Posted on August 22, 2013

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These Time Magazine Covers Explain Why Americans Know Nothing About The World 23:16:25
Hacked road sign shows support for Snowden 22:42:48
After doing eye surgery, Rand Paul back to testing waters for presidential run 20:36:00
80 House members: Shutdown better than 'Obamacare' 20:14:44
Run Snowden Run (new Ron Paul animation) 19:40:01
A Miscarriage of Justice of Police Gone Wild? A 10 year old Texas Girl charged with sexual assault 19:00:10
Ron Paul On (RT) Larry King Interview 8-22-13 18:57:15
Ron Paul hosting an AMA on! 17:53:40
Magnet School Ending RFID - San Antonio Officials Re-Admit Expelled High School Student Andrea Hernandez 16:38:01
Cop Forgets His Police Dog In Car, Dog Dies Of Heat Stroke 16:23:18
OMG! It's A WHITEWASH: Obama Information Czar, Cass Sunstein on Panel To Review NSA 15:10:45
NASDAQ Trading Halted Since Around Noon 15:00:15
Ben Swann: Vermont Completely 'NULLIFIES' Federal Hemp Ban 14:28:39
Bad News About Grandpa 13:59:46
HALT, just getting word the NASDAQ has halted trading 12:42:58
WHOA! Presidential Meeting Signals Catastrophic Event: “There Is a Crisis Unfolding Somewhere in the Background” 09:40:48
Michael Hastings Feared His Mercedes Had Been Tampered With 09:20:41
Camile Paglia says Hillary is disqualified for office - I agree 08:54:40
Rick Perry Doesn't Cut It 08:43:55
Rand Paul Toasts Henry David Thoreau at TIME 100 Gala 08:20:05
Audio of Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst Calling Police Dept. to Have a Relative Released. Cop Declines! 02:04:54
Manning's Statement After Verdict #love 01:19:33
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89-year-old World War II veteran beaten to death by two black teens... Developing... 23:29:24
Enemy of the State: Full Movie 23:29:01
Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers = Prophecy 23:07:59
Barack Obama - Dishonest, Incompetent And Corrupt 23:04:51
"Control Food And You Control People" - Henry Kissinger 22:59:07
Terrifying future of the USA? Or is it present reality? 22:46:52 I Look to the Stars, I Wonder.. 22:43:24
Dear Michael Nystrom, 22:30:44
EU Suspends Arms Sales To Egypt Over Crackdown 22:19:58
FT. Hood Texas - Hasan Trial goes to jury 22:01:24
Why Assad Will Win 21:19:41
RP on NOW w/ Larry King 21:12:27
Genocide trial against the State of Israel adjourned 20:33:38
Obama Admin. Considers Plan To Bolster Mexico's Southern Border 20:33:17
American Anti-Al-Qaeda Type Cells Calling Themselves "The Base" are Said to be Forming on US Soil 20:29:43
Absolutely strangest thing happened a couple days ago 20:18:14
Neocon: Rand Paul May Have to Treat His Father the Way Obama Treated Jeremiah Wright 19:05:44
Nasdaq outage resembles hacker attack - Nasdaq has resumed trading 18:33:34
There's still time! Sarvis money bomb extended! 18:24:14
John McCain (NEO-CON, War-Monger) says; "Intervention (in Syria) could be done easily" 18:07:48
Listen with your hearts not your ears! 17:49:44
Screw the NRA. 17:40:54
Preparation - In Reference To Michael Nystrom's Thread 17:31:15
Update A Very Bright Man Agrees, We (Ron Paul And Co) Need To Draft An Alternate Constitution Asap- Right Now! Not A Concon! 17:22:17
A Voice From the Grave…JFK Demands Release of Manning 17:18:00
From Bosnia to Syria: Provoking NATO Interventions with False Flags 17:05:06
'Silver Circle' Predicted the Scott Olsen/Occupy Oakland Flashbang Tragedy 16:55:18
8 Reasons young Americans don't fight back: How the U.S crushed youth resistance 16:45:41
Korean Poo Wine 16:23:46
Response from my Congressman regarding my letter! UPDATE 8-27 16:23:44
A human-like robot face that makes expressions, will show emotion. 15:51:07
So Would President Rand Paul Pardon Private Manning? 15:30:11
Letter from Gulag 15:15:47
Obama Pushes For More Federal CONTROL Over Education 14:58:15
Ron Paul Institute: The West Strikes Back in Syria 14:36:49
Study: Everyone, Everything Linked To Paranoia 14:18:04
Democrat sues IRS for changing the law. 13:55:23
Louis Farrakhan warns white people 13:31:02
Lead Developer for HPV Vaccine Admits it is Useless, Likely Dangerous 13:30:33
How guilty is Manning, REALLY ? 13:29:22
The Guardian: David Miranda WINS Partial Court VICTORY Over Data Seized By Police - VIDEO 13:14:26
The Black 'Skull And Bones' - The "Boule" 13:10:19
2016 Theories & Projections 13:06:39
EXCLUSIVE: HHS Secretly Hires 86 Criminal Investigators To Probe ObamaCare Violators 13:04:31
A Very Disturbing Video, Concerning American Veterans ! 12:38:55
Land Rover's first diesel-electric hybrid Range Rovers hit the off-road 12:28:19
Everybody Meet Chelsea Manning 12:25:24
Where America Has Been - Where It Is - Where It's Going 12:22:09
Why is Bradley Manning your hero? 12:09:25 petition ideas 12:08:56
A Day at Edgefield Prison Camp-A Current Political Prisoner Speaks Out 11:52:16
The Standing Armies of Yesterday and the Police State Today 11:37:03
Water Leaks May Become New Japan Nuclear Disaster 11:24:57
Syrian Gas Attack 11:14:30
NSA monitored all texts and emails during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games 10:43:45
New effort 10:37:11
Greece - another bailout? 10:36:43
British Court Rules UK Government Can 'EYE' Items Taken In Snowden Case 10:21:56
The Act of Killing 09:38:09
Manning Wants To Do His Time As "Chelsea E. Manning." 09:35:47
No National Internet Sales Tax Petition - Please Sign 09:19:05
Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood 08:04:01
12 Key Differences Between Silver and Gold 07:58:51
Boeing solid-state laser weapon system outshines expectations 06:44:30
If your toaster was a life form? What would be its proverbial DNA? 05:18:20
"This Is Demolishing The Trust In The Government!" Dan Rather 04:22:33
A Message Sent From The English People?: Queens Swan Found BREASTED And BARBECUED At Windsor Castle 03:09:20
Illinois Offering $9 An Hour Jobs To Have Workers Sign People Up For ObamaCare 02:59:28
Veterans Being Targeted 02:53:59
Impeach Wyden? 01:40:11
Is the Ron Paul Channel Down? There is a new update (3rd today) but none of the vids play. 00:06:37