Posted on August 28, 2013

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"V" tells you how it all is. War, implosion coming. 22:49:50
Ben Swann Exclusive: Congressman Says Obama Strike Against Syria Would Be “Morally Wrong” (Video) 21:58:09
WWIII postponed 21:17:50
War In Syria Is NOT About Oil! 20:36:12
Sen Paul and Rep Amash on Syria: Only Congress can Declare War 19:55:55
The Real People Behind War/The Real Costs Of a Syria Strike 18:24:18
Do we even have a Congress anymore? 17:46:12
Adam Kokesh Has Been Denied Bond Once Again 16:42:52
DUI Checkpoint Silence 12:33:52
Is THIS Why Rachel Maddow Attacks Alex Jones? 12:33:47
Syrian Rebels filmed launching chemical weapons? 11:23:44
Kentucky Students To First Lady Michelle Obama: Your Food ‘Tastes Like Vomit’ 10:10:10
Intelligence Suggests Assad NOT Behind Chemical Weapons Attack 09:36:32
Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers 07:20:40
Senator Rand Paul Humiliates And Exposes John Kerry 03:07:16
When Smudge Pot went to jail he knew all about racism. Worked it. 02:42:43
(Science) What Color Is A Mirror? 02:26:41
Karen Hudes Stands Firm And Knocks It Outta The Park! Interview with Greg Hunter. 02:18:11
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Quick question - What is the best water filter to use for personal use? (must remove fluoride) 23:48:33
Syria's Physical Gold can Cover JP Morgan's Short Positions 23:39:39
Check out these videos on Vitamin K2, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Density, Diabetes, Dementia, etc. 23:32:34
Obama's secret war on Colombia : American Mercantilism's Merchants Of Death 23:03:07
The Schtuff has Hit The Fan! 22:57:13
Quite a "coincidence"... What happened on (or right before?) August 2, for both the DJIA and the NASDAQ to top on that same day? 22:46:09
96-year-old man writes a love song for his recently deceased wife of 75 years 22:44:36
USA Found Guilty of Facilitating Chemical Weapons Attack on Syrian Civilians? What's the Punishment? 22:33:44
Will The Lights Go Out In America?: Power Grid 'DOWN' Drill To Be Conducted By US Government 22:20:27
Banker Pleads Guilty To Using Bailout Money To Buy Himself A Luxury Condo 22:13:38
Waiting ; What will Emperor Obama decide on the lives of the Syrians? 22:10:32
I'm a Drone Man / I Have a Drone 22:00:31
Calling out my Congress Critters as we rush off to War 21:51:23
Possible to personally sue government officials? 21:32:46
Does Syrian propaganda remind you of anything? Video 20:27:39
Syria submitted proof of chemical weapons use by terrorists 20:16:38
What If The "Chemical Attack" Was A Drill? 20:13:45
Show Me Your Id, Prove Your Identity. 20:13:11
Terra Noire 19:51:49
The Obama Administration is about to start WWIII. Does anyone know where Rand Paul is? 18:13:28
252 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc. 17:56:54
Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker to speak in Seattle before 2,000 people — but no reporters 17:36:04
DOD Sub Agency DARPA Plans Portable Brain Recorders for American Classrooms 17:23:56
How The Hell In The Liberty Movement Can 17:15:05
An "Act of War" in the Making? 16:53:41
Wed 30 Jan, 2013 16:20:19
Martin Luther King says stay out of Syria 16:15:21
Anyone have input on:"The Burden of Damascus" 16:14:00
When all else fails... 16:03:57
Hasan Sentenced To Death For Fort Hood Shooting 15:49:10
Tennessee C4L Releases Video Slamming "Liberal Lamar" 15:31:48
Look for motive. WHO benefits most from an attack on Syria? Rich Zionists. 15:30:18
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Clayborne Carson 15:27:03
The implosion has begun but not yet. 15:22:48
Honor the memory MLK by sharing this video 15:10:52
BFP Syria Report- Satellite Imagery Proves Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Staged by Rebels 15:04:42
Ben Swann Exclusive With Congressman Massie: Missile Strikes Against Syria “An Act of War” 14:52:08
U.S. leaks tell Assad he can relax. The bombing will be brief and limited. 14:46:00
The numbers that define U.S. 14:14:52
Bloomberg stuffs $350,000 into Colorado to stop the recall effort, help counter his hush money, please donate now! 14:09:42
Zionist Loses It On Air: Shut it Mr. Barrett! 13:57:03
WW3? Syrian, Iranian Officials Say Israel Will Be “Set On Fire” If US Strikes - VIDEO 13:45:47
A Ron Paulitician 13:30:04
Illinois Congressman George Cardenas: We Need Drones To Keep Kids Safe Walking To School 13:16:28
In Rush to Strike Syria, US Tried to Derail UN Probe 13:04:53
General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned 13:01:54
Obama Pushes Nations Into World War 3 13:00:02
TX Troopers cry 'harassment,' seek Protective Order against Plaintiff in Civil rights lawsuit 12:59:13
Whoa! U.S. Web Attacks Skyrocket Ahead of Mid East Action: 81% Above Normal *Real Time Heat Map* 12:54:31
No Leave for Army – September and October 12:47:16
The New World Order is Dead On Arrival 12:46:38
MSNBC Video: Obama Ignores Congress on Approval For Syria Attack 12:43:40
Claim Your $45.00 From Naked Juice for Lying about GMOs 12:38:39
Bombshell: Evidence Syrian Rebels Carried Out Gas Attack - VIDEO 12:33:01
Is This Why Rachel Maddow Attacks Alex Jones?: August 2013 Ratings: MSNBC Down Double Digits - VIDEO 12:23:07
- Seriously, Peter King Should be In a Mental Hospital 12:21:37
Free money, just take it 12:15:07
The Guardian: NSA Surveillance Program Violates The Constitution, ACLU Says 12:11:03
Ted Cruz on Syria: US military doesn’t exist to be a policeman for the world 12:06:08
Justin Amash on Syria, War Powers Act, and walking alone in Washington (Live with Renk 8/28/13) 12:04:54
The Bill of Rights 11:54:10
The murderous cynicism of those who presume to rule us might be the world’s only inexhaustible resource 11:00:46
What's the difference how your killed, dead is dead. 10:57:45
50 Years Ago Today - MLK's I Have a Dream (Video) 10:55:24
Russia to halt U.S. space program? 10:37:14
California Trying To Strike Out Tax-Exempt Status For Little League, ‘Discriminatory’ Groups 10:33:33
IRS Issues Final Rules on Obamacare's 'Individual Mandate' 10:23:37
Julie Borowski - HHS ObamaCare 10:23:18
Julie Borowski - Tampon Earrings 10:21:16
Obama Taps Bill Clinton to Make Case for Obamacare - VIDEO 10:00:32
Congressional Candidate in Maine says Obama is wrong on Syria 09:59:22
22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 In The Middle East Is A Really Bad Idea 09:40:25
Proof Kerry Is A Globalist 09:33:22
The U.S. Britain and Israel have Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10 Years! 09:33:17
Blanket Immunity For Ameican Taxpayers 09:09:33
Bulk of evidence re: Assad/chemical weapons has been provided by Israeli military intelligence 09:03:07
What is Syria all about? 08:53:32
Bombing Of Syria: 'Brief & Limited' 08:50:13
Reuters Exclusive: U.S. delays deadline for finalizing Obamacare health plans 08:43:25
Eagle Crashes Amid Chants of "USA! USA!" 08:42:24
Free At Last, Obama Fan Busted For Indecent Exposure At Walmart Celebrates March On Washington Anniversary 08:37:51
Syrian Crisis a Déjà vu ? 08:24:23
THE Site for what you need to know about a US attack on Syria 07:03:01
I long for the day when Christians are free in the USA 06:46:09
FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st- "DHS Buiding An Army" Warns Marine Colonel 06:13:54
Irving Kristol and Neoconservatism (and why we are where we are at with Syria) 05:30:26
Want to stop this war in its tracks? Picket the homes and local offices of government officials 04:57:22
What the Invasion of Syria Will Look Like (VIDEO) 04:15:19
Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself 03:35:59
Some School Districts Quit Healthier Lunch Program - VIDEO 02:38:06
Déjà Vu All Over Again 02:35:03
John Kerry: "Ignore ALL Syria-Related Conspiracy Theories" (VIDEO) 01:37:06
Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal the 5th Amendment 00:41:27
Chinese Chevrolet GM In China 00:41:10
Syrian Criminal Chemical Attack False Flag Provocations 00:12:44
Joe Biden Wants To Impeach Obama?! 00:11:28