Posted on August 27, 2013

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. 23:38:56
Saudis Threaten Russia 23:35:25
Congressman Rigell to Obama: Consult us before striking Syria 22:55:22
Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War 21:52:06
Ode To Weinerville 21:43:17
Rand Paul won't back Lindsey Graham for re-election 21:37:18
Syrian Video Removed from Youtube 21:34:21
Police Employee Runs Over Skateboarder Like It's Nothing 19:29:00
Syria: The path of the pipeline 19:20:43
Chemtrail Awareness Reaching A Tipping Point? 19:09:46
Interview 730 – Ayssar Midani On The Syrian Chemical Weapons Hoax - Corbett Report 17:31:11
Iranian Official: Israel to Be ‘First Victim’ of U.S. Attack on Syria 16:50:31
It Doesn’t Make Sense 15:05:45
Onion article on Obama's handling of Syria is unfortunately one of the most accurate I have read so far. 14:27:51
Disney Geneticists Debut New Child Stars 14:01:16
Former Salt Lake Mayor: NSA Snooping is the SCANDAL' of the Century; Anderson Calls For Prosecution of Those Involved. 13:27:09
Smudge Pot On The Racial Divide: Don't Fall For It. 13:21:33
Have Obama & Kerry Lost Their Minds? Russian Deputy Premier Calls West ‘Monkey With Hand Grenade’ 12:39:22
Part 1 of the Ron/Rand interview is up at Ron Paul Channel 12:36:46
Syria Crisis: Russia and China step up warning over strike 12:28:48
Libertarian Nick Gillespie owns Rachel Maddow 12:22:34
This is the Way They’ll ‘Nationalize’ Gold 11:48:52
How Snowden Did It 11:22:05
CNBC: Which is Worse Gold or Silver? 10:43:37
'Is Everybody Blind?' - Marine Exposes Homeland Military Build Up 09:54:20
Obama will not use findings of UN to make decision on Syria, says he has spies to make that decision. 09:43:18
WND Exclusive: Syria Gas Attack Work Of U.S. Allies 09:01:40
Syria Accuses Kerry Of Lying, Disregarding UN 08:39:47
Iranian parliament is going to debate suing the Americans for their role in the 1953 coup. 07:55:20
Prepare for Christie 07:23:50
Senate leader wants legal Marijuana Hearing next month 06:40:55
A compelling video on The Book of Daniel and how it tells us exactly where we are headed (religious content be advised) 06:38:14
Karen Hudes comments on Kerry's Chemical Weapons Statement. FOLKS, the liars are in trouble! 02:51:46
Nigel Farage and Barroso go at it over wikileaks, EU referendum (2010) 02:26:08
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I Miss All The Iran War Talk 23:33:56
In Silence 23:17:16
Kick starter for new pro-2A documentary "Infringed" 22:41:37
SYRIA: History of False Flag Chemical Attacks 22:35:50
CIA Confirms Staging Iranian Coup of 1953 22:30:16
Short VIDEO: Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks 22:12:47
So apparently, my school district can go through my iPhone. 22:10:59
Israeli Spies Claim Secret 'Proof' of Chemical Weapons Attack. 21:58:49
California Republicans! 21:57:09
The Most Interesting English Word - Hillarious! 21:51:04
Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns 21:50:29
War Propaganda and Media Lies within the Syrian Conflict 21:48:22
Is Syria a distraction because of the budget/debt ceiling coming Tuesday Oct 1? 21:44:22
Obamaville 21:35:25
The Limits of Human Evil When Given Unlimited Power 21:20:15
Ben Swann: Secretary of State John Kerry Wrong About Syrians Weapons Claim 21:18:14
Am I Missing Something Here? 21:16:04
Jeremy Scahill on can the CIA kill whoever they want (older news) 21:05:43
Freedom wins 20:45:02
1World Online Poll- Should We Expect A Financial Crisis in the Near Future? 20:43:34
Glenn Beck:"The Republicans and Democrats are dragging us into another war" 20:40:20
Russell Brand on Syria: Video 20:39:14
moe truff 20:36:02
Support The Ukraine War Effort - Buy War Bonds Today 20:26:52
Syria, Fabulous Disaster 20:10:16
WND Exclusive - Evidence: Syria Gas Attack Work Of U.S. Allies 20:06:29
FEMA’s Advice for Emergency Preparedness: Watch TV and Wait for Instructions 19:59:36
Wild...Staged Syrian Media Footage...People Holding Poses, etc 19:29:56
the "world" in shambles-there is still "Love" 19:22:43
The U.S., Britain and Israel have all Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10 Years 19:20:41
School Pressured to Stop Making Kids Kneel Before the Principal 18:35:58
Ron Paul: "We have long forgotten about what the morally just war was all about" 18:26:47
Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything 18:17:38
Paul: Al Qaeda Inspired By US Meddling; 'Why Don't We Mind Our Own Business?' 18:11:27
Homeland Security Tricks Man into Bringing Uranium to JFK Airport to "Sell to Iran" 17:17:01
Rogue IRS Shamefully Targets Nation’s Veterans 17:15:42
The Pearly Gates 17:12:20
Government Selling Personal Data To Mail Marketers 16:36:22
Christians under siege 15:53:25
'Islamization of Europe a Good Thing' 15:31:10
"Will They Learn?" 14:40:14
Miley Cyrus Mind Control? 13:45:05
IRA Song - Freedom Fighter Bobby Sands 13:43:40
Tea Party Saved Half A Trillion In Debt 13:42:21
Liberty Crier-> Spendopedia: Federal Waste Collection Site Opens On Internet 13:34:31
Some of you died before you were born 13:33:38
The controllers will shed tears! 13:14:52
EXCLUSIVE - John McCain's 'Big Lie': Says Obama Gave Syria 'Green Light' To Use Chemical Weapons 13:11:02
Carlos Santana & Sarah Mclachlan - Angel (live) 13:06:59
IMPLODING Obama Presidency Set To Trigger World War 3 12:50:57
The great cull of the human herd 12:14:22
Pat Buchanan: Congress Should Veto Obama's War 12:06:28
CNN Moneyline: Facebook Friends Could Change Your Credit Score 12:06:07
Sarah Mclachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel 12:02:55
AP - FACEBOOK: Governments Demanded Data On 38k Users 11:41:36
Red is the flower of Love 11:21:47
Congressional and Senate Score Cards 10:37:44
~ The Winds Of War ~ 10:37:40
Syria: The Questions That Must Be Answered Before Any Aggression 10:17:18
JITTERS: Dow Plunges Amid Mounting Worries Over Syria; VIX Spikes 10% 09:59:39
Military strikes on Syria 'as early as Thursday,' US officials say 09:44:44
Americans Would Rather Get a Root Canal or a Colonoscopy than Launch War Against Syria 09:37:14
Syria's Guilt in Chemical Attack 'Clear to the World,' Kerry Says 09:24:40
All wars are an offering to satan 09:14:14
Global "moral obscenity" police to hold immoral & obscene Syrians accountable by killing them 08:49:09
SHOCK & AWE: Syria Strike Due In Days, West Tells Opposition 08:48:53
Hagel: US military 'Ready to Go' 08:46:22
"International Community" silent regarding US-Backed Death Squads that Massacred Hundreds of Syrian Kurds 07:38:12
Overt military action in Syria - What exactly would it achieve? 06:10:52
Syria's President al-Assad sets the record straight on chemical weapons, UN inspections and Western terrorism 04:11:15
C4L in Memphis, TN! 04:09:15
Obama's "Red Line" turned Civil War into Struggle to Secure Chemical Weapons *UPDATED* 03:11:19
No Sale for pimped war propaganda! 03:04:42
The Six Steps Towards Tyranny 03:03:24
Syrian Conflict = Obama trying to blow out the candles on a cake he already ate. 03:01:30
Why do we have such high teen unemployment? 02:57:06
Judge Napolitano on how Google shares data with Government! 02:33:45
It Is The Beasts Hour To Feed 01:33:33
Who Says Obama Doesn't Keep His Campaign Promises ?! 01:21:26
Cudnoski's Own All-Purpose Guaranteed Effective Daily Grounding and Centering Meditation 00:54:29
Media Brainwashing "Operation Paul Revere, Contest" 00:49:22
So you think you know what is going on in Syria? 00:01:50