Posted on September 4, 2013

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Thank gawd for Senator Paul and Rep. Amash 23:28:46
Will America Survive The U.S. Congress?: Den of Vipers, Thieves, Liars and Murderers 22:33:49
Then We Arrested A Congressman. Then We Ordered Pay-Per-View and A Pizza 22:07:12
Rand Paul Official Statement on Foreign Relations Committee Meeting 21:57:32
Video: NBC News on Justin Amash's Town Halls; Public overwhelmingly opposed to war with Syria 21:13:56
Does McCain Have A Gambling Problem? If So, How Long Has It Been A Problem? 19:57:09
John Kerry and Bloody Hands — C-SPAN screen capture 19:28:04
I love the DP! 19:00:47
Swedish Reporter Asks Obama if Nobel Peace Prize Presents ‘Dilemma’ 18:10:39
Chuck Baldwin facebook post Syria-AWESOME! 18:10:22
M-U-S-T WATCH - Paul Craig Roberts lays it all out. VIDEO 17:56:16
Putin: We are not defending Assad, we are defending international law 17:08:25
Senate Panel Votes Yes to War; 10-7 w/1 present 16:11:21
Mr Checkpoint Tweets Locations Of Ca Dui Checkpoints 15:58:09
Reality Check - Israeli-American Scholar: Did The White House Help Plan The Syrian Chemical Attack? 15:20:05
Congressman Matt Salmon: Syria Authorization WILL Fail by 20 Votes 14:54:15
Does Congress *Ever* Listen To The Wishes Of The People? 14:33:26
REPORT - Breaking: Russia Says Syria Chemical Weapons Made By Rebels 14:23:32
Northern California County Board Votes For Secession From State 11:59:32
Ted Cruz: U.S. Not 'Al Qaeda’s Air Force (VIDEO) 11:50:07
Chris Matthews: Democrats Have to Vote for War to Save Obama - VIDEO 11:45:27
Rand Paul's most important moment of career 11:43:38
Senator John McCain Now Opposes Syria Strike for Something Even More Sinister - The Smell of a Skunk Continues to Permeate 11:34:32
Rand Paul on Fox and Friends - 9/4/13 11:12:21
Ohio Officials Implement Statewide Face Recognition Program Without A Whiff Of Public Debate 10:47:44
*WARNING* Stay Away From Syria! 10:45:28
Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” 10:28:14
Hail to the Spanker-In-Chief: The American Imperium is Finally Over 10:13:43
Farmers raisin' hell over the 'Raisin Reserve' 09:56:18
Justin Amash Takes Aim At John McCain 09:24:35
New Lampoon The System Cartoon: The Road to Ruin 09:18:13
Over Our Dead Bodies: New Syrian Movement Builds 08:40:10
#JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan is trending on twitter! 07:03:49
Thank You, Matt Drudge 06:47:06
2 Policemen knocked on my door tonight for a "welfare check" UPDATED 05:14:21
Rand Paul: It Troubles Me That President Thinks He Can Still Attack Syria Even If Congress Votes No 00:51:25
Congressional Vote over Syria 00:45:16
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The last time McCain and Kerry partnered up... It was to screw over veterans 23:58:07
John Bolton! Why Rand Paul is Right on Syria 23:50:16
Rethinking Crime & Punishment with the Ancient Brehon Laws 23:40:10
Ron Paul and Mike Gallagher discuss Syria and young people being drawn to message of liberty 23:25:50
VA Syria Petition Website Live 23:25:26
What a conformist (aka sheeple) look like. 23:18:41
Syria vs. Benghazi 23:11:25
Fox Just Made McCain Look Good 23:04:41
Case Shiller Futures Traders Think Home Prices Are Heading Higher 22:47:32
More News On Libertarian Robert Sarvis! 22:35:43
Your Attitude as a Liberty Promoter 22:34:38
Video: Rand Paul Says He Won't Filibuster Syria Authorization 22:32:30
Alan Grayson on the Ed Show: "Syria is NONE of our business!" 22:26:23
What If Congress Votes No On Syria? 22:18:06
Explain yourself! (Delaware, Illinois, and New Hampshire) 22:15:04
To any disinfo agents on this site I extend you a hello and a further kiss our ass 22:00:07
NPR - Rand Paul vs. John McCain on Syria 21:59:33
Enjoying some of the freedoms I have left. 21:53:57
Michael Savage's Syria comments: "We're living in a dictatorship, it's a one party system" 21:31:36
Seriously, at this point I can't help but think that the American people who care ought to make citizen arrests 21:11:53
*Timeline of Military-Intelligence Operation: U.S. Had Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007* 21:06:55
US Military Intelligence behind the Chemical Attack in Syria? 20:46:39
Fukushima: Radiation Leaks Reach Deadly New High 20:37:52
Egyptian media portrays Obama as Satan 20:30:27
Chris Hedges on Obama Decision to Attack Syria and "Give Congress a Voice" 20:29:35
Government and freedom cannot coexist. 20:23:32
Prediction: If Senate Votes Yes on Syria, Dems Lose Senate Majority In 2014 - Obama Gets Impeached 20:08:00
Trying to find an alternative doctor is impossible 19:59:14
Northern California County Votes To Secede From State 19:56:06
"They Live" 25th Anniversary! The O.G. Neo, before The Matrix Trilogy: Rowdy Roddy Piper Interview - Sept 3, 2013! 19:46:15
County Votes to Secede From California 19:34:20
The American People's Red Line in the Sand to Congress and the President has been Drawn 19:26:04
Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the cross-hairs 19:19:13
As requested by The Granger - poetry! 19:18:03
Report: Syria won't change position 'even if there is World War III' 19:08:40
An Idea 19:05:00
Howard Dean, 2004 Democrat "Peace" candidate supports attack on Syria 19:02:41
Bobby Sands - The Rhythm of Time 18:53:33
Vatican's Fides News Agency - U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Killing Christians. 18:34:26
Syrian Rebels Kill Christians - America Listen Now! 18:25:10
Bill Nelson, Democrat For War 18:04:26
Project to make a simple encrypted email 17:59:14
Gloomy Sunday - Sarah McLachlan 17:55:14
Rand Paul: Obama Needs To Admit That Congress, Not The President, Has The Authority To Declare War 17:53:50
Nobel Peace Prize for Vladi-mir Putin! 17:45:10
Love is all we need to break our chains! 17:07:42
Why I decided to leave the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 17:03:54
Liberty Jobs? Here they are ... 17:01:42
Rand Paul Caves in: Now says he will NOT Fillibuster the WAR Bill! 16:53:35
Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for invasion 16:34:18
Emmanuel Goldstein on the Syrian Situation 16:23:10
Fellow DP reader built a website petition against war in Syria. Please sign & share! 16:04:50
As my silver stack has grown, so has my patience 15:47:38
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 15:46:34
Get ready for "Operation Just the Tip". Jon Stewart hilariously skewers warmongers on The Daily Show. 15:12:52
Ben Swann - Syria’s Game Of Thrones: Obama Backs Al Qaida And The Chechen Terrorists 15:12:42
KERRY: Arabs Will Finance Our War - Video 14:47:15
: Russia Says Syria Chemical Weapons Made By Rebels 14:29:52
Jon Stewart eviscerates the War in Syria Crowd - Hilarious 14:27:14
Damascus 13:52:59
Brazil senate committee to probe US spying 13:48:21
Imagine 13:45:00
Love can give you peace 13:35:35
Ron Paul Channel: Ron Paul Interview Of Julian Assange Part 1 & 2 (VIDEO) 13:32:29
War is like seeing with your own soul the murder of your mother and father! 13:26:26
Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs 13:23:40
Obama Auctioning Off All Marijuana Seized In Drug Raids Since 2008 13:22:06
Wall Street’s Secret “Economic Endgame”: Making the World Safe for Banksters, Syria in the Cross-hairs 13:20:32
One 13:15:59
Woman Attacked At Home: Never Open Your Door to Police Employees 13:14:50
Let Me Be Clear - John Kerry Is Asking Us To Go To War 13:12:11
North Carolina Republicans Will Aim To Ax Income Tax 13:09:07
We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin 13:08:43
For they all flow to one ocean 13:08:22
Andrea Mitchell: Kerry took over that hearing; Rand Paul was posturing 13:07:59
Donald Rumsfeld Confronted About Guantanamo At His Summer House 13:03:04
duplicate 13:00:39
Ron interviews Julian Assange! 12:59:28
Liberals Reject Obama's Case For Syria Strikes; Believe Obama And Kerry Are Lying 12:39:16
Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination 12:38:35
Peaceful Protester Emily Yates Suffers Police Brutality by US Park Service 12:37:57
Human Skeletons over 18' tall - Genesis Chapter 6. Where did this come from? 12:34:36
State Legislatures Need to Conduct Independent Investigations On The Federal Reserve, National Mortgage Companies & Corporations 12:28:55
London skyscraper reportedly "melts" parked Jaguar 12:27:12
Kerry/Dempsey/Hagel warmongering continues in the House - Live 12:20:14
Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat as a password 12:15:23
Kerry Says Ground Troops May Be Needed in Syria (VIDEO) 12:09:53
Laura Ingraham Slams Neoconservatives Supporting Syrian Intervention - VIDEO 12:04:29
Without Love peace is not possible 11:44:06
Rand filibuster on Syria? He doesn't rule it out. 11:41:32
Maybe Assad, Russia, and the rest of the world are playing us 10:57:32
Paul Craig Roberts: Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal? 10:57:12
Flashback: Terrorists Arrested on Turkish/Syrian border with Sarin Gas 10:36:33
Syria Regime Change, Brief Expose' 10:28:02
The High Cost of Saving Obama's Face by PCR 10:26:44
Syria’s Game of Thrones: Obama backs Al Qaida and the Chechen terrorists 10:24:19
Congress and the Imperial Presidency Debate Syria – An Analysis 10:22:22
YAF speech by Ben Shapiro 10:20:45
David Cameron Rules Out Any Future Military Action In Syria 10:06:43
Obama on Syria: 'We May Not Be Directly Imminently Threatened' in Short-Term - VIDEO 10:01:34
Please sign and share this petition to Congress: Vote NO on war with Syria 09:58:19
Obama: "I Didn't Set A Red Line On Syria" - VIDEO 09:44:33
Justin Amash to Hear From Constituents on Syria 09:19:12
What’s the deal with Russia and why it is imperative that we reject the UN and any International Assistance 09:01:48
Wal-Mart, Walgreens Found Selling Chemical Used To Manufacture Deadly Nerve Gas Weapons Based On Nazi Science Research 08:58:41
Sen. Rand Paul on "HANNITY" Discussing Syria - Fox News - 9/03/13 - VIDEO 08:49:22
Read this before you even think about supporting the Keystone Pipeline 08:47:37
UN chief warns Syria strike illegal without security council OK 08:41:43
Israel's long-held desire for 'régime change' in Syria outed by President Shimon Peres: "Assad will disappear - one way or anoth 08:39:37
Putin's Eerily Persuasive Message to Barack Obama 08:37:38
Number Of Refugees Fleeing Syria tops 2 Million 08:37:33
We must bomb so that we can use diplomacy 08:36:40
Senators agree on Syria resolution granting Obama strike authority 08:29:41
Judge Andrew Napolitano presidential draft effort picks up steam 07:32:25
Slippery Tricks Played By Politicians 07:07:50
DailyCaller: Why Rand Paul benefits from a vote on Syria 05:58:22
Oh and Don't Forget Johnny McCain, "I don't think Americans are concerned if we're there for 100 years, 1,000 years or 10,000.. 04:52:13
Raisin Farmer Goes "Constitutional" 04:25:50
ALERT: Notify Your Congress Person, Tell Them Israeli Lobby Has NOTHING To Say About War In Syria, Americans Do! 03:21:28
Trashing Vitamins with Garbage Articles 02:48:31
Officer confronted after threatening to strike photographer... 02:45:13
John Kerry, "Where there's a whip, there's a way!" 02:08:18
Rand Paul: I Vote As If It's My son Or Your Son Going To War - CNN 9/3/2013 01:48:32
How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking and be the Truest Version of Yourself 01:34:19
Julian Assange kicks off Australian Senate campaign as 80′s Pop Star 01:31:14
AIPAC Calls for "Military Action" in Syria 01:04:21
Chris Cizilla on Charlie Rose - GOP establishment under estimate Rand Paul (For POTUS) at your own peril 00:55:02
Cops Cry Foul Over Holder Marijuana Policy Move 00:54:23
"Kerry Turns Tables on Rand Paul" ... Kerry gets laughed at 00:27:57
You have 30 Seconds - Name a Government Program That Does Not Create Moral Hazard 00:20:24