Posted on September 2, 2013

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Anti-War Protests Erupt in Los Angeles 22:24:50
Police Officer shoots UNARMED man 41 times, reloading twice 22:22:45
What's going on in Tennessee? 21:21:50
protesters outside kerry's townhouse 21:05:41
Diana Nyad, 64, does the impossible, swims from Cuba to Florida 20:43:33
A great er sticker 19:51:45
Final Drudge Poll Results: 91% Say No To Give Authority To Obama 19:47:25
Tyrel Ventura Interviews Ben Swann On Syria, Journalism and Leaving Corporate Media 18:46:08
Ben Swann: The Most Dangerous Domestic Spying Program Is Common Core 18:31:54
John Fought the Law and John Won! Austin Super-Activist John Bush Successfully Defends Himself in Court 17:46:15
Twitter Flooded With Active Duty Military & Veterans Opposing Attack on Syria 16:38:36
Tell Congress: Don't Attack Syria (need your signature - please) 15:20:44
Candidate for U.S. Congress Demonstrates Open Carry (Photos) 14:45:30
WHOA! Former Bush official: Syria resolution could authorize attack on Iran and Lebanon 14:17:11
Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria 14:11:53
Wrong Time, Wrong Answer, Wrong Amendments (No to Levin's Con-Con) 13:32:44
Did Murray Rothbard Approve of Torture? 13:01:04
Angus King educates warmongering "press" panel 12:26:28
Obama has Decided it is Safer to Buy Congress, by Paul Craig Roberts - 09:32:37
Camouflage cops 09:11:10
Alan Grayson "We Are NOT The World's Policemen! 09:10:54
No War with Syria Rally gets FAIR Coverage in Nashville, TN (video) 08:45:33
WOW! Hillary Mann Leverett A New Hero. School's Warmongers on MSNBC 08:41:58
Did You Know? They Had A Plan For More Than A Year Already : "Rebuilding Syria After Assad" ... No Kidding. 05:20:14
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How the 14th Amendment Has Stolen Your Life - Pt's 1- 7 ~ Pozitively Unconstitutional 23:52:55
Privacy worth pledging for? 23:43:29
If you support Assad, this is what you support Peace? NOT! 23:21:20
Graphene? 23:12:04
Karl Marx wishes you a happy Labor Day... Even if it is a day late. 22:33:25
North Police use Excessive Force and Chemical Weapons 22:32:12
Syria: Obama courts McCain, Graham... 22:30:40
Dui Checkpoint - Do Police Automatically Have Probable Cause Because You're Driving? 22:28:42
Libertarian Sarvis at campaign kick off in Buena Vista VA! 22:15:34
German Weimar Republic in the early 1920s and the U.S. - Troubling similarities 22:13:13
Protesters line overpass, rally against war with Syria 22:12:45
The last chance to stop the NDAA 21:40:16
Impeachment: congress fires opening shot across Obama's bow 21:37:07
Pro-Syria hackers put anti-attack message on U.S. Marines site "Refuse your orders" 21:30:37
List of People Killed in Syria 19:43:02
Ben Swann - Opinion: Obama Crossing The Rubicon Into Syria 18:22:20
Petrodollar Warfare 17:44:10
'Take' via Sustainable Communities Agenda: Inefficiency Defined as "Blight" 17:42:49
Liberty Rising: South Carolina Tea Partiers Draft Resolution To Replace Lindsey Graham 17:05:14
U.S. War Script. 16:40:46
Probably The Best 2nd Amendment Speech Ever - VIDEO 16:27:39
Why is no one telling us the downside risks of attacking Syria? 16:23:24
Cause Of The Huge Fires In Colorado And Other States! 8:46 Min. It's Your Land Too. 16:23:16
Executive Branch Conspires Against Americans with AT&T 16:15:45
John Kerry: 'Freedom Makes It Hard To Govern, This Is A Great Source Of Aggravation For Our Political Masters' 16:14:05
Hi Lord. Nice and Short 16:07:55
Now Official: NSA Can Commandeer Your Business Into a Mass Surveillance Tool, Illegal for You to Stop Them 15:56:59
LIFT-OFF! Make the official ReThink 911 video go viral. Its a good one! 15:53:32
Lion and the biker 15:50:08
:) 15:14:59
Syria crisis: MPs 'right to reject military action' - BBC poll 15:10:20
Job seekers had al-Qaeda links, CIA found 15:07:08
Assad interview: al-Qaeda allied terrorists backed by US, Israel, Saudis 14:46:16
War Is a Big Government Program 14:42:33
Another Obama Administration Lie!: Obama's Proposal Seeks BROAD War Powers Despite VOW of Limits 14:30:36
Calling Out All Neo-Con, War-Mongering S.O.B.s...SHOW Yourselves! 14:08:44
Eyes Wide Shut!: Police Break 'Drug-Fueled Orgy At Battle Creek Masonic Lodge - VIDEO 14:07:10
Obama to Rally To Gain Support For Syria Strike 13:58:07
An Organized Effort to Stop this War 13:56:25
Kerry: The President Doesn't Have To Go To Congress, Vows Obama Will Violate Constitution Ahead Of Syria Group Meeting - VIDEO 13:51:44
7 Things You Need To Know About The NSA 13:43:35
Media Head Games Exposed! CNN Caught Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Influence Syrian Conflict | Waking Times 13:39:22
Why am I wrong ? 13:24:50
Labor Day 2013 - Because Tyranny Never Sleeps 13:19:27
72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents 13:09:56
Ron Paul Curriculum 13:07:33
Post Your #NoWarWithSyria Protest Pics, Videos and News Coverage Here! 13:05:47
Syrian Electronic Army Hacks "" 12:56:04
Wrong equipment to test radiation "Smacks of amateur approach to this problem" 12:41:04
NSA Spied On Brazil, Mexico Leaders, Glenn Greenwald Says 12:24:59
Che Guevara People of the world are fighting back against 'Coalition of the Killing' 12:03:08
Ticket To War: No Moron Left Behind 11:26:54
This clip gives new meaning to the phrase "The Pot Calling The Kettle Black" 10:45:37
DC Police Boat Crashes Into boat in Georgetown, DC (Video) 10:06:35
Russia sending spy ship to Mediterranean 09:44:43
Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s 09:36:11
Homeland Security have built a police state that could kick the butts of the Iraqi Armry - Retired USMC Colonel 08:11:55
Write to your congress-critters! 06:33:18
Get Ready: This Coming 9/11 is Going to Be a Doozy! Another "Failure of Imagination" 05:06:50
The biggest conspiracy of our lifetime has been exposed in plain view. 04:36:00
9/11/13 Prediction 04:18:05
One American's Opinion 03:44:24
Human Culture - Alan Watts 03:08:31
2013's Silver Eagle Sales Surpass 2012's... With One Third Of The Year Left To Go (8/26/2013) 03:07:30
Beautifully said - George Carlin! 02:27:53
So let me get this straight - Syria! 02:00:35
1.8 gigapixel drone ARGUS the new surveillance 01:08:12
Is Protesting Legal in Federal Buildings? 00:32:57
The Weinberger Doctrine: Why Rand Paul and Ted Cruz represent the Reagan Wing of the GOP on war. 00:32:51
Almost 12 Years Since America Was Turned Upside Down and Inside Out 00:13:41