Posted on September 1, 2013

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Are we all gonna let Adam Kokesh rot in a jail cell? 22:57:05
He is in jail without bond, and we sit on our hands, I saw this speech live and it led me to where I am 22:45:37
It is Time to Fire Speaker of the House John Boehner Before He Screws Us Again. 21:49:19
The CW claim is still problematic for one simple reason. The US government lies. 21:45:19
Washington Post: After 'CLASSIFIED' Briefing, Lawmakers SKEPTICAL On Syria Attack - VIDEO 21:28:40
US Revealed as Enemy of World 21:09:32
Justin Amash Video: Obama put on Notice by 116 Congressmen over Syria 20:23:42
All You Have To Do Is Show Up - Gun Control Rally Turns Into Gun Rights Rally 19:38:48
Edward Snowden Wins Whistleblower Award In Germany - VIDEO 19:09:45
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - September 02, 2013: Will Congress Endorse Obama's War Plans? Does it Matter - AUDIO 17:49:59
Neocons push for another war that means genocide for Christians 17:20:10
I am Syrian and a mother. 16:49:06
My 15 Year Old Son Wants To Join The Airforce 14:38:13
NO More Excuses! Get OFF of your butts and DO something! 14:22:00
Why We Must Talk About Conspiracies 14:17:19
The United States of America stands exposed in the eyes of the world 12:30:25
Sen. Rand Paul: Meet the Presstitutes (9/1/13) 10:13:35
Justin Amash: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria 09:53:08
Army soldier follows sailor's lead on facebook 09:36:26
Unidentified Navy Officer Sums It All Up 09:11:47
Why not arrest the 1% US War Criminals before they war-murder again in Syria? 08:58:12
Anti-War Protesters to Cop: We Don’t Need a Permit We Have the Constitution ( 08:46:08
James Corbett - Who is really behind the Syrian War? 07:12:02
Russell Brand Trashes Media in New Alex Jones Interview 01:10:40
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Syrian regime change was well underway 2 years ago 23:51:46
Sanity Check: Mr. X ties Syrian intervention to a Qatar pipeline 23:15:37
Update on Chief Mark Kessler 23:14:01
A Plea to the Conspiracy Theorists 23:10:21
:) 22:21:21
White House Girds for Battle With Congress 21:53:02
U.S. Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria - 21:49:58
win 45 dollars 21:41:25
Whistleblower Award - VIDEO Jacob Appelbaum answers for Edward Snowden (letter from Snowden) 21:31:17
The Ron Paul University of Hair and Nails 21:05:28
Drudge Report.Com: Hill Battle Over War As Obama Backs Down! 21:01:20
US War with Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria in a Nutshell 20:57:55
The Telegraph: EU plans to fit all cars with speed limiters 20:35:34
Why Don't We Make Obama Stand Trial?: Egypt's Morsi 'To Stand Trial Over Deaths' 19:56:33
Fox News: Pennsylvania hospital to open country's first inpatient treatment program for Internet addiction 19:34:49
Back from the edge: A world-wide peace plan. 19:21:34
Out Of Touch: Politicians Who Support Action On Syria 19:21:05
Does Planet X Pose a Coming Threat? 18:59:49
High radiation readings found at Fukushima tanks 18:23:09
Family Dinner 17:44:34
Target Damascus 17:20:03
Syria opposition says Assad deploying human shields for air strikes 17:09:37
Faith and Love 17:07:33
Libertas Perpetua 17:00:11
The Eyeopener by James Corbett. Chemical Hypocrisy: Lies and Disinformation on the Road to War 16:35:34
Has anyone seen this yet? What's goin on with these guys? 16:18:55
Ron Paul To Keynote Catholic Conference 16:02:04
Receive $45 and help put a stop to GMOs 15:59:18
Salon Attacks Ron Paul Over Syria False Flag 15:42:40
Paul: 50/50 chance that House will vote down Syria authorization 15:38:18
Liberty Crew on Grand Theft Auto V 15:26:01
Anti-World Police Non-Interventionist Policies Must be Adopted by the USA 15:22:26
Congress to President: We want our share of the war pie too! 15:21:17
Keynesians, Neocons & Their Errors In Judgement 15:17:01
Rand Paul: Islamic Rebels In Syria Won't Be American Allies, Mistake To Get Involved - Meet The Press 9/1/2013 14:55:56
Josh Tolley "wait: What If Obama Is Being Set Up To Fail In Syria?!" 14:52:28
Naval Officer: “i Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For Al Qaeda In A Syrian Civil War!” 14:37:26
International Criminal Court & Sanctions Not War 14:26:09
John Kerry Interview on "Fox News Sunday" W / Chris Wallace - Fox News Channel - 9/01/13 - VIDEO 14:03:23
Property Owners LIVID After FEDS Seize Their Private Land 13:57:22
Is There A 'TOP Secret' Plan By The Military To Remove Barack Obama From The Presidency? 13:49:08
The Amazing Armless Vehicle Engineer Who Will Make You Never Want to Say the Word "Can't" 13:37:08
From Sept. 5-29 I will be staying at U.S. P.O.W. Camp #334...aka Pine Ridge Rez 13:33:22
John Kerry on Meet The Press - What up with the tongue jive? 13:15:39
International Criminal Court & Sanctions Not War 13:04:13
Rand Paul: '50/50' chance that House will vote down Syria authorization 13:01:17
There's Nothing We Can Do About It! 12:46:09
Roadmap to Apartheid 12:37:18
Does anyone have a 'good news' story? 12:22:41
In our bizarro world, I guess Obama could send a drone to attack Assad and nothing would be said 12:11:31
EU plans to fit all cars with speed limiters 12:05:34
Ray Lewis: Super Bowl blackout was no accident 11:35:40
Could it really happen ? 10:50:36
Duplicate 09:59:24
Idea for Calling Members of Congress 09:46:38
Congressman Burgess on Medicaid, foreign aid and redistribution 09:01:32
The Asian Paradox: End of the Line for Low Carb Diets? 08:46:55
Obama's Ex-Secret Service Agent: It's Not About Gun Control... It's About People Control (Feb. 2013) 04:34:21
Petition to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize plus a great Huffington Post Article 03:51:38
Obama's Speech Analyzed (8/31/2013) 03:37:15
Obama Wants WWIII & Putin Calls Obama A Liar (8/31/2013) 02:07:27
SOCOM Seeking Control of ALL Communication Technologies 02:06:45
Dumb n Dumber want to go all in in Syria. 01:39:36
Tension 01:35:41
Someday in the future 01:08:55
Mad World! 00:38:49
Remember Kony 2012? The African Invasion That Failed To Happen? 00:32:32
Reminded me of DailyPaul/Ron Paul movement 00:31:18
"It's So Racist." - Ron Paul On The Death Penalty 00:22:51