Posted on August 31, 2013

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Syrian FM Press Conference, a Message to Americans, your Administration is Lying on Chemical Weapons 23:43:12
The rise of the anti-war right 22:30:10
Putin to (Nobel Prize winner) Obama Think about future Syria victims 20:06:55
Pat Buchanan: Chemical Attack ‘REEKS Of False Flag Operation VIDEO 19:44:31
Obama Collapses: Will Seek Congressional Approval, For Now - VIDEO 19:39:27
The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn't Want You to See 18:52:56
Ben Swann - Reports: Saudi Prince Using U.S. To Topple Assad To Consolidate Own Power 18:39:34
Pelosi: Congress Must Uphold Oath to ‘Protect and Defend’ Constitution... by Passing Gun Control 18:34:01
Russian/Putin News 17:42:00
StormCloudsGathering: Could be the Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch 14:50:34
Obama asks Congress to OK strike on Syria 14:38:00
Obama Speech on Syria 8-31-13: No Congressional Approval Needed for War He Claims 14:06:01
Video - Obama's speech on Syria today - Updated w/ Boehner response 13:47:01
Libertarian In Virginia Governor's Race At Or Near Ten Percent! 13:10:55
Ben Swann: Is Alternative Media Preventing A War With Syria? 10:27:27
Boston Globe Article Titled "Little Libertarians on the Prairie" 10:12:12
Police in Germany storm homeschool class, take children by force 09:10:39
~ We Need A Breakthrough: Stop Learning and Start Thinking (Being) 06:19:41
Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council 06:18:25
Reader Poll: Do you support U.S. military action against Syria? Please vote! 03:03:19
Dr. Ron Paul, 1988 : "Who owns the Federal Reserve? What makes it so evil?" 02:31:42
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Why Does Ron Paul Insist on a Declaration of War? 23:53:41
American Volunteer in Syrian Rebels Ranks Threatens to Kill Bashar Al-Assad 23:51:51
Video: Oh Sweet Lorraine 23:23:57
Ken Cuccinelli says: protect the Constitution, do not attack Syria 23:12:39
Obama's got a little Kerried away 23:01:43
I claim my own G0dd@mn rights! 22:51:30
Forensic High-Tech Test Confirms Facebook, Twitter, and Google Snoop on Emails 22:49:39
Why nothing the government does works There's big money to be made in screwing up 21:30:12
Military ‘Practice’ Bomb Lands In Maryland Bar Parking Lot 21:28:41
Would You Like Some Fries With That War in Syria? 20:19:43
We Might as Well Face It, We're Addicted to War 18:58:41
6 Reasons for America to Bomb Saudi Arabia 18:53:28
Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season 17:43:16
Pray for peace 17:34:14
Man did someone leave the keys in the door at the asylum? 16:41:37
Truth About Egypt 16:32:57
Writing Congress to vote "NO" to war on Syria. 16:27:29
Will Ron Paul’s Replacement Rep. Randy Weber Sell Out to AIPAC and the Warmongers on Syria? 16:01:17
Israel and client states want nobody to rule Syria 15:16:21
Weekend Viewing - Utopia - Laurel and Hardy 14:56:01
Paul Craig Roberts: God Help The Moron 14:48:08
"Why are you calling me a racist?" 13:51:55
Activism Alert: Is Obama's Speech Delayed Because Of Protestors Outside The White House? 13:43:36
StormCloudsGathering: Edward Snowden, Syria and Iran 13:35:46
Directly Petition The White House - No War With Syria 12:19:10
What's Stopping Mass Adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles? 11:29:00
Microsoft and Google to sue over US surveillance requests 11:17:07
Some things make SO much sense! 11:14:19
Former administrator official about Pentagon war leaks: "they need to shut the f*k up" 10:56:38
Eviction 10:43:12
Syrian Operation will require additional funds from congress 09:27:03
Between 2005-2011 49,000 vets committed suicide while maybe 10 people have died from "terrorism" 09:10:44
Stop This Madness While We Still Can 05:33:46
Tell Me This Is Not The Future Of Humanity 05:32:47
The Highwaymen - Live Forever 03:38:32
What the poor realist, in this economy, would say? 03:34:00
Killing in the name of Syria 03:07:08
Ben Benanke! 02:58:21
Sen. Bill Nelson touting a study by the Rand institute about the Afforable Care Act vs FL ins cmsr Kevin McCarty 02:54:40
Independence and Integrity! 02:41:54
"Anti-Syria intervention street protest at Downing Street in London" 28th August 02:12:40
Cagney and Lacey Episode: 'Roll Call' 01:59:28
Need Sign Idea for #NoWarWithSyria Protest Tomorrow Morning 01:40:52
Vince Vaughn is So Money 01:38:12
Letter To My Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA); "Stay OUT Of Syria..." 01:10:01
Billionaire Issues Chilling Warning About Interest Rate Derivatives (8/5/2013) 00:13:35
I Can't Stand CNN 00:03:39