Posted on August 25, 2013

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Fed Stole Germany's Gold. Won't Give Gold Back 23:59:09
A Christian Case for Libertarianism 22:15:37
Democrat Golf Hat 20:53:50
The U.S. Poliburo Says 4 Year-Old Girl Must Destroy Her Garden 18:44:21
Dear World, Americans Don't Want War in Syria 18:27:30
Politico Poll:Do you agree with Ron Paul that Pfc. Manning has done enough time in prison and "should be released"? 17:58:51
VIDEO: Assad Forces Find Chemical Agents In Rebel Tunnels, But West Won't Report It 17:58:19
Cheney Defends NSA: 'We Need to Protect This Nation' 16:15:44
Does anyone else see the absurd hypocrisy in this? 15:39:07
Will Texas Voters Decide Secession at the Primary ballot Box in 2014? 15:31:27
How 1 Black Man Defeated the KKK 15:17:26
War Propagandists fear mongering about Sept. 11th 'Million American March Against Fear'- Spokesman clears the air 15:03:36
Seven Countries In Five Years - American General Lays It Out 14:47:46
Do You Remember This? 13:29:32
Nation Of Lies: Purposeful Division 13:16:10
UPDATE: I have to deliver a eulogy today 13:12:13
Activist To Obama: "Don't Drone Me Barry!" 12:26:16
Ben Swan - Breaking: U.S. Cruise Missiles Preparing To Strike Syria 12:07:45
The Ron Paul/Austrian Economics Bashing Keynesians Declared Victory Prematurely 12:00:34
Twisted Logic: Syrians should be killed by cruise missiles to prevent their being killed with chemical weapons 11:58:05
Top 10 reasons not to attack Syria, even if the latest chemical weapons lies were true: 11:44:41
Bernanke to start "tapering" as soon as next month, with no idea what the consequences will be. 11:05:46
Have the Mexican Drug Cartels Captured Maricopa County Arizona? 08:57:15
Feeding the Homeless Illegal in Raleigh NC. "You pass out that food, you will go to jail." 08:48:36
Ron Paul Channel working? Who is the audience? 06:11:27
Yahoo News 1-30-13: US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt' 01:32:47
How to make your internet browser safer and more private 01:15:15
Dept of Defense training document labels founding fathers ‘extremist’ 00:53:24
Mike Maloney On The Fed's Gold Trap And The End Of The Dollar (8/14/2013) 00:05:00
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I've made a big decision to start my own business again. 21:49:51
The $134.5 Billion Media Blackout, and the Rape of America’s Future 21:27:04
ObamaCare's architects reap windfall as Washington lobbyists 21:12:23
The US war machine a Government money maker 21:05:14
The Engagement 20:57:06
26 Scientist send Complaint to EPA, about GMO research 20:16:34
"When white people piss black people off." Child posts bullying video on facebook. 20:15:11
Use the Constitution to prevent war with Syria-Michael Scheuer 20:09:42
NSA Theme Song "Tell Me Your Secrets" 20:02:24
Diabetes discovery: Protein pathway points to possible treatment 19:50:48
Welcome to Muslims for 9/11 Truth! 19:48:43
'Chemical attack in Damascus' a staged event? All videos of alleged event were uploaded to YouTube day BEFORE attack supposedly 19:47:25
Japan scrambles fighter jets against Russian military planes 19:43:53
Israel's Mossad 'working closely' with NSA over spying 19:42:12
Volcanic 'geyser' erupts close to Rome airport 19:39:32
Are U.S. Consumers Really Better Than Consumers Elsewhere in the World? 19:36:17
Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria 19:28:49
As Syria war escalates, 60% of Americans cool to U.S. intervention: Reuters/Ipsos poll 18:43:59
US Caught Spying on United Nations in NY: Obama and NSA Further Alienates US from Allies 17:59:20
'Back to the 19th century': Mysterious techno breakdown hits Gitmo 9/11 tribunal 17:57:31
Run from the Cure-Cannabis Oil saves lives 17:08:09
Is there a right amount of socialism in a society? Correct answer to a subjective question? 17:07:48
Peter Schiff - The Market that Lives by QE Dies by QE - CNBC 8/21/2013 16:46:00
Reuters: U.S. spy agency edges into the light after Snowden revelations 16:41:48
NSA employees spied on their lovers using eavesdropping programme 16:38:53
Corker: Congress Doesn’t Know Extent of NSA Surveillance 16:34:45
Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea For 100+ Protesters Arrested At WI Capitol 16:27:19
Marine Corps to open infantry training to enlisted women 16:20:15
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - August 26, 2013: Middle of the Road in Healthcare Leads to Socialism - AUDIO 16:09:18
I Just Wanna F-ing dance 15:18:21
Obama Official: 'Little Doubt' Syria Used Chemical Weapons to Kill Civilians 14:59:44
Doublethink - Video 14:49:24
A March 2012 WikiLeak - "Military Intervention In Syria", US Training "Rebels" Since 2011 And The Complete Grand Plan 14:10:19
Your Sister the Soldier of Love 13:53:48
Why is silver truly more precious than gold? 13:43:34
Patent Confirms that Aspartame is the Excrement of GM E. coli Bacteria 12:59:41
Religious freedom vs Gay Marriage: unintended consequences of government involvement 12:04:06
Al-Qaeda accuses Hezbollah of terrorism. 10:58:06
List of 729 Companies and Unions with Obamacare Exemptions 10:33:19
Raleigh, NC: Police Can Kill Citizens that Feed the Homeless 10:00:15
Can Ron Paul revolutionaries get behind Mark Levin's leadership? 08:38:51
Let Me Show How Evil Obama & Holder Are Concerning Race & Education 08:00:09
Soros-backed group lawsuit against Pastor Scott Lively could have international impact on pro-family activists 07:30:09
Remembering Dr. Bob Bowman 1934 - 2013 07:20:08
Ark. gun activists to carry weapons through streets to defy ban on open carry 07:00:26
Cease And Desist Stop & Frisk (video) 05:16:12
A short comment, now years ago. 04:15:01
Libertopia...Historic Meeting Of The Minds 01:11:38
eEconomics (Latest Videos) 00:49:37
So far I like South Carolina Republican Senate Candidate Nancy Mace 00:42:54
Lie-Detector Robot 00:31:38
Weekend Watching: The Other Side of Government 00:19:09