Posted on August 30, 2013

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Ben Swann - Breaking News: Did The Federal Government Just Legalize Marijuana? 21:10:19
WOW media is trying really hard to sell Syrian War 18:55:25
Syria: Big O's Gonna Do It 18:22:11
Sen. Rand Paul On CNN's 'The Situation Room' w/Wolf Blitzer 8/30/13 17:52:45
Alan Grayson: "It's Not Even Clear That It Was A Chemical Attack' In Syria" 17:31:54
How to find your nearest Anti War Rally! 17:20:43
Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange About Syria 17:08:12
Judge Napolitano Presidential Draft Effort Picks Up Steam 16:04:25
Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria 15:23:04
FORGET Congress! Obama & Kerry Going To War Without Approval From The Congress - This Is All UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 15:08:22
SHOCK & AWE Coming! CNN: Obama Says No 'Boots on The Ground' 14:46:56
Flash Mob of Protests “No War With Syria” Rallies Planned in Over 70 Cities for Saturday 8/31/13 14:37:09
WAR! Kerry Speaks To The American People: With Or Without Support Of UK, U.S. Will Push Ahead The 'BOMBING' of Syria 13:21:53
Sen. Rand Paul On 'Fox & Friends' W / Tucker Carlson - August 30, 2013 - VIDEO 12:27:25
It Does Not Matter If Syria Used Chemical Weapons 09:48:52
More than 150 Congress Members Demand Vote on Syria 09:28:21
If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person 08:30:07
Hannity: Rand Paul: President Absolutely Needs Congressional Approval 07:52:08
As Syria Distracts, Here’s What's Happening While No One Is Looking 07:39:22
J.Amash: “UK Parliament votes on going to war. Congress votes on critical things, too, like renaming post offices.” 07:25:57
140 Years of Monetary History in 10 Minutes (8/27/2013) 01:44:06
What has Bashar al-Assad done? 00:41:49
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Rand Paul On Laura Ingraham Show: Boehner Speakership in Jeopardy Over Immigration Reform - AUDIO 23:53:23
The Long and Short of It: Five Thousand Years of Fun and Fury over Hair 23:45:07
Feds keeping an eye on Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio 22:57:31
Wow! Mark Shields grew a pair on PBS news 22:41:29
Interviews With Americans: People Know Miley Cyrus, Don't Know Syria or World War 3 (VIDEO) 22:37:52
Hey Americans, It's time for fantasy football! 22:32:45
In This Strange Time, "No Jobs" Means... "Record Market" (8/3/2013) 22:27:52
"America Is Like the Jesus of Countries" 22:24:23
The Corbett Report - Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War? (Informative Video) 21:47:47
Edit- Sorry. 21:27:29
Rand Paul: We Shouldn't Go To War Without The President Coming To Congress First 21:08:10
Salon article on Syria actually worth reading 21:00:32
My daughter ripped her toenail out (or children are the worst actors). 20:47:47
Paul Harvey's 1965 Warning: Freedom To Chains 20:12:48
George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 20:05:08
Resemble anyone you know? 19:58:21
Remake of "What if money was no object?" is finally done! 19:55:22
War Mongers Stage Another False Flag In Syria 19:39:37
Hands Off Syria Anti-War Rally, 8/31/13; L.A., CA @ 1pm ... 19:33:34
Goldman Sachs Says to Dump Gold - Then Buys Record Amount of GLD in Q2 19:28:27
Is it me... 19:26:43
Great Article on Why the NSA's Operational Protocols Must Change 19:18:40
Clear Your Mind 19:18:15
Largest City in Syria Now Offline 19:09:43
hey Alaska liberty lovers...need advice. 19:07:56
Saudi Arabia threatens Russia with Olympic Terror 19:01:42
:) 19:01:11
Government To EXPAND Debt BUBBLE: Pentagon Can’t Afford Syria Operation; Additional Funds Needed 18:53:18
"We Should Never Go To War Carelessly" ~ Ron Paul 18:28:22
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East 18:11:15
Rand Paul: We Have No Strategic Objective In Attacking Syria 17:57:18
How Should the US Military be Structured for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy? 17:53:43
Most Americans oppose cutting off funding for Obamacare, poll shows 17:26:02
A Century of Lies 17:24:46
Afghanistan veteran speaks out at a Social Consciousness meeting in Murfreesboro, TN - Video 17:14:39
Elite Lies 16:54:24
New Study: Video Games Do Not Increase Teen Violence 16:44:27
IEEE: The STEM Crisis is a Myth: An Ongoing Discussion 16:20:35
Bandar Bush threatens President Putin with Sochi terrorist attack 16:09:18
NATO Also Says No To Obama War 16:07:39
Syrians in Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack - Blows Obama out of the water 15:58:55
UK says Miranda carrying password...GG said they're lying 15:55:10
John Kerry's War... follow the money 15:40:55
VIDEO: Obama's Wars: Intervention in Syria HD 15:30:35
Job Board 14:58:09
5 more minutes! Liberty Photo Competition till 5 pm 8/30 14:57:50
A plea to make our voices heard before our government engages in a direct military war with Syria. 14:44:31
J.P. Morgan war propagandists plot to control the media: U.S. Congressional Record, 1917 14:35:48
This is freaking me out, Tent Builders (Fort Irwin) 14:32:25
WND Exclusive: German Police Storm Homeschool Class, Take Children By Force 14:03:31
deleted post 13:54:48
Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal-Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 13:30:50
Futuristic. 13:13:30
POLITICO: Nancy Pelosi The 'HAWK' Tells President Obama To Act On Syria - VIDEO 12:57:54
Ron Paul Institute: Obama Pushes Iran to Go Nuclear 12:50:29
earthquake 12:46:08
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity- August 29, 2013 12:35:57
CIA Admits Involvement In Iran Military Coup 12:25:12
Reuters Exclusive: Syrian army moves Scud missiles to avoid strike 12:09:41
Syria, Benghazi, Michael Hastings: False Flags, War and Murder 12:04:01
What Impact will Syria Have On Fed Monetary Policy? 11:58:39
Brietbart: NEOCON is veiled quasi-anti-semitic term 11:57:49
Briefing on Syria of "key members" of Congress last night ... info anyone? 11:40:31
British man turns the tables on telemarketers by charging them to call him 11:14:01
More News Overshadowed By Obama's War Drums Pounding Toward Syria: IRS Continues Hounding of Tea Party Patriots 10:59:57
Liberty Republican TJ Fabby Is Now The Front Runner in race forTexas State House District 10! 10:22:11
. 09:49:15
Ron Paul's Stay out of Syria Petition 09:43:37
Syria: Footage of 'Napalm'Iincident Emerges 09:19:54
"Moral Obscenity"/Global Police Murder 6 more individuals via drone strike today in Yemen 09:11:07
Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria - Mother Agnes Mariam on GRTV 08:56:29
Infowars: Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack received via Saudi, Prince Bandar bin Sultan 08:50:53
Biggest Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Ever Against Boy Scouts Of America 08:37:11
Ron Paul vs Rand Paul with Abby Martin 08:31:37
"hands Off Syria Obama!" Protesters Outside The White House 08:28:41
Syria: The Next “Stimulus?” It makes sense. Ugly sense, but sense. 08:22:05
Rand Paul on The Mike Gallagher Show 8/29/13 08:16:58
Ron Paul: Sign My Petition: Tell President Obama To Stay Out Of Syria! 07:27:59
In this day we have a lack of trust so there is the thousand mile handshake. 07:13:54
7 Stages of Empire 06:03:56
(Video) Best Zimmerman Trevon analysis 04:16:33
Golden Jackass down? 03:41:22
The cost of both the Afghan and Iraq wars real time. 02:50:03
Our "Leaders" claim the Moral High Ground but what they are is full of $hit! 02:18:29
deleted 02:02:03
Washington Watchdog: $14M Wasted on Broadband Effort in W.Va. 01:58:14
Radio wave-treated water could change agriculture as we know it. 01:52:15
“A Man For All Wars" Obama the Nobel Peace Prize Winner with Six Years in Afghanistan; Yemen; Libya; Pakistan; Mali; 01:43:46
Mail President Obama a Box of Crayola Crayons with the Red one Removed 01:17:16
Obama to Launch New War in Syria on Fake WMD's (8/27/2013) 01:09:16
Rand Paul: President Absolutely Needs Congressional Approval To Go To War With Syria 00:40:52
Daily Paul at night. Alex Jones during the day. 00:25:01
War 00:13:54