Posted on September 3, 2013

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I think this is the same General who after Rand Paul spoke said he did not want to comment 22:20:35
Pat Buchanan: No Syrian War to Save Obama’s Face! 21:58:55
Syrian War Votes: NSA (Pentagon) Blackmail at Work 21:36:39
Current Indications Show Congress Will Vote NO on Attacking Syria 20:49:40
High Level Source Confirms Secret US Nuclear Warhead Transfer 20:42:11
Matt Drudge Breaks With Republicans, Joins Libertarians 20:23:35
Now this is interesting, Mounting evidence raises questions about Syrian chemical weapon attack 20:05:59
NSA Blackmail: The Government is Building its Case Against You 19:46:25
McCain Plays Poker on his iPhone During Syria War Senate Hearing - September 3, 2013 19:31:46
PATHETIC 19:23:07
VIDEO: The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told (Storm Clouds Gathering) 19:16:05
Paging Glenn Greenwald 19:11:02
Amash unswayed on Syria strike after classified briefing with Obama advisers 18:50:29
Video: Sen. Paul's heated exchange with Sec. Kerry on Syria Strikes 18:15:15
Video - Ron Paul on Cavuto (9/3/13) 17:52:35
Rand questions Kerry on Syria 9-3-13 17:43:08
Washington Post: 40 maps they didn’t teach you in school 16:39:35
VIDEO- Fat Libertarian Loses It Over Syrian War Propaganda 16:37:20
Matt Drudge blasts GOP establishment, says there is no real difference between Republican and Democrat parties 16:16:46
Ron Paul On Syria: I Smell Iraq All Over Again (Experiences 'technical difficulties') CNN 9/3/2013 16:06:20
It's about damn time... 15:22:59
Video: Rand Paul and John Kerry duke it out on bombing Syria and whether president can declare war 14:22:06
Fox News Video: Pelosi Uses Conversation With 5 Year-Old Grandson To Push For Attack On Syria 13:10:56
Ben Swann: The HHS Data Hub, Does Private Information Exist In America - VIDEO 12:50:52
9/3/13 Rush Limbaugh takes the side of anti war in Syria (I listen to Rush so you don't have to) 12:29:33
Boehner Says YES To War With Syria 11:39:20
Cheat-Sheet On Spying - Spread This Everywhere! 11:13:12
No war with Syria Philly-Veteran arrested 10:00:39
Documents Surface Showing Obama Bribed Muslim Brotherhood says Egyptian Military video 08:53:16
Chart Shows Where Congress Likely Stands on Syria 08:17:49
Consider having to take your money out of the bank... and quick, at some point. 06:16:46
Putin to Obama: 'As A Nobel Prize Winner, Think about future Syria victims' 04:56:52
Take Action NOW to Help Save the Bees, and Our Food Supply 04:31:27
Hilarious pro-war post on Daily Kos 02:47:26
My Pictures from 'No War on Syria' Rally St. Louis 8/31/13 23:59:15
Would you support a filibuster by Rand Paul to stop President Obama's intervention in Syria? 01:19:53
What if it is "confirmed" that Assad did use chemical weapons? 00:11:35
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I'll believe it when Drudge and Beck do a Ron Paul telethon to raise money to audit the Fed. 23:52:21
Granger, Fishy and My Evolution 23:44:49
99.9% of Americans do not know the difference between a Democracy, and a Republic. 23:42:43
MADNESS!: Is U.S. Prepared To Use Nuclear Warheads In A "FALSE Flag" In Case Congress Says "NO" War in Syria? 23:40:23
The Secret to a Long Life 23:12:39
Sec. of State Kerry lying/misleading on Syria (video) 23:02:18
Russia Sending Warship: Advance Missile Detection Warning for Assad 23:00:48
Brazillian Congress Requesting Federal Police Protection for Greenwald and Partner 22:37:19
You Know You Are Screwed When (Add your own to the comments) 22:36:29
Impeach Obama Ad To Run In CFR's Washington Times, Paid For By 'Black Citizens Group' 22:36:29
. 22:34:28
So Israel's Ready to Throw U.S. Under the Bus for its Middle East Project: The End Game 22:32:37
CIA Analyst Michael Scheuer Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists 22:26:11
Possible NFL False Flag Attack On Sept. 8th? 22:22:01
Radiation Levels At Fukushima Soar By Over 20% In Three Days, Hit 2,200 mSv And Rising 22:18:29
The only things the two parties can agree on: WAR! House Leaders Express Support for Syria Strike 22:07:31
The Syria debate is so divisional that the powers behind the scene are going to have to start 21:50:49
CIA Analyst Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists - Michael Scheuer (VIDEO) 21:49:39
Pope Francis calls for day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria: this Saturday 21:10:47
Senator Paul not shown (but heard) on Fox News or WSJ live feed. 21:06:21
Sen. Rand Paul Interview On "Out Front" W / Erin Burnett- CNN - 9/03/13 - VIDEO 20:55:10
New eBook - The Great Reset: And What You Can Do To Prepare For It 20:53:04
WSJ: Paul and Amash are Isolationists; Compares striking Syria as the equivalent of striking Nazi Germany 20:35:57
N.Y. Times scraps AIPAC from Syria story 20:12:29
Special Report: Libya in Anarchy Lawlessness and Ruin after US Intervention, Syria Next 20:04:59
Child shoots SWAT officer with his own gun at California ‘Literacy Fair’ 19:57:26
Syria and Monsanto! 19:53:07
Targeting Iraq and Syria, 2003 and 2013 19:48:39
Perfect Timing: Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show Tonight 19:09:59
Obama wins backing for Syria strike from key figures in Congress 19:02:09
Ron Paul on Syria: 'Why Does America Always Have to Solve World's Problems?' 18:57:55
Why is Hillary getting a free ride on all the big issues 18:47:20
Hillary backs the emperor on Syria 18:34:51
Updated StormCloudsGathering video on Syria: The framing of Assad 18:27:47
GeoPolitics: Are Syria and Pakistan Pieces of the Puzzle for Assembling a Mega Gas Pipeline to China? 18:20:32
Obama is RIGHT; he does NOT need Congressional approval for war with Syria 18:18:47
"Mind Your Manners (Official Music Video) Pearl Jam" 17:43:47
Can the Military to Take Action by Arresting President Obama for Treason Under NDAA? 17:40:05
Arrest satanists Kerry McCain Graham (legal Citizen arrests) 17:26:00
What was Thomas Jefferson Trying To Say? 17:02:41
Love that stands above all religions 16:59:11
Jim Rogers Interview: Obama is delusional 16:54:26
The DEA Spies on More Phone Calls Than the NSA 16:33:42
Fingertips 16:24:29
Anonymous Video: Julian Assange's Message of Liberty! 16:04:16
. 15:49:15
Free State Project Boots Member Over Opinion 15:37:42
The "Syrian War" Is Way Behind Schedule! Years Behind! 15:37:09
As it relates to Syria and our thirst for war 15:35:22
Secretary of State John Kerry: Bombing Countries is Not "War" if Troops Aren't Deployed 15:32:56
We are screwed 15:28:40
The G20 summit’s gonna be tough for Obama… 15:24:22
No matter what this fool John Kerry says this video is all I needed to see to smell bullchit 15:07:59
Anti-War Protesters Descend on John Kerry’s Townhouse 15:01:20
Even Neocon Extraordinaire John Bolton is Against Bombing Syria 14:59:32
Putin Sending Lobbyist to Capital Hill to Convince Congress to Say “No” to Obama’s Use of Force in Syria? 14:53:39
Supreme Judicial Court To Weigh Wording Of The "Pledge Of Allegiance" 14:49:50
Prayer for Christians in Syria and Lebanon 14:49:19
Voyage to the bottom of the sea: Gizmag test drives U-Boat Worx' C-Explorer 2 submarine 14:45:38
Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law, Washington Post (2010) 14:43:51
Ron Paul on CNN - How convenient that the satellite went out... 14:41:17
Watch Senate hearing on Syria LIVE on Daily Paul 14:34:47
A War Prayer By Mark Twain... 14:34:23
Quotes on evil 14:18:49
Syria: Let's Look at the Timeline 14:18:49
Naval Deployment Was Decided “Before” the August 21 Chemical Weapons Attack 14:06:09
CIA covert ops have already entangled the US in Syrian civil war 13:35:38
Bashar al-Assad interview: 'Show me the proof of regime chemical attack' 13:31:01
How did Ben Swann become in favor of liberty? 13:29:21
Another Reason to be Anti-Syrian War 13:25:18
Ron Cheated Out of Presidency 13:19:43
The Telegraph: First Syria Rebels Armed And Trained By CIA 'On Way To Battlefield' 13:17:58
What are we being distracted from? 13:00:25
France’s “Intelligence Brief” for War on Syria: Collection of Discredited Lies 12:56:01
Is She Concerned She Might Lose Her House Seat?: Pelosi’s District Reaps Obamacare Waivers 12:54:37
Real Estate's Catch 22 12:52:03
Ron Paul Channel: Part 1: Exclusive Interview with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange 12:44:11
VIDEO: Female Veteran VIOLENTLY Arrested By Feds At Syria Protest 12:42:25
Stephanopoulos Clams Up When Questioned on Racism 12:33:38
Bombshell: Syria's "chemical weapons" turn out to be fluoride 12:31:45
Hackers find weaknesses in car computer systems 12:18:39
Just a thought about Obama vs Bush... 12:12:45
Graphene? Watch "Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds" 12:04:40
FLASHBACK: Syrian Rebels Arrested With Sarin Gas! 11:58:43
Why Syria and How to Overcome 11:53:52
Syrian Crisis a Déjà vu ? 11:44:39
NY: Use of N-word amongst blacks on trial! 11:19:25
NYT article: Neo-cons vs Non-Interventionalists 11:15:48
The hints are all so subtle 11:10:50
Report: Millions Of Courageous Americans Overcoming Media Pressure To Be Thin 11:01:11
Mark Dice: Federal Government Has Basically Just Legalized Marijuana 10:50:44
What is with this expression on Obama's face! 10:50:27
The US War Script 10:40:22
US General Keane: Syrian Intervention Could Involve "much more substance than we were led to believe" 10:16:08
Obamacare and Tax Freedom Day 09:57:42
3 Ways Inflation Destroys an Economy 08:05:57
Israel says it holds joint missile test with US 07:15:59
Julian Assange Backs Ron and Rand Paul 07:11:25
The Picture That John Kerry Really Doesn’t Want You To See 06:25:20
Congress takes steps toward strike on Syria 06:20:35
Human origins: Are we primate-pig hybrids? 05:58:03
Scientists baffled to discover that Venus' spin is slowing down 05:55:42
Monsanto insiders dump stock as the truth about GMOs spreads across Wall Street 05:52:22
US isolated on Syria, in the midst of strategic retreat: Allen Roland 05:50:37
Possible 9/11 False Flag?... be vigilant. 02:22:47
Xanadu: The Abandoned House Of The Future 01:34:14
A Message from Glenn Beck (Sniffle, sniffle...but gets it right.) 01:10:56
Zeoform: The eco-friendly building material of the future? 00:36:34
"God bless Congress for giving Obama back constitutional authority... 00:11:33
Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground 00:00:37
Jeremy Scahill - How Do You Surrender To A Drone?... the full story of Anwar Al Awlaki - Video 00:00:10