that it was spying on communications, is there other big secrets that it is keeping right now? 12:10:08
Wake the f up America! Impeach the power hungry parasites! 12:04:19
Channeling Ayn Rand 11:57:38
(Video) VICE Presents: Kings of Cannabis (Full-length 30 min Documentary) 11:51:22
REUTERS: Accused Boston bomber had multiple wounds, fracture: court papers 11:47:10
(Video) WeAreChange Reports: The History of Decriminalizing Marijuana in Holland 11:36:26
Ron Paul Channel and Intellectual Property, Part 1 10:55:26
Morsi supporters stage fake protest. Sic! 10:53:15
Carr vs. Lamar 10:46:46
Happy 78th Birthday Ron Paul! 10:30:22
Ted Cruz Says He Will RENOUNCE Canadian Citizenship 10:09:25
Not Much Sympathy from Rand Paul on Bradley Manning Verdict 09:52:57
Exclusive video of UK officials searching Guardian hard drives 09:23:53
Obama Supporters SIGN Petition To Put CARCINOGENS In The Water Supply - VIDEO 09:16:14
Obama Administration Makes SECRET Deal With MEXICO To Help Illegal Immigrants In The Workplace 09:06:56
Ron Paul Shocker: Obey international law, pay taxes to authorities & abstain from all offensive subject matter 09:04:58
And the Bankers Shall Inherit the Earth 09:04:56
Three balack teens accused of murder of baseball player Chris Lane 09:03:14
Monetary Policy works (Devil's Advocate) 09:01:09
Libertarian Community - Detroit Michigan 48214 08:56:09
A Different Amendment Restricting NSA Spying Was Passed Overwhelmingly by the House – But ‘No One Is Talking About It’ 08:09:27
Duplicate 07:03:16
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Mark Levin 05:18:32
Fed Reserve to Germany - no gold for you 04:01:00
Disturbing "Deviant Philosopher" calls himself a libertarian 03:50:49
DORITOS® From Hempfest Fetch $50 On eBay 03:24:13
Bradley my Bradley 02:27:00
Onion Newsroom: Suspicious Package Industry Falls On Hard Times 01:52:08
... 01:44:18
Why I Am Extremely Bullish For Gold and Silver (8/9/2013) 01:41:59
Why All The Focus On Israel? Our Relationship With Honduras Ain't So Hunky-Dory Either 01:31:05
Immigration Control vs. Immigrant Liberty Education 01:27:54
Rand Paul Wants Supreme Court to Review Constitutionality of NSA's Surveillance Programs 01:18:55
How Low Will Obama Go?: HHS Offering Cash Prizes in Video Contest to Sell the Obamacare Lie the Best. 00:55:05
Brian Tracy: 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money 00:33:58
India Gold Demand Up 71% Compared To Last Year (Q2)... Will They Stop? 00:31:51
Five GMO Myths Busted? 00:17:39
Warming Forecast: New-and-Improved 'Hockey Stick' Graph (Be very afraid.) 00:14:07
New Twist: Man-Made Global Warming Deniers Support Big Gov 00:04:51