Posted on August 21, 2013

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Is America Too Far Gone? 23:08:52
The Federal Reserve On Trial 22:11:50
Glen Greenwald SLAMS "State-Loyal" Meek Journalists For Defending "EMPIRE" - VIDEO 22:10:45
Homeland Security Employee Preparing For Coming Race War 21:56:13
Didn't You Get The Memo? You're Supposed To Be Afraid Now 21:37:49
Rand Paul: NSA Spying 'Unconstitutional,' Can't Be Saved By More Oversight 21:10:41
Dr. Ron Paul responds with a history of whistleblowers and a call to action, regarding Bradley Manning 20:59:18
EFF Victory Results in Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional 20:00:58
False Flag Nerve Gas Attack in Syria kills 1300 20:00:32
Judge Napolitano schools Stossel on the 4th Amendment 19:36:07
Antony Sutton - Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification 19:29:03
Stossel: Alabama Cop Fired For Recording His Sgt. Ordering Ticket Quota "The Police State" 8/15/2013 19:17:45
Smear Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues 18:17:53
Police taser a man off a roof, choke, drag him face-down on stairs, killing him 17:17:27
Liberty In Virginia 17:08:12
VIDEO: Ron Paul on the Bond Bubble - Channel does a Daily Double. 14:59:57
Video: Politicians War on Logic. Are these guys for real? 14:17:03
WND Exclusive: Obama's Brother Malik Linked To Muslim Brotherhood 14:12:09
CNBC: Ron Paul portfolio: 'Craziest' we've ever seen? 14:07:20
VIDEO Ron Paul Channel: Paramilitary Cops Bust Organic Farm, Confiscate Sunflowers 13:55:00
WSJ: New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach! Programs Cover 75% of Nation's Traffic! 13:29:37
Guardian Editor On Miranda Detention: Terror And Journalism Being Aligned - Video 13:24:14
Gun Confiscation Begins In California -VIDEO 13:11:58
Exclusive: Ron Paul Interviews Lavabit Owner on NSA E-Mail Controversy 12:07:51
The Significance Of Greenwald Comparing The Government To The Mafia 11:42:54
(Updated) Bradley Manning Sentenced: 35 Years—Will seek pardon from Obama 10:20:55
Overnight chemical weapons attack in Syria kill hundreds; Who did this? 10:05:48
The Onion on Nationalism 08:42:33
How Often Does This Happen? Never? Small Country Pays Off Debt to IMF. 02:30:20
Neo-Cons Offer Reply To Libertarian Uprising 01:33:14
Natural- born citizen defined 00:11:10
Ron Paul: I Told You So; "Predictions in Due Time..." (IMHO, the Most Important Video EVER made about Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul) 00:03:12
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Ich bin ein homeschooler - video 23:55:53
The _____ you're asked to do when you're 18 (Class action lawsuit?) 23:51:33
"Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras and the Crack Cocaine Explosion" by Gary Webb 23:20:20
General: Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat 23:01:55
Bikers Staging Massive Protest Against “Million Muslim March” Scheduled For 9/11 22:56:10
UPS to Drop 15,000 Spouses from Insurance, Citing Obamacare 22:33:58
All things must pass 22:24:27
Gangster State US/UK Paul Craig Roberts 22:09:52
NRA built massive database of gun owners while opposing national gun registry 21:56:17
The Audit 21:32:15
Gray Johnson interview on Sanity Check Radio Show 21:15:56
New Bill Passed in New Zealand Gives NSA-Like Powers 20:04:24
Tears shed no more! 19:46:59
The In-Between Years. A Ron Paul CSPAN classic 19:29:45
You stand tall for Love Love will stand tall for you 19:24:53
Pledge Allegiance 19:21:36
College Student Delivers Most Epic Freshman Convocation Speech Ever 19:18:10
No one in the U.S. can become President. No one is a "natural" citizen. 19:04:00
Simple message! 19:03:18
Walter Williams and Ron Paul Discuss the IRS (1989) 18:58:26
Appealing To An Unrepentant Mass Murderer: Pardon Bradley Manning 18:46:57
Creating an NSA-free Internet? 18:44:05
The night is about to end 17:58:24
Obama does not 'at this point' support changes to marijuana laws 17:39:24
Max Keiser: Anonymous Analytics; Free Market = the Only REAL Direct Democracy in Action! 17:37:36
A Syrian's perspective on Syria 17:32:44
A black planet not anymore! 16:54:30
Ron Paul Channel - Bradley Manning sentencing 16:46:52
Apollo 14 Edgar Mitchell On Politics 16:43:10
Will This New VPN Technology Stop Big Brother and Keep Your ISP From Watching You Online? 15:39:59
"What I Hate " By Merle Haggard ..Approx at 1:00 mark Mentions Chemtrails (Video) 15:31:27
Epitome of the works I bequeath to you all - re-post as unpublished! 15:25:07
Another School Shooting-Apparently this one is real-No one died 15:17:35
EFF Victory Results in Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional 15:09:10
$140k DHS Funded Mass Shooting Drills 14:12:46
This is really scary stuff: "Possible FEMA Alert" 14:11:32
Allegations of deadly gas attack test Obama's 'red line' in Syria 14:10:40
Greece - another bailout? 14:07:09
Will Grigg: Yes, We live in a Communist Country! 13:58:36
Salon Interview - Camille Paglia: "It Remains BAFFLING How Anyone Would Think That Hillary Clinton Is Our Party's Best Chance" 13:53:57
Smear Campaign vs Michael Hastings has Begun; Autopsy on CREMATED Remains of Hastings 'reveal' Traces of Drugs! OMG! OMG! 13:49:44
Feds say Marijuana as deadly as Alcohol...No confirmed Marijuana deaths... 13:44:51
8.15: Huge majority wants Clapper prosecuted for perjury 13:42:25
Elementary School Teacher Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail For Allowing Students To Beat 6 -Year-Old Bully 12:55:38
Liberty by the pen! 12:22:05
Operation: Swamp the NSA 11:01:07
Judge sentences Bradley Manning to 35 years 10:30:39
Government can manipulate the laws of society, but not the laws of nature 10:30:24
New NSA article is behind a paywall. The juicy bits... 09:21:25
Did Ron Paul's Excellence Turn Supporters Into Spoiled Brats? 08:55:03
Is there a reason why I am being blocked from viewing or posting comments? 08:45:35
Honor the Forgotten Scientists 07:51:10
Burglar Blaster alarm greets intruders with pepper spray 06:48:49
CouchBunker conceals a gun safe beneath bullet-resistant cushions 06:40:47
NWO = Russian troops policing Americans on US soil... Guess What? UPDATED: Dec.13, 2013 05:36:57
There are People over at Huffington Post Screaming about NSA Spying and Using all Capital Letters! 04:17:32
Are you Ready for Complete and Total Worldwide Economic Collapse? Rollover 1981 02:43:20
(flashback) CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs For '98 01:14:32
Negotiating Techniques and How They are Used Against You 00:33:02