Posted on September 7, 2013

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United States Has Not Won a War in 70 Years 22:38:17
Senator John McCain, Foreign Relations “Adviser” to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria 21:26:15
Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything 21:21:52
The Gold vs. Silver Ratio: About to Change? 21:15:12
National Vote of No Confidence 21:04:25
The West Dethroned by Paul Craig Roberts 20:43:42
Obama keeps mentioning the 400 children who died in Syria... 20:36:05
Thousands Of Germans Protest U.S. NSA 19:56:00
Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack 19:42:31
CNN Video: Alan Grayson makes our case, again :) 19:40:49
John Cusack tweets Chomsky statement: Syria attack would be "war crime" *updated* 19:13:24
WW2 Veteran Tells McCain He Has Concerns Over Propoganda And Rebels In Syria (VIDEO) 18:24:17
France Backs Off Support for Syria Strike! 17:49:15
Don't Wash Your Chicken! Or Abolish The U.S.D.A Now! 17:02:20
Vietnam John Kerry vs Syria John Kerry 16:34:39
HuffPost: Ron Paul Didn't Like What Happened in interview with MSNBC - needs comments 16:22:50
100,000 in St Peters Square at Peace Vigil 15:36:42
Justin Amash: Boehner's Decision To Back Obama Was A Mistake 14:33:35
Common Core? More like Common Piece Of Crap! 13:45:04
Fox News - Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons 13:16:18
McCain AGAIN refuses to answer question because it's "false" 11:58:35
Cartoon: Obama, Congress & Syria 11:51:31
Boiling Frogs Post Needs “Your” Support: Take a Stand & Make a Statement by Supporting a Real Alternative 10:22:23
South Carolina Poll, Lindsey Graham 42% Bright 13% Mace 10% Cash 7% 10:05:16
U.S. spy agencies decry latest Snowden revelations 09:16:26
Thomas Massie Response to United States Involvement in Syria 09:07:05
John McCain “intimidated” by African-American woman at town hall meeting 07:15:20
Abby Martin does a nice wrap up of the last weeks events. (As well as the last decade). AND There is a bright Side. 01:17:11
John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot! 00:07:16
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The Nation: Obama's Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel 23:59:53
John Prine - Big Old Goofy World 23:58:34
The American Imperial Bulldozer's March to Disaster in Syria 23:55:41
News Flash - Pearl Harbor NOT an Act of War... 23:47:07
Slaid Cleaves - sums it up -beautiful thing 23:36:24
General Betray Us, I mean Petraeus, Calls on Congress to Back White House on Syria 23:04:57
Could Rand Paul Propose a "National Referendum" to Allow The People to Vote Directly on This Issue? 23:00:36
Keep Calm... 22:55:45
American Blood 22:55:24
In case the Internet gets censored, does your area have a meshnet? 22:39:58
What You Need to Know About the Reversal of the Sun’s Magnetic Field and... 22:38:59
We're the US Peace Corps with Cruise Missiles - We're here to Help 22:24:49
Counter Intelligence Part II The Deep State 22:22:30
Pope Francis Takes On Obama On "TWITTER" 21:42:11
What Happened to the “Global War on Terrorism”? The U.S. is “Fighting for Al Qaeda” in Syria. 21:40:52
Active night sky? 21:34:01
Let's Flash Mob our Congressional offices on Tuesday... 21:19:41
Lindsey Graham Risks Primary Defeat With Hawkish Posture in South Carolina 21:00:28
"The Devil You Know" and Syria: Saudis Urge Strike, Obama Blinks and Israel Warily Waits 20:57:23
World War 3 by the numbers 20:55:33
Obama DOJ in $2.5 Million Sandy Hook Payout 20:54:15
No War with Syria Rally Nashville - Video 20:13:13
What are the best Liberty PACs? I don't like the junk mail I get after direct donation 19:37:13
World of Sports 2013 Teams 19:23:45
Actors Ed Asner and Mike Farrell come out against Military action in Syria 19:19:40
Who in CONgress takes AIPAC $'s? 18:35:07
CNN ramps up the propaganda 18:31:45
Is eBay Warming up to BITCOIN? 18:16:53
'Burglar' arrested inside Buckingham Palace after scaling 12ft fence and sparking major security alert 18:10:54
One Scenario...Doesn't Russia Produce... 18:06:41
Old congressional hearing from March 2012 about Syria and legality of international strike 17:10:54
Video: Syrian Rebels Execute 7 Soldiers 16:59:48
Liberty RISING! Obama Hints He May Have To Abandon Syria Strike If Congress Rejects His Authorization 15:43:17
The Guardian: Ex-FBI Lawyer Linked To Surveillance Abuses Poised For Federal Judge Post 15:35:49
History Repeats: The Priest Who Confronted Stalin 15:33:41
Fox News: Citing Costs, IBM to Move Retirees Off Health Plan 15:21:30
The US Park Police Is the New UN Police Force 15:11:45
Call To ACTION! To ALL Former Ron Paul Meet-Ups: Grand Display "NO To SYRIA! 14:58:48
Alabama Radio Station’s Alien Invasion Spoof Causes Mass Panic 14:41:32
Why Is One-Sixth of U.S. on Food Stamps? 14:23:46
Al Jazeera America...good to watch? 14:14:27
California Abruptly Drops Plan to Implant RFID Chips in Driver’s Licenses 14:01:44
An interview with Moe Howard of the Three Stooges, you numbskull! (1972) 14:00:35
From ZeroHedge: No Direct Connection Between Assad And Gas Attack 13:39:51
Data Is The Most Valuable Commodity On Earth 13:17:49
Amway 13:10:15
FEMA Preparing For A Major Event In Region III 12:38:06
Syria False Flag: The Nail in Obama’s Coffin? 12:16:42
Harry Reid's Defection Dilemma: Double-Digit Defections on Democratic Side of the Aisle (On Plans For Syria) 12:14:46
Whose War is this? 11:51:34
Russian Military has orders from Putin re Saudi Arabia? 11:31:48
House could delay vote on Syria intervention by a week 11:31:02
Vascular surgeons write a damming report about lowering cholesterol drugs 11:26:14
G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass 10:38:53
Australia rejects NWO carbon tax, replacing big-government Labor Party with Conservatives 10:02:10
300 Thousand UN Troups to surround Washington DC Oct. 1st? Karen Hudes interview. 08:54:59
U.S. Military and Intelligence Officials to Obama: "Assad NOT Responsible for Chemical Attack" 06:37:06
It is time to tell the US military, stand down on Syria or don't bother to come home 05:45:58
G20 Syria divide: World’s largest nations speak out against US-led strike 05:38:54
Russian Navy Massing Additional Warships Near Syria: Moscow Talks Counter-US Attack Military Plans 05:28:41
14 Principled Anti-War Celebrities We Fear May Have Been Kidnapped 05:22:38
Egyptian troop column moves into the Sinai 05:17:49
The ultimate song of our era! 03:32:10
Quit bitchin! 02:54:30
While someone in the US loves predator drones a Chinese delivery company develops drones which can fly packages to your doorstep 02:39:44
Angels among us... 02:32:31
Help w/anti bomb Syrian letter 02:05:31
The pathetic legacy of John Kerry and President Obama in one song! 01:50:45
Bill Gates backs world's largest algae farm 01:04:07
Romania for Ron Paul for Creation and Natural Rights 01:00:47
Just Whose War Is This? 00:56:00
States Can Call Back Their Militia When Outside a Declaration of War - Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788 00:42:37
Hate My Job Day 00:07:05 Alan Grayson's Petition Site 23:44:46